Bates in deshabille. • Caught and taught. • In rut. • Hannah again. • A mixture of juices. • Erotic reveries. • My luck. • Hannah’s monthlies. • In the summer house. • Hannah ill. • “What’s impregnation?” • Bates surprises me. • Her disclosures. • With child. • Preparing to leave. • Uncle returns. • Bates’ sister. • Hannah in London. • My mother’s dining table. • Hannah Fitzgerald departs.

Bates looked so nice with her loose dress and sleepy eyes. She had put a gown loosely over her night gown, which was partly undone in front, — and showed some of her breasts. — The gown hung close to her haunches, she carried a candle, and I gave her a hard pinch on her bum as she passed. She went to aunt’s room, back again past mine (another bum pinch), soon back with hot water, and as she came past that time, I stood with prick out, inside my door. When she had gone into aunt’s room, I knocked at the door and asked if I could help. — “It’s very kind of Walter,” I heard aunt say. She was in great pain and only wanted poultices, and for an hour Bates kept going backwards and forwards to the kitchen. —Whenever she passed me I kissed her, or pinched her, or showed my nakedness, and worked her up to a good pitch of lewedness. Hannah, with her mother, had no idea of what was going on outside aunt’s room.

At length I heard Hannah in the lobby say, “That will do, you can go to bed — I will do all that mother wants more,” and she shut the door, locked it, and I heard the bolt shut. Bates was about to pass my door, my unsatisfied prick had been standing every ten minutes since it had come out of Hannah’s pudenda, — and quick as I write this, I seized the woman by the waist, blew out the light which she held, and pulled her into my bed room. — “Oh pray, sir, oh don’t, oh let me go. I shall lose my character and my place if,” — and much more in a whisper. “Hold your tongue, don’t speak or they will hear you. Don’t be a fool, I will have you, I will fuck you.” Neither of us raised our voices, we scuffled quietly, but she was randy and next minute I had her on the bed, my prick was up her, and what nearly went into Hannah, went out from me into Bates. — To my surprise when I was over and quiet, I felt her gently, almost imperceptibly moving and wriggling with me. We lay and talked then, and I managed a few more stoutish shoves in the gluey hole, again felt it tighten and then she finished.

“If they see me go out, I am ruined for life,” said she. — I was still up her when she spoke. — “Lay still dear and let’s do it again.” “No let me go, oh if Mrs. Fitzgerald should be looking or listening.” — There certainly was some ground for fear. — I did not want to harm the girl, nor to damage myself with my relations, and indeed was a little funky, — so nestling my belly up to hers and rubbing all I could squeeze out of her on to my balls, I got off. — All was quiet as the grave as I opened the door gently, and going to the angle of the corridor listening, heard the murmur of voices in aunt’s room, whilst Bates took her candle stick and herself to her own room unobserved.

I chuckled at my pluck and luck, lit my candle, saw no stains where Bates’ arse had lain, — and sitting clown at the edge of the bed felt my prick. — I wondered how long Hannah would be with aunt — and tho for the moment I did not physically want Hannah, yet such was my erotic state of mind that I longed for her.

I sat reflecting, and thought with baudy delight of my prick having been into both the women. What if I could fuck Hannah now — will she be long. I opened my door, listened, and heard nothing. — Hannah gone to her bed room? — I went into the corridor — there was no lamp — but enough light from a window just to see to move about slowly, saw aunt’s door open, and Hannah come out with a candle in her hand. With great caution she closed aunt’s door, and aunt was evidently asleep then. Hannah then saw me, started and with hurried gesticulations shook her head, raised her hand and pointed towards the servants’ rooms. — It was to scare me off, but it did not. I walked across to her room and entered it before her, — she at the door holding up her hands and gesticulating, I beckoning her in. — She could not stand in the lobby long so in she came. — Was she hot cunted after all her fear and worry?

When together in the room again, she began crying, she was ill, how wicked it was of me — but in my excited baudy state, I cared nothing for that. In faintest voice I spoke, got her on to the bed, kissed her cunt and turned on to her. Then alas my prick was not stiff, it had not been out of Bates’ receiver long. — I pinched it hard and frigged it, — it was large, swollen, but pendant. — “Do go away,” said she, looking at it. A woman who has had a few years’ fucking, knows when a man’s ready. She put her hand down to it. “You don’t want me; now — go,” said she, getting up.

