Volume 6 CHAPTER 14

At B**I*n. • A meet in a street. • A mysterious lady. • A long walk. • The carpet hung out. • “You are Englishman.” • My reward. • To Scotland. • The G***c*w dye-works. • The bare legged fore-woman. • In search of a brothel. • My noble spout. • White flesh and red hair. • Private instructions in dyeing. • A horse collar cunt. • Unusual continence. • At D**d*e. • A mill- hand with naked feet. • “By the sodjers’ barracks.” • The old mon’s hut. • Janet in bed, simple and indecent. • “The sodgers’ Whures.” • Sister Ruth in the fog. • A convenient wall. • An uprighter.

My friend went back the way he came, and I went on to B**I*n, intending to stop a few days only there — and met with a funny little adventure, on the next day but one after my arrival.

The weather was still hot. I rose early, and was walking at about 8 a.m. and before breakfast, on one of the principal streets with shops, when I noticed a lady looking in at the shop windows. — She was well grown, had bright dark eyes, a small nose, pretty feet, and she was very handsome, and widely different from the run of women in that town, who are mostly bony, hard featured, and light haired. She attracted my attention at once, and I attracted hers, for when I loitered at the shop windows at which she was looking, I managed to catch her eye, and did so at several shops. Then I fell behind and she looked back. After-wards at a shop, I fixed my glance in a loving way on hers, and unmistakably she returned the look. Then my prick gave me a hint that it would like to incorporate itself with her. My lust was stirred.

But there was not a trace of a courtezan about her, neither in dress, look, or manner, and I hesitated to accost her, fearing a rebuff, and not wishing to annoy, pondering on who and what she was, wondering one minute at my impudent intention, the neat at my want of courage. Whilst doing that, she entered a shop. At once I was at the window. She bought a trifle, and whilst doing so I saw her looking at me, and fancied that she smiled. — Then putting her purchase into a small reticule she came out, looked me full in the face, with a look of invitation as I construed it, and walked on quickly, stopping nowhere any more.

I have been before lured on by smiles, to follow ladies long distances; ladies who knew I was following them, and that they were fooling me, and who at their own doors or gates, turned round with a stoney for- bidding stare, as if wondering who I was. — I have no doubt they were pleased at the admiration they had excited, and the trick they had played. — When at some distance from me, the lady stopped for an instant and looked around, and I thought then she was one of those coquettes. Yet on I went after her. — I have followed pretty women, a couple of miles, with a cock stiff more or less, all the time — and my cock was half stiff now, and with a voluptuous sensation pervading it.

On she went walking quickly, stopping nowhere crossing the road at times, and then looking I felt sure, to see if I was after her still. I got closer and closer behind her, till I could see, when I got the chance, her face. — Who and what was she, virtuous, loose, gay, kept woman, widow, wife, or what? I could not make up my mind, but followed her full two miles. — When we were almost in the country, I grew sick of it — I’m a fool, and being fooled, I thought, and stopped — just then, near a turning on to a one foot pathed road facing a small branch of a river, and before we turned on to that front, she stopped and with a smile, but in an agitated, anxious manner said, “You are an English-man.” I told her I was [in German all this].

“If (said she in a whisper as if any one could hear, or even see us at that spot), on the first floor window I hang out a carpet, come up stairs; if I don’t do so in a quarter of an hour go away. But come up quickly, and don’t make a noise.” She repeated this twice and walked off rapidly, being lost to sight round the corner in a minute. Where we spoke, there were no houses, nor had been on the road for five minutes.

As she turned the corner I went to the corner, watched, and saw a row of largish and seemingly newly built houses. She disappeared in the fifth or sixth. — Agitated by the affair, I waited, sat down on the grass, looking anxiously for a bit of carpet, and had scarcely done so, when a piece was hung out of a window. — Quickly I was at the door, mounted the stairs softly, saw a door partially open and some one peeping, and in a second it closed behind me and I was in a handsome sitting room with the lady, who seemed greatly agitated, and immediately asked me again if I was an Englishman. — Then I found she spoke broken English as well as her (I suppose) native tongue, German.

“We must be quick, and don’t make a noise,” said she, leading the way to a handsome bedroom, in which were two unmade beds. “My servants are out.” Then I kissed her, and she me, and we talked about our meeting, but she was much agitated and said I must go soon, so I began by putting my hands up her clothes after I had sat her on the sofa, and shewed her my pego, which had been ready for action a full half hour. She felt it with soft murmurs of delight, and for an instant with tongues joined, we played with each other’s genitals. Then she arose and quickly pulling off her gown (nothing more) moved towards an unmade bed. I divested of coat and waistcoat followed, threw up her clothes, saw one of the loveliest fields of Venus, kissed it, took my trousers off, and threw myself by her side on the narrowish bed, and in a few minutes more, my prick was tranquil in a deluged cunt, whilst our tongues were still toying with each other, in the dreamy voluptuousness of after fucking enervation.

Then hastily she washed, and we both sat on the sofa. I began questioning her, but she would not have that. — “Never mind me, and don’t you come here again, will you?” — I promised what she wished. — “You are Englishman,” she kept repeating, as if that gave her some special satisfaction. Unasked then she sought my prick, whilst I felt her cunt. — “Let me see your charms.” Without hesitation she went to the bed. — “We must be quick,” said she. On the bed, from bum-hole to navel I saw all, handled her handsome bubbies, kissed her thighs, and in a quarter of an hour fucked her again.

