Jenny’s bed-room. • The money hid. • On the bed. • Fears of maternity. • Inspection of sex. The use of a husband. • Another Sunday. • Regrets and refusal. • Resistance overcome. • Jenny’s ignorance. • Her Master returns. • Difficulty in getting at Jenny. • Her sister waylaid: Against a fence. • Jenny’s marriage, and rise in life.

“Why don’t you take the money?” said I. “You really mean it?” “Of course.” She took is up. “It’s a real God-send, — it comes just in time, — who’d have thought it?” said she as if to herself. “I must put it where it can’t be found, and take it home to-morrow.” She went to the door. “Aren’t you going?” “No I’m going to do it again soon.” “But you’re not.” “But I am.” Without reply she went upstairs. I had meant to have ready a stiff-stander, when she came back, but changed my mind, and followed her. She was nearly at the top when hearing me she waited, and said, “What do you want?”

“I’m coming to see what you do.” “You won’t.” “I will.” “I’ll come down and wait till you are gone.” “I’ll stop till your sister comes home.” “Do go down sir”, said she in a coaxing tone. “No.” She sat down on the top- stairs, I did the same a few stairs below her. Her knees were wide apart, my mind went to the afternoon when I had seen her naked. That glorious two hours. I stared in a voluptuous reverie, her cunt was as visible to me through her clothes, as if she were naked, and my cock began to swell. I stared on with-out uttering a word.

“What are you staring at?” said she at last, “go down, and I’ll be down in a minute.” “I’m looking at your cunt, it’s open slightly, I can see my spunk in it.” “Oh!” said she jumping up, “I never heard such a man in my life.” (She had the gold still in her hand.) “You have upset me so, I don’t know what I am about.” She then turned her bum round towards me, and I put my hand quickly up her clothes, as she went up the stairs. “Oh! you frighten me so I don’t know what I’m doing.” I followed her into the room, and she locked up the money in a bag that was in a drawer. Turning round she saw my prick out, and as stiff as ever. It was the recollection of what had taken place in that room on the Saturday week previous, which had rendered me capable again. I closed on her, kissing and inciting her, pulled her to the bed, and began feeling her. “I don’t like that done, you know you can’t, — leave me alone, — go down, — oh ! don’t.”

I coaxed her for a second. She got on to the bed, and opened her thighs wide like a well-trained fuckster to help me, I inserted my penis, and she met me with passion. I was not so rapid, the want of a spend was not now overpowering my senses; whilst she had had two hours baudy talk, been fucked, but cheated of her pleasure, and been left at the critical moment, unsatisfied, with my spunk in her. She was dying for a spend, wanting it like a woman who has been for a week unsatisfied. Her cunt was hungry for prick, throbbing and tightening to pour out it’s amatory juices, her backside’s movements became quick and fierce. “Oh! it’s big”, she gasped whilst I was still sensible, “oh !- I’m–com—coming”, — and gluing her mouth to mine she spent copiously ere I’d well nigh began to feel the full urging of lust.

The constriction of her cunt, the delight of feeling her pleasure increased my stiffness. “Let me wash, — do.” “You won’t come on the bed again.” “Yes I will, but let me wash.” I clutched her like a vice. “NO I’m coming, — you’ll spend again.” My prick stiffer and stiffer drove with fury up against her womb. “Oh ! don’t push so hard.” “Fuck my darling, — there, — the tip’s only in, — it’s in your spunk, and mine together.” “Oh ! you hurt.” On I drove. Her backside’s play began, her lips were glued to mine, our tongues played against each other, and we spent together with ejaculations. “Oh I—don’t, you hurt, — oh ! oh !—I’m coming.” Then we lay palpitating, my prick throbbing and soaking, her cunt squeezing and sucking.

“Let me get up, — let me wash, — pray do.” I laid on her heavy, nestled my balls up to her arse, held her as long as I could; but uncunting me she got off the bed, and washed her cunt. I still lay playing with my prick. “You’ll have a child this day nine months my dear.” “Oh ! my God don’t say so, — but I believe I shall.” “You are all right, I don’t get them you know.” “Have you never had any children !” “None at home.” “Oh ! that’s nothing, — have you any out, for you are a gay man?”

I got up to piss, and saw my thick sperm in the basin. “You’ve washed it all out my dear, — you are safe.” She shook her head. “This is a strange business”, she remarked, ‘I scarce know where I am, — what I’m about, — it’s impossible”, — and she stood staring at me playing with my cock. Then she went to the drawer and looked at the money, as if she doubted its being there. “It’s a fact”, she said locking it up again, “are you not going down ?” “No.” “I wish you would, — I want to be by myself.” “You want to piddle.” “You are a strange man”, and taking the pot she pissed. “You’d better empty all”, said I, “if your sister Jenny comes back and sees it, she will think your husband’s been doing it to you.” “She won’t think or know anything if she does see”, said Mrs “Well I declare I’m a talking to you just like my husband, — I don’t seem to know whether I am on my head or my heels.”