I said I did want her, and fingered my prick powerfully. “Lie down and you will see.” — The sight of a prick entices a woman — down she laid and I mounted her. Then I was all right, stiffened, drove my cock up her cunt, and in a stroke or two more I hurt her. — The baudiness of the thought of rubbing in her cunt the mixture left from Bates’ cunt on my prick, did all that was needful, and in a few minutes I had got our joint spendings running over my balls, and covering what had dried there out of Bates’ quim. — I would not leave her till I had had her again that night, and in the intimacy of the bed, she let out that before her marriage she and my cousin Letitia (her sister) used to frig themselves together. I always opened a woman’s heart. Then we parted. How I now chuckled and revelled in the idea of the spermy mixtures of that night, even tho I thought it was nasty. I apparently was more delicate then than now, and had foolish notions about much, yet my cock stood whenever I thought of it. And I never fucked either of the women after, without thinking it in the middle of the exercise.

Hannah did not come down to breakfast. Bates came in and I never saw a woman look so confused. She blushed and looked away from me and stuttered. — Mrs. Fitzgerald was ill she said, and was sorry she could not come down. I did not mind for I was divided in my attentions, and Bates looked so plump, and fresh, that she gave me a cock-stand right off. I told her so, and in a minute she got over her blushing and we were kissing. — “I’ve not seen your article, Bates, tho I’ve felt it close enough, let’s look at it.” — A scramble and I got her with her back up against the wall — close to the door, lifted her clothes, saw white stockings and plump thighs, and got my fingers on to her notch. — But she would not let me poke her, and fearful of noise I desisted, but standing and feeling each other, she told me some news.

Aunt had sent for a doctor and was abed — Mrs. Fitzgerald was in bed. — “She is so ill, she was knocked up first at that dance,” said Bates, “I’m going to take her her breakfast.” “Take it and then come to my room, they won’t know.” “No.” “Yes.” ‘What, in the day time? — oh no.” “Then by God you ‘shan’t leave the room till I’ve had you here.” Saying so I thrust my hand vigorously about her privates, and kissed her till I worried her into consenting. — She did not really seem to need much pressing, for she planned what to do “I must go and see where cook is — and whether Mary has been rung for — I’ll push your door, and if it’s ajar go in if I can, if not I’ll cough and pass on.” “But you shan’t pass on, you shall come in.” —I ate my breakfast as fast as I could. She went back to the kitchen to get Mrs. Fitzgerald’s breakfast. — I waited some time and then rang my bell impatiently. She came at the summons, to the breakfast room. “I’m going up with tea now,” said she.

I went to my bed room. — She soon appeared in the lobby holding a tray, — went into Hannah’s room — and afterwards entered mine. — “She’s sitting up in bed drinking her tea,” said she. Then Bates laid down on her back on my bed with the slightest of pushes from me.

I knew well how modest, and at first most women hate a strong light on them when under the voluptuous preliminaries of fucking. The boldest in baudiness at times don’t like too much light. I had pulled down the blinds — but left light enough to have a good view of a well haired cunt, of a lightish brown, but it was a color not much liked by me. She was juicy and wetted me well. — “Wash your quim, dear.” “I can’t, they may miss me,” and off she went. — She enjoyed her fucking and was so composed about it that I scarcely believed myself.

I went to the breakfast-room and then out on to the lawn, had a cigar and then back again, and sat till Bates came in to clear away the breakfast things. I chatted and talked baudy. Had she washed her cunt? Of course she had. — I was randy again. — Aunt had had tea, Hannah was asleep she thought, no one would go near to awake them, and the housemaid would not go up stairs till she told her. — I put Bates up against the wall, felt her cunt, and then with the smallest per-suasion she said she would go to my room again. Up I went, she kept her word, — and we fucked a second time. — How she wagged her randy, hard arse, did that fresh faced, modest, demure looking woman, and directly my prick was out of her, she got away, — taking down a tray, which she had left outside the door as an excuse if caught waiting about the lobby. I went down as if I had been up to fetch something. — Hannah and aunt were unsuspecting in their beds all this time.