“Go now — go pray,” said she uncunting me. I obeyed, and in five minutes was out of the house. If she could see me again, she would be in the street where I first met her, at the same hour, two or three mornings after — if not, I must be there each morning till I did see her. Kissing me voluptuously we parted. — I offered her no money, nor was any apparently needed. Two or three mornings after, I was at the appointed street, but she was not there, nor for two days after that, and I then left the city — I had told her my name, and hotel.

One evening, impatient and longing for her, I went to the street, and looked up at the house. All was dark. — For fear of compromising her I made no enquiries, and know nothing more of her than I have told. I fancy I was her letch, but who and what was she, virtuous, single, married, a widow, kept, gay, a whore or what? I am lost in conjecture upon all points excepting that she was not a whore, and that I feel sure she was not.

I came back by way of Paris, mainly to see if a lady whom I had loved had gone away, and then straight to London. Then with my gun I went to Scotland for some shooting. There my lust for the common, coarse, vulgar females revived, and was first shewn at G***g*w, where I visited a friend, who was one of the largest dyers and stainers in the town. I refused his hospitality, preferring an hotel. It gave me more of the freedom I like.

I have not told of three or four women, whom I had at five shillings a tail, on my return to London, nor of having fucked two of those in the open street. I can’t account for this revival of taste for common women, and don’t think their cheapness had anything to do with it, tho it was part of the affair. — It must have been their total difference in manner and talk, from what I have been so long accustomed to. It took me back to those days, when for want of money, I had nothing but cheap gay women, but all worth telling about them has been told. I went over my friend’s works, and was surprized to find nearly the whole of the women barefooted, whether it was rainy or dry. A sturdy, spanking lot of lasses and women they looked. Whilst standing in one of the yards, I saw a big woman who looked thirty, go up a step ladder. She had shortish petticoats, and showed nearly to her knees, her calves looked large, and her flesh as white as snow. She went up and down two or three times, whilst I stood talking, and saw I was looking at her legs, but she was in no way abashed. I noticed her to him as a fine woman. — Yes, she had been the wife of a foreman, and she was now a fore-woman in a department. — “She wouldn’t be a bad bed-fellow,” I remarked jokingly. — “No, and more than one’s found it out — the first who had her, was * * * * *.” (It was one of his partners since dead.) She married a foreman who soon died, she was “a strong boddie, careful, reliable, and very useful,” — said my friend. — “It would take a good man to give her all she’d take.” At that my cock stood. I dined with my friend. — After dinner we sat smoking and drinking whiskey and water with lemon in it, which left me with a bad headache next morning, but kept up our jollity during a very long evening. My friend, among similar subjects, told me that his dead partner after having had the firsts of the forewoman, got her her husband since dead, and afterwards, he suspected, she helped him to get young lasses at the works, whom he set his wishes on. He guessed that three dozen or thereabouts, could say that they first had it from him. I suggested to my friend that she was similarly useful to him. — That made him severe at once. — Did I think that he with seven children, and one just coming in as a partner, would do such tricks as that? I said I was joking.

I determined to have that woman, for a letch for the big, broad shouldered, handsome looking bitch came on strong, I thought she was one of those, who having no desire to lapse into whoredom as a calling, worked well at her business, and was a valuable servant, but who when not working, thought more about fucking than anything else. There are plenty of such, both men and women in all working classes, whom I feel sure from my experience, know how to get the fullest sexual pleasure out of life, without lapsing into mere animals of lust, idleness, and debauchery.

It seems to me, that both men and women may be straight, and fair in all they do, be as good and useful members of society as others, yet take their chief de-light in carnal pleasures. I am sure that it is so with hundreds of thousands of men, in the middle and upper classes, who are good husbands and fathers, yet who don’t put a half of their sperm into their wives’ cunts, and indulge in all the varieties, refinements, and eccentricities of lust habitually. But women can’t act similarly without deteriorating.

I passed under excuse of being interested in the works, much of the next day there. When I wished to see one particular department, my friend who had to attend to his office work handed me over to a manager, who when I had to go over a special department said — “Send Mrs. * * * *.” — Up came the big, naked legged forewoman, under whose charge the branch was. “Wull ye gang oup first sir?” said she at the foot of the step ladder. — “No, you go first, and I’ll see those lovely white legs of yours.”

She gave me a look as if she knew what was in my mind, but never smiled, and went up first showing no more leg than usual.

In that department all the workers were females. She explained the works, but in such broad Scotch, that I could scarcely understand her, and had to make her repeat much. I was glad to do it, feeling a sensuous de-light at looking at her big, half naked arms; thinking of what she might be under her petticoats, and looking her in her eyes, when she was making an explanation. At length my cock stood stiff, and unmanageable in my trousers. I grasped it outside, and set it up easy, looking her full in the face while I did so. — It could not have escaped her notice, and I fancied I saw colour come into her face. Then whilst she was leaning over a vat by the side of a work-woman, shewing me some-thing, I pressed up against her big haunches, and my hard prick was against her hard bum, and I touched her arm with mine, as if unconscious of what I was doing, and that gave me intense pleasure. Did I stir her lust and set her thinking of fucking? I believe in lust between man and woman being communicated by touch, if the lewed one desires to influence the other. I knew her previous history, and felt sure that she dearly loved a man.