“Church must be over, — Jenny has not come back.” “She won’t be back till nine o’clock, she is out with her young man.” “Oh ! not at church?” “No I told you so because Mrs. W…. told her not to go out on Sunday;— but you won’t tell ?” “Of course not my dear, I dare say Jenny and her young man have done what we have been doing.” “Lord sir, he is a most respectable young man, and far above her, — they are going to be married, — she is lucky, luckier than I am, —she’d knock his head off if he laid hand upon her improperly, — that she would, she! Lor bless you”, — and Mrs laughted with incredulity. I laughed also. “All! she looks a quiet young woman.” “So she is, and so is he, — his family is well off”, — and then she told me all that Jenny had told me.

“I wish you would let me make the bed.” “I’m going to have you again.” “Oh! likely.” “I am.” “No you’re not, — please go.” “No.” “Then I shall go downstairs,” “Go my dear.” She took me at my word, her manner had quite changed, she had been laughing and chaffing, she had blushed, looked at me with fun and lust in her eyes, and at last with full open eyes one moment, followed by the half-closed eye and languishing manner of a randy woman. Now she was quiet, almost sullen, and if she looked at me her eyes fell directly, the randiness had been taken out of her. “I must rouse it up well if I am to have her again”, said I, to myself as I lay thinking about her, and the delicious sight I had seen in that room, the sight I never dare disclose to her, — but how I longed to tell her.

Up she came looking glum. “Are you not going?” “No.” “Let me make the bed then.” “Not until I have had you again.” “Then it will go unmade.” “That won’t matter to me.” But it will to me, — what will my sister say if she sees the bed’s been laid upon like that?” “Perhaps she will think a man has been with you.” “Well you take it mighty cool, — I do hope you’re going.” “Not till I’ve had you.” “Now you are a talking nonsense, — you know you can’t do it”, said she with an incredulous look and the tone of a woman who knew what a prick could do and what not. “Look at this”, I uncovered my prick which was nearly at a full-stand. She smiled when she saw it. “Nonsense I am ashamed.” “My dear I’m proud, and not ashamed, —come.” “I shan’t.” Then here I’ll lay”,-and I fell back, and pulled balls and cod well out of my trousers.

I had always a lust stirring tongue, fifty women have told me so. “You’d talk any women randy”, said a gay woman once to me. Brighton Bessie said, that in five minutes I could talk her into a lewd state. Others have given me similar compliments. I was not specially conscious of that power that I recollect, but instinctively used it when I had got over fits of modesty, which sometimes prevented my uttering even veiled allusions for a time.

Mrs like Jenny was easily flattered. What lovely limbs she had I said; had she much hair on her cunt? my excitement had prevented me feeling or seeing it. “Come and let me feel, — let me look.” She coloured and blushed, and at every lascivious remark, “Oh! I never, — no I never did, — oh !” Then she again went to the drawer where the money was, looked in it as if to make sure it was there, and locked the drawer now. “Mine’s bigger than your husband’s, isn’t it?” “Well if I ever heard such remarks.” “You said it was big when it was up you.” “Oh! you story.” “You did my dear, you said when you were just coming, ‘Oh! it’s big.’ ” “I didn’t.” “Yes you did, you know you did, — look how stiff it is now, — come.” “I won’t.”

I moved off the bed, caught her, and pushed her against the side of the bed. “Let’s see your cunt.” “You shan’t.” “How foolish,-I’ve fucked it twice,–let me feel it, and you feel my cock,–let me look at it, — I’m sure it’s lovely.” She got on to the bed after a little resistance, took my pego in her fist, and I got my fingers in her crack. “A delicious fuck you are”, — then she let me pull up her clothes and look. “My God what a lovely cunt, — how deliciously you join your wet lips to mine, — how you move,–I shall never forget it to the last moment of my life, — oh! let me.” “I mustn’t, — I would, but I’m frightened.” “How foolish, — it’s not an hour since my prick was in you, — what is the harm of doing it another time?”

“Will you go then?” “Yes.” Gently Mrs opened her thighs. Our backsides were soon at the short wriggles. “It’s big, isn’t it?” “Oh! don’t”, said she, “I shall spend.” My remark, tallying perhaps with something which was passing in her own mind fetched her, and me with her instantly.

When it was over I would not go. “No I’ll do it again.” “That’s nonsense”, said she, “you know you can’t, even if you try, and you’re only making me anxious.” We laid side by side talking, for she liked the subject. I had a most buttock-stirring letch on me, and to her astonishment in about an hour I produced another stiff one. One persuasion is very much like another with the same woman; each time I had less difficulty, for she liked the poking. Dusk was coming on, she got lights, she fetched some liquor, and after the liquor I got her to lay on the sofa (for we then had gone downstairs), and on pretence of kissing her quim I got her to open her thighs wide, and saw in the twilight what I had seen before, large and ugly inner-lips. For all that I fucked her again, after frigging myself up gently to stiffness, and fucked as if it was the last bout with a woman I .was ever going to have. Then I left at her earnest entreaties before her sister returned. I had been there six hours.

I called on Jenny next day. She was in a way. Her sister directly she had returned home said she must go and see her husband; and spite of Jenny’s entreaties not to leave her alone, had gone and never returned all night. Jenny could not make out the reason, but thought that she went away expecting to find her husband with a woman. She returned to sleep as usual on the Monday night with Jenny, I found subsequently.