Though a similar thing has occurred to me two or three times with other women — dark and light, this double intrigue now was just to my mind. — A nearly black cunted lady, and a light-brown cunted healthy plump servant, — both to hand, both fucked, and perhaps speaking to each other when each had my libations in them, yet in ignorance of each other’s doings. What a choice piece of luck. I could do nothing but think about it, did not go out of the house, but kept looking for opportunity, feeling my prick now and then, and wondering which hairy split it would next push between. My cock was ready for anything then. The repose of an hour or two intervening between each pleasure was just enough to leave me ready for a cunt without exhausting me. — I was in full rut, and longed almost for a third cunt to give my salacity full play. I thought about the cunts of every female in the house, including aunt and cousin Letitia who was away, and the kitchen maid. I can sit for hours and think about cunt only, when these lewed fits are on me.

Hannah at luncheon looked ill and was sure she was in the family way. In vain I laughed at her; she was sure of it, for once or twice when fucking she had felt a sensation such as she never felt before. — could I give her something? — I did not believe her fears and yet was anxious, but told her I could get her nothing unless I went to London. — No. That would be too late, her time for menstruation was coming on, yet she had no indications, she would take violent medicine, would do this, do that, and then burst into tears, which upset me. We had luncheon together. Aunt was getting better and wanted to see me. — She was going to ask me to leave, for my uncle had written to say that he would not be home for some days, and aunt did not like me being there alone.

After luncheon the servants dined, and the parlour maid was allowed to feed before she cleared the table, so off went Bates to feed, and Hannah and I went into the drawing room. Then I wanted to have her, but she wouldn’t. — “Oh, for the last time. If you’re enceinte what does it matter?” A feel, a kiss, and a sniff on the lovely motte and then the old game. The feel, the frig. — “Now how can I when the servant may knock at the door?” “Let me spend up it once more.” But she would not because all the rooms opened on to the lawn.

It was a mild day. We strolled out into the grounds, entered a summer house, and there laying her back on a rustic table and holding up her thighs with both hands, I fucked her. I have several times tailed women on a table in a summer house, and never enjoyed a woman more than I did Hannah, — and recollect that as my prick left her cunt, I looked down and saw sperm oozing from it. — My habit of looking I had sometime left off.

Buttoning up my trousers, she shaking down her petticoats, she with a reeking cunt, I with cock still oozing, — we went in to aunt, who plainly said she wished I would go — as they were both so ill. Would I come again when my uncle returned. — (I was 150 miles from London.) — I said I would go the next morning, tho my aunt was getting well, for she had only taken cold on her stomach. — I am sure she wished to get me away from Hannah. — I wonder what was on her mind about us. — I never shall know. I told Bates I was going, and meant to sleep with her.

I had given her a couple of sovereigns and promised her a new dress. — I had taken a strong letch for her. She made no objection beyond saying she was frightened of being caught. I found that she had slept with the cook, before the cook married the coachman, and now had the room to herself; that between it and other rooms was a large linen press and a store room, so that the servants could not hear, thru the partitions. Some-times they went to her room, and she to their’s for a chat, — tho it was forbidden. “Come to my room then.” “No, Mrs. is ill, her bell rings in my room, and I shan’t hear it.” — So I was to go to her room. We arranged this as if we had known each other for months, and her coolness surprised me. This was when she was taking away luncheon. With a kiss and a grope, my fingers yet with the aroma of Hannah’s quim on them, out I went — and coming home at night was so cunt mad that I felt the quims of two or three whores by the way side, and with difficulty prevented myself from fucking one of them.

She let me in — Mrs. Fitzgerald was ill she thought, for the housemaid had taken her boiling water. Soon after, undressed to nakedness, and covering myself only with my long dressing gown, I stole noiselessly to her room. The door was to be ajar with a light shining if all was safe — if not I was to retire. — There was the light, the door opened noiselessly — I had put her up to oiling the lock bolt, and hinges. — I stood by her bed, pulled the clothes down, her nightgown up, and saw the nice white nakedness. I would not put out the light. “I will my love, when we have fucked.” I pulled up her nightgown to her armpits for I could not make her pull it off, and then pressing my naked body to hers, we joined our privates in heat and moisture.