The noise of the workshop was great. Coming out at the top of the stairs when leaving, I said — “Mrs. “‘”, I don’t half understand. You shall give me more explanation tonight after working hours. — Where do you live? let me call on you, and I’ll give you three, bright, golden sovereigns for your trouble.” — I made the bold offer, thro knowing from my friend what her career had been. “Hoot awa” or something like that she said with a quiet chuckle. “Dye meane to set oop in the business, sir?” — I felt sure that she guessed it was not about dyeing and staining, that I wanted to see her; but that she didn’t mean to let me think she understood what I really did want. — “Perhaps so. I may want a lot you can tell and show me, but I don’t wish your people to know that. Let me go to your rooms, and I’ll give you the three gold bits.” — She looked down modestly. — “Ye’er vera gude, sir, but ar am a puir body, and I leeve in twa sma rooms, and the like of ye never was in em yet.” — (I can’t reproduce her Scotch dialect.) “Well, will you have the three bits of gold or not, come and meet me then, and come to my rooms, don’t be stupid.” — She then said after a brief conversation that she would after she’d — “gaad hame and a we bit cleaned hersel,” but not at “her hame, whar her niece leeved wi her.” But she couldn’t tell me more she thought, than she had told mevalready. She must go to look after the work lasses, and off she went. I lingered about a while, went again into her department, got opportunity of repeating the time and place so as to avoid error, and bidding my friend good bye in his office, left.

But where was I to take her to? — I had luncheon, and in the afternoon walked about the principal streets, looking out for some one to give me an address of a good baudy house, saw several professional fuck-stresses and accosted one, who said she had her own rooms. — “No, I’d sooner go to a house if you know one near.” — She did, and took me there. I didn’t mean to have her, wanting to reserve all my force for the fore-woman, but never had to put such restraint on my self in my life. — As I had to pay the lady, I thought I might as well see what she was like, and a most inviting creature she was, with lovely limbs and an entrancing cunt. Her astonishment was great, when I said I was satisfied with the inspection of her charms. What! Not have her, had I got a disease, well if I hadn’t was I a man, had I a prick? “Not much of one, here is the money.” — “I will see it,” said she laughing, and almost rushing at me. — I couldn’t resist letting her. It was rigid and florid. “Why it’s a noble spouter, a regular rammer,” said she with some other strange northern compliments. — “Put it into me, you shan’t go without doing it, eh mon (she was Scotch), you’re the queerest chap I ever coomd near. Look at me all over, and then yell fook me.” Without ado, she pulled off the rest of her clothes as rapidly as she could, and stood naked. — Then laying hold of my spouter she gently let me to the bed by it. — I could resist no longer, my spout went up her, and spouted. Tho I delighted her, and was also delighted, I was vexed with myself. — She chatted on, asked if I’d do it again, wondered at my coming to a baudy house when she had nice rooms of her own, gave me her card, and we separated. — I didn’t tell her why I wanted a baudy house. Then I fed myself up at my hotel, and rested till the evening, to keep up my strength and recover as far as I could, the loss my spouter had given me.

She was at the spot to a minute, but at first I did not recognise her, for she had a bonnet, and veil, and boots on, tho only still looking like a poor woman. She was agitated in manner, her voice trembled, and she spoke so quickly, and with such strong Scotch accent, that again I could not at first understand a word she said. — She didn’t know exactly why she came, or what I wanted, or what made me ask her, she said. — I’m sure she must have supposed that I meant fucking, but had some fear of my disclosure about it afterwards, and curiosity, to learn if any one had suggested to me that her person was obtainable. She pumped me, and we talked in the streets, till I said, — “We can’t stop here and talk, if you want your three bits of yellow gold, come with me.” — I put her arm into mine and we entered the house. The vision of the gold did it. — I had bid high with reason, tho a forewoman, eighteen shillings a week, was all she earned.

She sat down with her veil on, till I produced a small bottle of whisky, asking if she’d have a glass. — “An it’s Scotch whusky and yell be having a taste yersel ar wull.” — She toppled off two glasses, smacked at her lips, said it was gude, took off her veil, and asked what I wanted to know about the dyeing. — “Nothing my dear, I saw your lovely legs, white flesh, and handsome face, and asked you here to see if you’d let me see more of it.” — “See mair, mair o ma flesh? Hoot mon, nae.” — “Just up to your belly my dear and no higher do.” — She got up shamming the indignant. I was pretty rude to her she thought. — “Not at all my darling, fucking won’t hurt either of us, I know you like it from the look of your eyes, and I’m longing for you.” — I determined to come to the point at once, thinking that with her career she would at once succumb.

