Field women. • Fred at home. • Smith, the field foreman. • A rape of a juvenile. • Funking consequences. • Nelly consents. • Fred looks on.

Strolling into the fields one day, idly smoking my cigar later on in the year, groups of girls and women were at work. I talked to the field foreman and looked at the girls, especially the younger ones, and wondered if they had smaller cunts than Molly; of one whether she had any hair on her cunt at all. Some were apparently not more than twelve years of age. I longed to see their cunts, and joked with one or two of the larger girls; but a decided longing for young cunts had set in on me. “Pender”, said I one day, “what a lot of fast-looking chits there are in the fields.” “They are a bad lot”, said she, “there is one gal there only just fourteen in the family way.” I was just going to fuck Pender, and daresay finished quickly enough, for at that age if I was fucking, and thought of anything very baudy; with a sudden spasm I spent right off, even if I had only just got my cock up. Indeed women used to say to me, “How quick you are; why did you not wait for me?”

What with Molly, Pender, and nursemaid I was so well kept in cunt, that I only occasionally went back to London. I had dissipated a large part of my for-tune; fucking here had not then cost me five pounds, so that besides the novelty and delight of the intrigues and the risks I ran, it was economical; and things might have gone on so, when back came my cousin Fred.

A wide-awake fellow was Fred. When my aunt said how delighted they all were to see me so steady, and had never seen me enjoy myself so much at the Hall before, he stared. “He goes often”, said aunt, “with me to the dairy.” “Yes and pats the cows”, said a cousin. Fred winked at me, and when we were alone said, “What’s your little game Walter, where are you cunting now old fellow?” “Cunt”, said I, “is of no use, my clap’s not gone; but thank God I think it’s getting all right again.” He was quite taken in. “You have done the best thing you could,” said he “there is nothing here much to excite you, no woman worth having, is there?”

We wandered daily over the farm and grounds, smoking and talking; he had been so much away, that faces were unfamiliar to him. “What a skinny bitch that is with Joey.” said he (that was nursemaid). “That’s a fine woman”, said I indicating Pender. “Yes”, said he, “I recollect before she was married trying to grope her, and she nearly knocked me over.” “I would not mind having her.” “No chance for you my boy. Ah! has not that little Molly grown”, said he with a laugh, “I have often seen the little devil’s arse, and her cunt too when a child, playing about the place, — she is nice : I think I’ll have a try on her.” “Aunt’s partial to her”, said I. “Don’t care.” “She is very young.” “Tighter cunt, and more to teach”, replied he, — and I noticed he began to be very sweet to Molly afterwards.

One morning we walked into the fields, the fore-man came up and saluted us. He had been on the farm before Fred and I were born. “Well Smith”, said Fred, “still at the old games, — any bastards lately?” “Oi am too ould for that now Master.” “Perhaps the girls don’t like poking now?” “Oi they do, but they don’t like me as they did.” Smith (my cousin told me), had had the credit all his life of poking all the agricultural labourers, and had been threatened with dismissal on account of it. “He might have had a worse berth”, said I, “there are half-a-dozen girls in the field I would not mind sleeping with.” “Why don’t you have them ?” said Fred. “I don’t want to lose my character here.” “That be damned, you can always have a field-girl, nobody cares, —I have had a dozen or two.”

I turned this over in my mind. We were again in the fields, on the way there he gave me a long account of how old Sarah used to wink at his having the field-girls; and indeed I had often heard him tell it. “You tell him you would like any one, and see what will come of it.” There was a pretty sun-burnt girl about fifteen years of age that had given me a cock- stand. “That’s a pretty girl Smith, I’d give a sovereign to have her, — is she loose?” “Don’t think so yet squire, she be skittish; her sister’s not fourteen, and they say she be in the family way, when one sister takes to it squire, the others generally do.” “Where do you pay their wages?” I asked. The old fellow leered at me. “Why you be a taken a leaf out of young squire’s book sir (it was Fred’s advice) ; I pays them next at the root-stores”, a shed about a quarter of a mile from the farm-yard, and in which he had a desk. The women waited outside the shed, each being called in and paid in succession. They were paid every night, excepting in hay-making times.

At pay time I strolled into the shed. One by one he paid. The girl I wanted came last. He told her he wanted her to take a parcel to the village. “Yes sir”, said she. Off old Smith went to fetch the parcel,-it was the dodge, Fred told me so afterwards, the old goat always adopted to get a girl left alone with him.