She was a most enjoyable creature and when re-covered from my pleasure, I raised my self up on one elbow (as I often do) keeping my prick still in her. — “You’ve had a good lot of poking.” “That I have made me say that word, God only knows, probably Hannah occurred to my mind. — “What’s impregnated?” said she, and I told her in simple language. — She paused a moment, then looking me full in the face, “Yes I am sure I am in the family way,” said she. “The devil!” “Oh don’t talk loud, and do put out the light, and I’ll tell you. — Hush.”

I got out, blew out the light, and getting on to her belly again, laid between her thighs, letting my prick pendant and rub the lubricated cunt lips. We drew the sheet right over our heads and whispered. “I’m married,” she said, “and am a month over my time with my poorliness.” — She had been engaged to a shopman, they arranged to get married, and on the excuse of her mother being ill, she got a three days’ holiday and was spliced, — had her cunt ruptured at her husband’s father’s house, and then came back. Her husband came on Sundays to see her, and they fucked at her mother’s house if she could get there, or else in the fields when it was dark. She was always allowed out on Sunday evenings. He was going to keep his place, and she hers, unless she got in the family way, and then they were going to live together.

This was her tale and likely to be true enough, for I have known of two or three such arrangements between servants. They wished it kept quiet, because my aunt would not have a married female in her service and had told Bates so. Aunt, like my other aunt, said they were not to be trusted where there were men. I sup-pose she found out that they had obliged my male cousins who were not married. Bates was another illustration of what a thirsty cunt will do — when it has once tasted sperm, and likes it.

All this was in whispers, both heads under the clothes, I on the top of her, my prick hanging outside her cunt. Her husband only once tried to feel her before they were married but he didn’t succeed, and she’d never had a man before her husband, she’d swear that if she were dying — never. — “My prick’s getting stiff, it will find its way up you without my hands,” and it rubbed about her privates a bit, touched her bum, then hit her clitoris, then lodging itself in the soft spermy division it entered her vagina and had its treat. We were frightened to sleep, almost to speak, but we fucked and fucked till day light was breaking; when I got safely to my bed, after a most delicious night.

At breakfast Bates blushed again — why? Aunt was better, Mrs. Fitzgerald very ill. I went to my room, Bates followed, and I had my last grind. I tipped her more gold, for I took a great interest in the girl. — My trunks were in the hall, when the post came in with a letter from my uncle, saying if I had not left, would I wait till his return, as it would save him a journey to London. — There was a lawsuit then pending in London, in which we were both interested, and he wanted to talk to me about it. — And asked me to stop if I did not mind. I believe she was glad that Hannah was ill, and could not see me. I said I had made arrangements, but never mind, I would wait uncle’s re-turn if it would save him trouble. How I chuckled, as Bates took back my trunk and I put my hands up her petticoats. “We’ll sleep together again tonight my love.” — She grinned. “No — it would be tempting providence.” — But we did bed together again, and jolly well fucked out both were by daybreak.

During the next four days I fucked her on the table in the dining room, in the arbour, in my bed room, and on Sunday night up against a tree in a lane on her way to church. — She did really go to church but with my spunk in her cunt, and only just before service was over. I saw her piss before she entered the holy place. Hannah still kept to her room, and Bates told me she had a flooding, but would not have the doctor, tho aunt wished it. — Aunt kept with her up stairs, so that I had a lucky time, and when my uncle returned with Letitia I was off rutting, had not only fucked myself out, but had worn out Bates as well. I knew now that Letitia talked baudy with Bates, that the kitchen maid had been with child, that aunt had told the coachman (a widower) and the cook, that unless they married she would discharge them both. Bates imagined that the old lady smelt a rat. In fact I knew every bit of scan-dal there was in the household or had been for years past; for Bates told me all the scandal, — in the sweet intimacy which fucking engenders between man and woman.

Bates moved away her head and wiped her lips the first time I put my tongue between them. “What nonsense — you don’t mind kissing,” said I, when my prick was up her. “Wet your lips, put them to mine, and see how much nicer the kisses are.” — I wetted mine, joined them to hers and inserted my tongue, – soon. She found it so nice that she nearly swallowed my tongue in her ecstasy.