I made a mistake in that. To my surprize she colored up scarlet, her voice trembled, she seemed as agitated as when she met me, saying “nae,” she hadn’t come to be treated “like a whure.” Why did I treat her like a common “whure of the streets.” She rose up to go, repeating the word “whure,” over and over again. She evidently was affronted and wanted to be courted, to submit to me. I set to work to correct my error, said I was sorry I had spoken, that I knew she was a widow, and thought from the look of her beautiful eyes (which she had) that she was amative, and didn’t mind a little straightforwardness. That the look of the whiteness of the flesh of her beautiful leg, had so upset me, that I had never slept since for thinking of it, and I guessed the exquisiteness of the charms she must have underneath her dress.

Tho I never have much flattered women, and have got on with them very well without it, now I buttered her with flattery till she seemed quite proud. She swallowed all I said like oil, sat down and had a third glass of whiskey, which however she wouldn’t let me fill quite full. She was sure,

“Ye’ve sin, mony a bit o whiteness afore ye’ed sin ma legs I ken” — and she laughed, and looked slyly at me. “Kiss and forgive me” and I suited the action to the word. Again she asked about my having seen white flesh elsewhere. I told her I had never seen any so white as hers, and with red hair, it must make a beautiful contrast there. — Did I like red hair? — I loved it I replied. Which is about as great a lie as I ever told. The lie however completed her satisfaction with me and herself.

Then she began about the dyeing business. I talked with her for a minute or so about it, but thought that if I couldn’t have her, the sooner I knew it the better. I had got her to sit on the sofa by me, a table with the whiskey in front of us, — I turned the subject to her legs. Didn’t she catch cold with bare feet and legs? — if her petticoat were still shorter wouldn’t she? — “Nae it was all coostom nae, and she’d niver had a pair of drawers on in her life,” what was the good of them. “To keep all warm higher up.” — Nae she was warm enough there and every where. “Let me feel.” — “Nae nae.” — “Well, let me only to where I saw your legs naked on the ladder.” “Weel a dinna mind that, but nae mair.” — “But you’ve got stockings on,

I can’t feel the flesh, or see how white it is, pull the stockings down.” — “Nae.” — “Well! If I call at the workshop tomorrow, when they are naked, will you let me feel them there?” — “Nae, nae.” — But the idea convulsed her with laughter. “Let me feel to just under the knee.” — “Ye may then, but nae mair, ye’ar a funny mon.”

All this was interlarded with kisses and pinches. — I still thought she might be coquetting with me, but directly I got permission, I put my hands upon her calves, and fell into rapturous praises of them. — “Now just, above your knees, just where you garters” (she’d placed her hands so as to bar me there, women always do that). — “A weel then, there.” My fingers touched her flesh, and I pushed them between her thighs, which closed, tightly. — Up sprang my cock, and out I pulled it. — “Look, feel it — let me.” — “Nae, nae.” — With a sudden effort, I pushed my hand further, and she further back on the sofa, and my fingers touched her cunt. “Nae, nae, ye promised,” said she. But I was stifling her with kisses, her scuffling was slight, her legs opened to let me, and I got her whole cunt, well in grip. — “Let’s fuck you, you knew I wanted it, you know you came for it, now don’t be foolish, feel my prick.” A minute or two’s sham coyness, and she did. Then we were silently kissing and feeling each other, I frigged away at her clitoris like a steam engine, till she wriggled. Dinna now, dinna, yell mak me be ar doin it mysel.” The courting was at an end. “Don’t be foolish now, let’s get on the bed properly, undress a little, my dear.” — Soon she was in chemise, and I in shirt. — I saw a spanking white arse, a red haired cunt, ponderous thighs, too big yet handsome, and all so dazzlingly white. What a lovely grind her cunt gave my prick, as I entered it. Soon I spent, and soon she spent. How I wished the thicker sperm had been up her instead of up the lady’s cunt of the afternoon. But the forewoman knew nothing about the quality of her lubrication. Playfully she murmured as my prick dwindled in her. “Sure and ye’ve gat me a bonny bairn,” and we joked about that, my prick still up her, I laying between her ample thighs as we talked.

Then we sat by the fire awhile for it was cold, and talked, waiting for the resurrection of my cunt stopper. I wanted her to strip quite but she would not. She was certainly not a bit like a gay woman in her facility, but by dint of much flattery of her various parts, as I saw and felt them one by one for it was only the stripping quite (“Like a whure!”) that she objected to, at length she did. She was big and full, much bigger than she looked in her clothes. She had almost the frame of a man, and could have knocked one down. Her flesh was as firm as ivory, her shoulders were big and square, her waist large, her breasts big solid globes, not flabby, tho they hung down, but big, solid lumps, and the whiteness of her flesh was dazzling. — Indeed her flesh where it was habitually exposed was white, and all the rest was snow almost, rather than cream.