Very randy but nervous I went out with Smith, then strolled back into the shed. The girl had seated her-self on some loose straw, she got up and curtsied. “Sit down my dear”, said I, “you may have some time to wait”, and talked to her. “You are very pretty, — you will keep your sweetheart waiting.” Smiling she said. “I ain’t got no sweetheart sir.” Another look or two, and my randiness getting the better of me, I began chaffing suggestively, she sat down besides me, then I talked for a quarter of an hour warmer and warmer, then kissing, tickling, and pinching her legs. This did not seem to affect her, she enjoyed it; then out I pulled my prick, and all changed at once. “Oh !” said she rising up scared to go. I pulled her back.

“Let’s do it to you.” “I won’t.” “You’ve been fucked.” ” I ain’t, — I am only fifteen years old (she did not affect ignorance of my meaning), leave me alone.” I threw her down, and got my hand up her clothes. She loudly screamed, and that is all I recollect clearly; I know that I struggled with her, offered her money, told her I knew her sister had been fucked, and a lot more. I was so much stronger that she had no chance, I rolled over her, she screamed, and screamed again (there was no one nearer than the Hall), I exposed her bum, her thighs, her cunt, and all she had. I was furious with lust, determined to have her; at last she was under me, panting, breathless, crying, and saying, “Now don’t, — oh ! pray don’t”, but I lunged fast, furiously, brutally, and all I heard was, “oh! pray,-pray now, — oh !—oh !—oh I pray”, as I was spending in her holding her tight, kissing her after I had forced her. Her tears ran down. If I had not committed a rape it looked uncommonly like one, and began to think so as I lay with my prick up her.

I got off her, saw for an instant her legs wide open, cunt and thighs wet and bloody, she crying, sobbing, rubbing her eyes. I was now in a complete funk, I had heard field-women so light spoken of, that they were so accessible, that I expected only to go up a road that had often been travelled. This resistance and crying upset me, the more so when at length rising, she said, “I’ll tell my sister, and go to the magistrate, and tell how you have served me out.”

I really had violated her, saw that it would bear that complexion before a magistrate, so would not let her go, but retained her, coaxed, begged, and promised her money. I would love her, longed for her again, would take her from the fields, and every other sort of nonsense a man would utter under the circumstances. She ceased crying, and stood in sullen mood as I held her, asking me to let her go. I took out my purse, and offered her money which she would not take, but eyed wishfully as I kept chinking the gold in my hand. What a temptation bright sovereigns must have been to a girl who earned ninepence a day, and often was without work at all.

In an hour and a half I suppose, old Smith came back, he had really got a parcel for her to take. She began to cry, and blurted out that the gentleman had insulted her. “What, has he kissed you?” “More than that, — boo hoo.” “What has he done?” “Been dirty with me, — and I’ll tell my sister, and go to the justice.”

“Pough child”, said Smith, “he aren’t done you any harm, — a gent like him, — don’t make a fuss,-make it up, it’s all fair yer know twixt a young man, and a maid, — daresay yer wanted him to be dirty with you, — a gent like him, you ought to be proud of such a one making love to you,- here, take this parcel, and be off.”

“Take the sovereign (she had refused it before), I’ll give you more another day; it will help to keep you a while, hold your tongue, and no one will know”, said I. She hesitated, pouted, wriggled her shoulders, but at last took the sovereign, and took up the parcel, saying she would tell her sister. Then said the fore-man, “None o’ that gal, an’ I hears more on that, you won’t work here any more, nor anywheres else in this parish,-I knows the whole lot on you, I knows who got yer sister’s belly up, — she at her age, she ought to be ashamed on her-self, and I knows summut about you too, — now take care gal.” “I’ve done nothing to be ashamed on”, said the girl, “you’re a hard man to the women, they all say so, — ohe !–ohe !” “Well there”, said he dropping his bullying tone, “the squire won’t harm you ; I think you be in luck if he loikes you, say you nought;- that be my advice”. The girl muttering went her way.

I followed her (it was getting dark), was so kind and coaxing, promised her so many fine things (I’m not sure I didn’t say I’d marry her), that as we neared the village, the little lass let me pull her into a convenient grassy corner, and fuck her again. She promised she’d say nothing to anyone about it.