The day before my uncle arrived, I tailed Bates in the arbour — but not on the table. — I turned her rump towards me and had her dog fashion. — It was the first time she’d ever had it done that way, she said, and it was the last time I had her; for there were afterwards too many people about. Hannah got better, and tho ill still I left her so, and came back to London.

“Why did you let me do you?” said I to Bates one night in a curious fit, “I can’t make you out, you say you like your husband.” — I could not get an answer to the question straight — sure she didn’t know. “Well you worried me — I didn’t know what I was a doing, — I didn’t mean to come into your room — when you pulled me in.” — Asked whether she hadn’t been thinking of my prick and been randy when she came in. — “Couldn’t help thinking about it, you’d been a showing it all day — don’t recollect wanting any thing.” “But you came afterwards — you lustful little devil.” “Well all the harm was done — you are handsome, and no mistake,” said she one day after I’d fucked her, “all the servants say so.” Bates was a funny sort of creature.

A year afterwards I was at aunt’s again and asked where Bates was. — Aunt said she’d been married a long time, and was so when I was there last year, but she had never found it out — until it could be hid no longer, said aunt modestly. She and her husband were doing well, and the present parlour maid was her sister. — I wondered if there was any family likeness in their cunts, but I never got the opportunity of seeing hers, and never tried. — I never heard of Bates afterwards. I think I have noticed a sort of family likeness in the cunts of the sisters I have had, tho it may be but fancy — but why should there not be, just as there is a family likeness in face and form.

Three months or more after I left****, Hannah went to India. Before going she came to London with aunt, and stopped with us for a day or two to buy many things. I kissed Hannah on the sly and began to talk of old times. She begged of me forget the past, but that was impossible. — We could not sit at table and look at each other without thinking of the fucking. — Then Hannah went to stop with my sister, and my aunt went back to the country. I called on my sister every day nearly, when Hannah was there, but there was no opportunity. I had asked Hannah to let me do it to her once more, and promised not injure her — I would put something over my prick, I would pull it out at the first throb of spunking. “No — NO —.” She never would. I scarcely got the opportunity even of saying this much privately, for my sister was nearly always present.

One day my sister said she was going next day to visit some one, and guessing the best time, I called there. Hannah was alone and having tea in the dining room. I was at her in a minute, kissing, begging, and feeling her ankles, spite of a really sturdy resistance on her part. — “Oh, Walter — for God’s sake don’t — suppose a servant comes in.” — Mad for her, I pulled my prick out stiff and beautiful. Her eyes fixed on it, whilst she entreated me to put it out of sight. “Only one feel then — let me kiss your thighs — let me smell them— nothing more.” What persuasion a stiff prick has with a woman! — Gradually she yielded, I kissed her thighs — she felt my prick, and I got her to sit on my knees, whilst having my last feel of her cunt. We were soon feeling each other — randier and randier we grew, and we whispered love. “By God, I won’t spend in you if you let me — for the last time — do.” — Would I keep my word? — By God I would, did she think I would send her away miserable? — Never.

There was no sofa, it was table, or floor, or upright. — “Stoop — there — so — then I shan’t rumple your clothes.” — I placed her, bending, over the table bum afterwards, threw up her clothes rapidly, saw her oval buttocks and pouting cunt lips which I kissed and sniffed for a second, and with one thrust buried my prick up her. She felt its searchings at once. Three months was it since that wholesome piece of male flesh had plugged her. — “Don’t now do it to me, dear,” she mumbled as her bum began agitating. “No dear — are you coming?” “Yes — a — yes — dear — a — ah — love a — ha —.” She was spending, her tightening cunt fetched me, out came my prick, and I spent a shower of hot spunk through my fingers, over her cunt lips, and buttocks. I think I see it laying in thick drops on flesh and hair.

I never spent more I think. — We were quiet. — “Oh it will make my clothes in a mess.” “Be still love.” — With my handkerchief I carefully wiped off the sperm. Then we kissed and fondled, and felt each other’s genitals for a minute, but fucked no more. I soon left. A week or so after she went to India, and I never saw her again for many years.