“Now open your thighs, you shall, I will look at it.” — She opened them, and her cunt looked a horse collar. Its long stretch from arsehole to motte, with its big thick lips, with a full clitoris, and the full haired mount, looked vast. The hair was a bright Scotch red, and there was quantities of it. — I’ve seen red and reddish sandy haired cunts before, a few of them, and indeed don’t know the color I haven’t seen on cunts, but I never saw one of such a genuine Scotch red as hers. — The bush was long and thick, and twisting, and curling in masses, half way up to her navel, thick down to her bumhole and round it, and thence it spread about five inches up her arse cheeks, gradually getting shorter there. It filled the buttocks furrow, till slightly past her bum bone. I set her down as thirty-six years of age at least at the sight. — I don’t like this hirsuteness now, but in the midst of such white flesh, it looked to me for the moment beautiful, such is the result of novelty (“fresh cunt, fresh courage always”), and my libidinousity increased. Feeling that the sheets were dry (I had ordered clean ones in the afternoon), “Get into bed my dear,” I cried. — On she got. I stopped her progress to see the horse collar from behind. A great, heavy, pouting lipped article it looked from that side, yet I swore it was lovely. She stretched her thighs apart, and it took my whole hand to cover the gap. — That finished starching me, I mounted her directly we were under the sheets, played with the hirsute gap for a while, dallying with my lust, frigging her now and then till we could both bear delay no longer, and then gave her an-other injection. — That completed my evening’s exercise, for she said she must get back, her niece would be wondering where she was, and she was up at five o’clock each morning.

Curious about the work girls mostly with naked feet, some of them sandy or red haired, tho mostly dark haired, didn’t they do a bit of fucking on the sly I asked. — “A weel — maybe they do.” She didn’t know. They often had a wee bairn before they were married; some were married, others had a young man, but they were not “whures” even if they had a bit on the sly. — The young masters (my friend had two young sons in the office) looked sharp when a fresh lass came, if she were good looking, but sure she didn’t know if they coupled or not, it wasn’t her business, it was a lone-some life for a lass without a man. She was very de-cent in her language, excepting in the use of the word “whure,” as she pronounced it.

I gave her the three sovereigns for instructing me. She smiled and said I’d taught her more than she had taught me — “that I had spilt my seed aboot” pretty freely she expected. She’d put the gold in the savings bank, where she’d already a bit, and would meet me the day but one after without gold, and only for friend-ship. — She’d come for a chat and a glass of whiskey, and she hoped I’d never tell any one how she’d for- gotten herself.

I was expected further north, but my letch was not quite satisfied. I am not so young as I was, and four fucks are not to be repeated daily, so I gave myself a day’s rest, calling however the next day on my friend at the manufactory, with the real object of looking at the forewoman. I had told her I should call, and asked her jokingly to lift up her clothes as high as she dare, when going up the step ladder. I have those letches. But she didn’t; I barely saw to her knees. Next night I took a bottle of the finest whisky, and we sat drinking and fucking the whole evening. She got a wee bit tight — I had half an hour’s look at her red haired horse collar. There was an inch and a half of fat on the lips. I put three fingers up her vagina, and fancied she was very large, yet inside it felt tight enough. — What sized prick could she have taken I wondered as I fucked her. I didn’t so much care about her as I did on the first night tho I did her three times. Most of the lasses did a bit on the sly, she admitted that night. — Long live King cock and Queen cunt. The next day I left G***c*w.

Before I fucked this woman the second time tonight, I had a prolonged look at this red haired vulva, and to-wards the end of my inspection said jokingly, “Your bum’s a hairy one.” She was kneeling at the time with her backside towards me, and swung round saying, “You needn’t look at it,” and seemingly was much of-fended, I told her it was exquisite, which pleased her much. (One must always admire a lady’s privates. There is one whom I have fucked at intervals for fifteen years, and have known her cunt and backside since the time there was not more hair on her motte than would cover a five shilling piece, and not a sign of it near her anus; I have seen it grow, and spread in all directions till her bum valley is hairy and the cheeks furry. But if I notice this she is evidently annoyed.)

My invitation north, was only for a fortnight, during which time I had no woman, a thing so remarkable that I note it. I attribute it in a degree to great fatigue, and also perhaps to coming middle age having tempered my lust. But I had little chance or temptation. Men servants were all I saw, I was fifteen miles from a town, cottages were few and miles apart, and the lasses I saw there were young, dirty, and unkempt, and were well looked after by their families I expect. — It was almost early winter, when returning I stopped at the town of D**d*e and the sight of a woman there, made my cock stand unmanageably, within an hour after I arrived.

It was a mild afternoon, and after washing at the hotel I walked out, and saw a well grown, dark eyed woman, looking about one or two and twenty, with bare feet, and a bundle, walking along quickly. She had large hips, and her bum moved in a manner pleasing to me. She had short petticoats, I saw her calves and thought she was a work woman of some sort, and not a bit like a gay woman. I walked after her half a mile, lusting for her, speculating upon her charms, and wondering if she’d let me have her. — Once or twice she looked round but it was after no one, nor had she looked at me, yet her doing so opened a suspicion that she was gay. But had she been gay, she would have had shoes and stockings on, or if too poor for them, would have been in the slums and dirty, whereas she was very neat, clean, and tidily dressed.