Next morning I had a fear, and was annoyed with myself. If the girl said anything it would be all over the parish in the afternoon, and in my aunt’s ears the next day; all that for a dirty little farm-labourer. I had had none of that sensuous delight which both men-tally and physically is found in getting into a virgin, had never thought of having her as one, nor did I recollect much cunt resistance to my penetration; but she certainly was a virgin. In my furious lust, and with my unbendable stiff prick I must have hit the mark, and burst through it at one or two cunt- rending shoves. She had given a loud cry in the midst of it, “Oh! pray now, — oh ! pray”, — but I had heeded it not. What excited me was her youth, her size, and the idea of having a little cunt with but little hair on it, some-thing smaller than Molly’s. In bed, thinking of, and funking consequences, I longed for a girl still smaller, for one with no hair on her cunt at all. On further reflection I calmed. She had taken the money, and let me do it a second time; it was all right, and I rose, and went to the scene of my exploit.

The girl was not at work in the fields, and my funk returned. “Smith”, said I, “is Nelly (let’s call her Nelly) here?” “No, nor her sisters,” “Sisters?” “Yes there are two; one a woman called ***, very much older, the other younger than Nelly, and the young un they says be with kid.”

I went to the farm-yard, there saw Fred talking to Molly, “Ulloh, you have taken a letch there.” “I’ll have her”, said he. Pender went across the yard. “I would sooner have her”, said I. “Aye, a damned fine woman, but coarse, smells strong I should say when she sweats, or is randy, and I like them younger.” I was jealous about Molly, and walked away. Fred joined me, and after dinner, I like a fool told him all about the girl ravished in the root-shed in the Twelve-Acre field.

“Was she a virgin? — she is a plump little bitch, — you were in luck, — oh ! never fear there will be no row; the saying down here is, ‘They all take it by the time they have half-an-inch of hair on their cunts.’ She will be rather proud you have fucked her than otherwise. Has she much hair there? — has she any bubbies ?” I told him all I knew, which was but little, not recollecting even if she had any cunt-wig at all.

Next day the two sisters were at work again. I told Smith that after his dinner I wished to speak to the girl. The old cock-bawd told me to wait at the root-shed; and the girl came there to fetch his handkerchief which he left purposely. When she saw me how she started. No, she had told no one, but was not going to let me do what I liked. A kiss. “I don’t like your hand on my legs, — oh ! now you said you would not, — take your hand away.”

My finger was on her cunt, I was feeling what little hair she had, my finger went up it, oh ! how tight it was! “Now darling let me, I won’t let you go till you do, — there, what a dear little belly, — let me kiss it.” “They will wonder why I am gone so long, — my sister will be asking questions, — do let me go.” “No.” “Oh !” I had her on the straw. “Be quiet dear,-my prick’s up you, — be quiet,-a-h !-ah l”

With her cunt well buttered off she ran. I buttoned up. Just then at the door appeared Fred holding his sides and laughing. “What’s up Fred?” “Oh!—oh!—oh !” “What’s the fun ?” “Oh !—oh !-I’ve been looking at you fuck the little bitch. I saw her go in, and you go to the shed an hour ago, but did not know you were there then, so thought I would like the young one; it’s five days since I’ve had a woman, and as I was going in heard your two voices, listened and looked till you had done the job.”

“It’s a damned unhandsome thing”, said I in a rage. “You would have looked at me if you had caught me”. said Fred. “You leave the girl alone, it’s my manor.” “All right, but I’ll have little Molly, I have given her a kiss.” Off he went, leaving me jealous about that one as well. He was treading on my heels a little too much to please me.

Four women I had poked now, being like a cock among hens, cared about neither, but could not bear the idea of Fred going up them, though I knew it was useless to try to prevent the young squire, the future master, a fine officer. Pender said to me one day, “The squire means harm to Molly; it’s a shame for an officer like him to harm a poor girl; I caught him kissing her, and putting his hands up her petticoats. I’ll tell Missus if I see any more of it.” “Do”, said I, “you tell my aunt.”

So she did, and aunt requested Fred not to go to the farm-yard, and Molly was all but locked up. In a few days Fred said it was damned slow, and went to London. I for a change went with him.

My departure put Pender in tears, she did all she could to get me up her, and before I left I got Molly into the loft on promising never to ask her again, and there had my first good look at her belly and cunt, and fucked her. Nursemaid I advised to avoid the page, or I would never have anything to do with her more. She grinned and said, “What a loss”. Nelly I caught in the lane, fucked her and she promised to be chaste and never let any other man put his finger on her. Then I departed with Fred to virtuous London.

Before leaving, Mrs. Pender said, “I’m afeard I’m in trouble, my poorliness ain’t come on for two months now”.