As she turned down a side street, I urged by a swollen prick, stepped up to her side, and asked if I might go home with her. — She stopped short, and scrutinised me for a minute without a word, and then said — “It’s a long way off.” — “Let me, and I will give you five shillings.” — “Very well, but it’s a long way off.” “Where?” — “Up the * * * * road, and close to the sodgers.” I knew that there were barracks outside the town, tho I’d never seen them. — “How far?” “Twenty minutes good.” — “Are you a mill-hand?” — “Yes at Mesrs. * * * mill.” — “Don’t you know any house near here?” She didn’t, and further questioned, said it was her father’s cottage, and she and her sister both lived there. — “Your Father?” “The old mon won’t mind,” said she, as her remark about her father, she saw made me hesitate — “Will you come?” — I shook my head. “Vera weel,” and turning round she walked off at a stiff pace, without ever looking back, or seeming to care. All was spoken by her in broad Scotch.

Her indifference surprised me — was she gay or a mill woman? — Thinking so I stood still. “Up by the sodgers.” I saw a long road half in the country before me, it was getting dusk, and I thought I might if I followed her, get into some low brothel frequented by soldiers. I turned back, but she looked so healthy and nice, that my prick almost pointed after her, and turning, I ran partly, then walked very quickly till I over- took her, and said I’d go with her. “Vera weel,” she said, scarcely noticing me and tramped steadily on, without looking at me, or addressing a word to me. Nor did I to her, and we didn’t meet a person on the road.

In a quarter of an hour’s tramp along a country road, with hedges, and stone fences at intervals I saw dimly buildings half in the fields. — It was the barracks, and a few cottages scattered about in its vicinity. — “It’s up there, there,” said she. Determined now to have her at any risks, I went on by her side, and turning a corner of a hedge into a cross road, I came on two cottages one story high, with little forecourts to them, and gardens about them. — Against the wall of one sat a white haired old man smoking a pipe. — “Wait a bit there,” said she. “It’s father — I will tell the old man to get out of the way, and see if my sister’s in.” — The next minute the old man disappeared in the garden, which had a bit of a shed in it, and she bawled out — “Coom in Sir.”

Inside it was dark — “I’ll get a light,” said she, striking one and lighting a candle. Then I saw I was in a mere hovel with a tile floor, the walls were nicely white washed, and with many showy coloured prints in frames hung against them. There was a good large kitchen stove with a peat fire smouldering in it, and a large sheepskin in front of it — and pots and pans on a shelf, big wooden arm chairs, and a truckle bed in the corner. It was a mere peasant’s hut without signs of poverty, and with some of comfort in it. — “Father sleeps there, sister and I sleep here,” said she and opened the door of a bedroom, of much the same character as the kitchen. There was a large bed in it, sheets which looked whitish, and a dark thick blanket on it, a chest of drawers, and wash stand. She at once drew the pot from under the bed and pissed, remarking as it rattled, that her sister hadn’t come home yet. “D’ye want?” said she pointing to the pot. All seemed so rough and peasant like that it amused me. I lost all fear of a baudy-house row with “sodgers.”

Was she whore, or wasn’t she? — Certainly she was, for she had made no difficulty about accepting the money for her person, yet had said that she worked regularly at a mill, as did her sister. — Then I thought she was a soldier’s woman, that I was running risk of disease, and asked, “Do you bring soldiers home here? Here is the money, don’t let me have you, if you have the slightest poorliness on you.” — “What! A sodger ha me? — I’m not a sodger’s woman — I wouldn’t let one of the buggers touch me with a pair o tangs, d’ye think I’m a sodger’s whure?” She was most indignant. Poor Scotch women it seems to me use the word “whure” very freely, and as if it were no more indecent than any other word in the dictionary.

I told her I didn’t, but had been misled by her words, and she was soon pacified. Going up to her, I put my hand on to her cunt. “Stop, I’ll wash it first and make it nice for you.” — With the same coolness she washed it in a basin, looking up at me and saying, “So you took me for a sodger’s whure. — There’s no sodgers’ girls about here, they go to the town for their girls, and where there’s liquor.” Drying her cunt with her chemise, she got on the bed, quickly got off, put the money into the drawers, and got on to the bed again, saying “I’ll wash my feet first an ye like, I do when I come home always.” — Impatient to have her, I at once pulled out my prick which was rubicund, stiff, and ready. — “Ohoo,” — said she, chuckling as she saw it, seizing and shaking it, and with her other hand pulling up her own clothes. — “Let me look,” and I lifted them up to her navel, she had no stays on, all was natural form with her. The sight of her cunt made me jump on to her belly at once, the red split in a dark hairy frame looked lovely, and in a second we were fucking hard. “I’ve not fucked for a fortnight, my love.” “And I haven’t done it for a month” — she gasped. “Oh — o,” she sighed and her cunt clipped me like a vice. — “Oh — what — ah — ah — oh,” — was all I recollect her saying. — The next second her cunt was like a paste pot, and she was hugging and kissing me quietly. “I’ve spent your cunt full my dear.” “Ye war just too fu,” said she as she kept on kissing me.

My prick kept stiff in her long. Then I dropped off on to her side, my prick trailing across her thigh, leaving a moist line on it. She turned on her side towards me, took my adhesive tool in her hand, and meeting my lips with hers, we talked in the quiet, voluptuous, satisfied way, which man and woman do, when their lust has been mutually assuaged by fucking. — Yes it was quite true that she hadn’t had a man for a month. They were born there, she and her sister and brother, who was a sailor. It was their father’s and grand-father’s before that, and longer back still, and the old man wouldn’t move, and why should they? They’d a bit o’ land, and a cow, and all their potatoes and greens they got from it. — He was too old to work excepting at breaking stones, but he kept the house clean and the garden, whilst she and her sister worked at mills. “Yes — both regular.” She warn’t gay, but if a gude man noticed her, and she liked his looks, she did it, and if he’d come out there at dusk she let him, and she got a bit o’ siller mair. But men wouldn’t come out so far, and she would not let them till it was dark. (There were no lamps for some distance from her cabin.) — “It’s stiff again,” — said she, and turned on her back. We fucked again, and my balls stuck to her buttocks as I got away from her afterwards, so much had our spendings spread over bum and ball bag. I had felt it streaming out round my prick as I was stroking her the second time. Then she washed her cunt.

Tho I’d done her twice, I’d not seen her form. I had been wild for fucking, and she the same. — Now but with a little hesitation, she stripped and let me see her charms, and she was well worth looking at, was as fine a strapping woman as you might desire, large bummed and thighed, and with big hard breasts with scarcely a fall in them, a smallish quantity of crisp dark hair on a handsome slit, with small clitoris and nymphae. — I was delighted with it, but she did not seem to heed my compliments. She remarked when I felt her fleshy handsome arm, that she was strong enough to get a living if it was to be got, and she’d never had an ache or pain in her life, except a tooth ache. Then, “Oh! It’s cold here, why dint ye get into bed wi me, it clan, Ruth and I wash every night there” (pointing to a small tub), — saying that she jumped into the poor bed, putting on her chemise, and I almost spite of myself undressed and got in after her. Where-upon she cuddled up to me and laid hold of my prick, saying, “Yell be mon enuff agin soon.”

Just then we heard a door bang and she cried out, “Is it you Ruth? It’s my sister — d’ye mind her coomin in? — Coom in,” for I had said I didn’t mind. — In Ruth came, and looked at her sister and me lying in bed, as if it were an every-day occurrence. Then she told her about getting the “wee bit supper ready,” and as the sister left the room, she turned to me and grasped my prick again, and told me her own name was Janet.

I was much amused with the affair, for I’ve never met any thing like it. Here were peasant girls, fucking for money and a little for love, in their own home, their father knowing it, and temporarily put out of the way, and yet the two women were regular mill hands. Of that I hadn’t the slightest doubt. Her sister she said in answer to my questions, had had a “mon or two,” there, but she did not approve it, and now she had her own “young mon” to whom she soon would be married, so had no mon but him. Then with much pleasure to both of us we fucked again, and afterwards dressed, and I came to the conclusion that the woman had brought me home, quite as much to satisfy her carnal wants, as for the money.

All this had only occupied an hour, and with an easy prick and with my lust most pleasantly, and piquantly assuaged, and with our clothes on, we passed into the kitchen. Ruth had just turned out a dish of something which looked nice, and smelt savoury. — “Will ye sup a bit?” — said Janet.

I couldn’t manage that tho I was hungry, for altho all looked fairly clean, I think Scotch peasants are for the most part a dirty lot. But I said I’d sit a while if they didn’t mind — not they — they didn’t repeat their offer, and they took no more notice of me when eating than if I had been a dummy, nor seemed at all abashed. — “Where is the old man?” said Ruth. — “Gone to * * * * * till he’s fetched,” — Janet replied.

They drank water. — “You want a drop of whiskey but suppose you can’t get it about here.” — “The old mon knows where to get a drop if he’d got the money, there’s plenty and good about here hidden away.” — “Send him for a bottle, here’s a half a crown.” — Ruth without a word put a plaid over her head and went out. — “It’s smuggled,” said I. — Janet nodded. Soon Ruth came back with a funny shaped bottle full of good whiskey, and we all drank. They produced some oat meal cakes — nasty stuff — but I was empty and eat a lot, washing it down with whiskey and water. I was hungry and wanted dinner, but wouldn’t leave, so amused was I with the company.

Ruth at once washed up the things. Janet sat in one arm chair, I in the other, as if we had been quite old acquaintances. — The oddity of the thing very much amused me. — I’ve been in the society of women of all sorts, and fucked in all sorts of places — but to be sitting with two mill hands, who took money for their pleasures, yet fucked for pleasure, and in their father’s hut, and with his knowledge was new to me. Besides, they weren’t a bit like whores in their manners. So on I went talking and questioning them, and they me. They couldn’t leave their dad — he wouldn’t move, he had been born and meant to be buried from there, and what could they do better? It was their aim — if they got wet thro going and coming they changed, and a little rain didn’t hurt a body. They evidently were as strong as cart horses. Then without remark, Ruth set an earthenware pan before the fire and washed her feet, a mere rinse it was, an- in drying them shewed to her knees. A sturdy pair of legs she had and my cock tingled. — “You will make my cock stiff,” I cried. — Both women laughed. — “Ye’d best coom to bed with me again,” said Janet. — “I will and stay all night,” said I.

At that both shouted out at once “nae nae” that couldn’t be. — The old man would be in the kitchen “asleepin” — and they two slept together. “I’ll sleep between you.” — They thought I was in earnest, and most energetically refused and said I’d better go, for the old man went to bed early. — And as it was now nearly nine o’clock, I put on hat and coat, after making Janet promise to meet me again next night, at a place named in the town.

The room, I noticed, had for some time got misty, and on opening the door there was a dense fog. What was to be done? — There was no light in the lane near the cabin. — Scarcely one along the mile of country road. To find my way back was impossible being a perfect stranger. I must stay all night. — “Nae nae, it manna be.” — Ultimately Ruth was to go with me till well in the town, where I could ask some one to go with me to my hotel. With a big plaid shawl over her head and shoulders, and still with naked feet, off she went with me in to darkness. — A bugle in the barracks sounded as we set out. “If the sodgers ain’t in in five minutes, they’ll catch it and praps yell hear em arunnin,” said she. Sure enough, just then we heard male feet rushing along, and male voices laughing and blaspheming. Then all was quiet as we trudged along.

“Stop, here’s a turning I think, there’s a stane tither side.” — “Yes, we were right.” “A stane fence is all alang noo.” — Stone fences, alternating with scrubby hedges, I had noticed as I had come along. — On we went slowly, for there were ditches. I began to talk about her sister. A lust for this girl had arisen in me when I saw her washing her feet, now it was between two and three hours since I fucked her sister, and I felt as if I could fuck again.

We went along very slowly. I laid hold of her arm. “I can’t see you scarcely, let’s walk together, why didn’t you let me sleep between you?”
— “Are ye mad, and the old man asleepin in the kitchen, nae nae!” — “Ah! And then I’d have fucked you as well as Janet. — I’m dying for you now.” I sunk my voice, for the road was solemnly quiet, no one passed, not a sound was heard but the tramp of my own feet, her naked feet made no noise. — “Hush mon, you’ll be dying for what ye won’t have.” — I put my arm round her and kissed her without any difficulty, stopped, pulled her closer to me, and putting my hand to her belly, — “Let me, my love, let me.” — She broke away laughing, “If you go on like that, I’ll leave you to get to the town as ye may.”

To be left in a dense fog in that road, rather shut me up for a minute, but I was soon at my game again. The girl was fresh and handsome, my cock stiffened, I couldn’t see her face or she mine, for the foggy darkness, but I talked all the libidinous talk I could, told how I had enjoyed her sister, she my prick, how quickly I had spent, the lot I had spent in her sister’s cunt, to all of which she made no reply, only I heard the quietest chuckle now and then. Then I slackened my pace, she hers, whether intentionally, or unconsciously I don’t know. Again I kissed, and “let me feel you” and then — “Nae, nae.” — “Do, who’ll know, feel my prick, do let me have you?” — “Ye can’t want it.”

— “Yes, feel it, its bursting.” — “Nae, yell tell Janet.”

— “So help me God I won’t,” saying that I stopped her, enfolded her in my arms and kissed her for a minute, then put my hand up her clothes on to her cunt, without any resistance, and at the same time placed her hand to my prick. She handled it, twiddled it in that excited, restless way, which I find all women, gentle or simple and whatever their condition, handle my tool when nature is stirring up their lust.

In the dense fog we stood without speaking, feeling each other. —”It’s a fence,” — said I, edging her on one side, and it was so. “The wall of the rope factory’s just by,” said she. — She seemed to know every inch of the road. Dropping her petticoats, we walked a few yards, came to a feeble oil lamp, and just where its light was lost in the fog was a wall. Planting her back against it, again I felt her cunt, again she felt me from tip to testicle, and I fucked Ruth in a long, hard fuck. She felt pleasure quickly. — “You’ve spent,” I said. — “Yes,” she sighed. — Not being too ready, I withdrew my prick from her, and felt that her cunt was well wetted with her own spending. Then up went my prick again, better for the rest, and with a longish ramming, and occasional pause, I fucked her till we both spent. Directly after I pulled out my prick, and stood erect with back and knees aching, for she was a shortish girl, and I stretched out both legs, and twisted my body, to get to fuck her as she stood with her back against the wall.

“I’m tired,” said I. — “Weel ye may be an ye-er dun Janet thrice, an it be true.” — I swore it was. — “Ye’er a braw man but let’s be ganging.” — We walked on, as fast as we could. — Then in a minute, — “Wait a while till I peedle.” — I did, and pissed by the side of her. — At the next lamp which became more numerous now, I gave her a half sovereign as a present. She was delighted. — We got near the town. — “Ye can’t gae wrang noo.”

Then I felt her cunt, for the sisters had put me into rut, and made her feel my prick, kissed her, promised I’d not tell Janet (and kept my word), she went back to her hut, I with aid got to my hotel.

[Both sisters spent with me, I’m sure I make no mistake. — So many gay women have done the same and have offered me a second poke unasked by me, that I sometimes doubt whether they spent, or whether they shammed, as an inducement to get me to visit them again. Do they spend so with chance friends, don’t they reserve their pleasure, and their spending, for men they specially like? I slept with Lillie M***d*n on my return. She is a whore to the backbone. “I spend when I want fucking,” said she, “and I like the man tho he be a stranger I ask him to fuck again if he pleases me, why shouldn’t we?”]

[Later experience teaches me that whores generally follow their instincts and their lusts with men, and spend whenever they feel the want of it.]