That day I went off without poking Jenny, and slunk away ashamed. I was done up with poking her sister. Jenny seemed astonished, but said nothing. Afterwards I got out of Jenny cautiously all I wanted to know about her sister. The result was, that finding on the next Sunday fortnight, Jenny was again going out with her young man, and the sister again would be left in the house, I went there. The woman’s astonishment was great, and I believe she was genuinely distressed at seeing me. I attacked her for a time fruitlessly, she would not move from the street-door. “Did you not swear when I let you do it the last time, you would never come near me again, and never tell any one?” said she.

I could not deny it, had great difficulty with her, and thought I never should succeed. For full an hour with her back against the wall of the passage did she stand, refusing to move. I pulled up her clothes, felt her cunt, knelt on the mat, got my head up her petticoats, my nose on her motte, my mouth on her thighs and cunt, my hand round her marbly buttocks, and held her kissing, sniffing, and groping my fingers between her bum-cheeks, and the red orifice which I wanted to plug. In her struggles to prevent me she once nearly fell, but she got away.

But what woman who has been fucked by a man could withstand an hour’s persistent feeling, cunt-kissing, baudy talk, and beseeching. I conquered, and fucked her on the sofa. She did not rush out to wash her cunt as she had done at our first meeting, there was no water near. I had her again and again. At each assault when the pleasure overtook her, she had the same mouth-sucking and arse-wagging. When our love-making was over, I gave her two pounds. I had offered it her before in the passage, but she had knocked it out of my hand. When she took it she said. “Ah! it’s an awful thing to be poor !” I shall tell of another woman who made the same excuse to herself for getting her lust satisfied, or yielding.

That satisfied me, and I never had her again in the house. A letch for her came again about two months afterwards,-why? God only knows, for then at times I was having her sister, another woman, Louisa Fisher, and lastly Sarah Mavis. The old couple had returned, Jenny had a fellow- servant; I could only get a poke up her with difficulty on the Sundays, which her young man did not see her. I took her to a baudy house for an hour or so, then she went to church, and heard the text, because her Mistress always asked her what the text was when she went home. It was a supposition that she went to church on a Sunday.

I knew where Jenny’s sister lived, and the place where she worked. It was now dark about six o’clock. I waylaid her on her way home on the high- road which was well lighted and full of people. I walked with her, but she prayed me not to do so, for her husband came partly the same road, and sometimes met her. What would happen if he met her with a swell walking by her side. I could not persuade her to go to a house. No, — she was not a loose woman, though she knew what she had done, — I had done her more harm than I had any idea of, already, — why injure her?”

The more she objected, the more I longed for her. At last under solemn promise that I would go away after, we turned up a short street leading into a lane by garden grounds, and there up a fence I fucked her. Away she went, and I never saw her afterwards to speak to, though I have passed her without taking notice. I think that in that parting fuck I had all the pleasure, she none.

Jenny’s Mistress had been taken ill at the seaside, and kept there a month longer than was intended. Owing to this my complete enjoyment of Jenny’s charms was prolonged, and to that I owed the second Sunday’s fucking of Jenny’s sister. Old Mr. W… . came up to London twice, and once nearly caught me in the house. I had written to say I had called at their home, and had never found their servant out. The lady wrote to thank me, and in writing to my mother, said how much obliged they were for my calling; but my wife said she thought the servant (Jenny) was a sly sort of minx, and wondered how they could be so foolish as to leave her in the house by herself.

When they came to town I was for a time very intimate with them, which pleased them much. Jenny used to let me out at the garden-gate, and leave the gate unlocked. Instead of going away, I used to hide in the shrubs, Jenny would come back, close the street-door ajar, and a few minutes afterwards come out again very quietly. Then up against an ivy covered wall we poked, and she went indoors with wetted privates. Sometimes after waiting I had to go away unsatisfied, she not appearing, sometimes rain pre-vented us, — all of which was very annoying.

Fucking her in fact became a matter of anxiety. She had to dodge her fellow-servant as well as her Master and Mistress, and we copulated in fear and trembling. In the midst of the work she has left me because of some scare; once she went off saying, “Oh ! there is Missus’ bell ringing, — oh!—and uncunting me, off she ran. One night we went on to the flower-beds between two large trees, and the next day the old gentleman remarked that some man had got over the wall into his garden, and he should tell the police. If there was moonlight we were done. One night latish she was sent to fetch some butter. I waited, and we fucked up against some palings. Unfortunately the butter was let fall out of the basket on to the gravel. We went back for more, but the shop was then shut, so she had to take home the dirty butter, and make the best story she could about it. On Sundays when at the baudy house, the girl was awfully frightened lest she should be seen, and we used to walk there on opposite sides of the way, I going in first. Then we went away with similar precautions, — but I began to get very tired of this, having indeed had enough of her.

Jenny had lost all fear of being in the family way, and poked freely, but she never ceased bewailing her poor young man; though at length my tool had become to her a thing to be longed for. The young man had money left him, quitted his place, and Jenny left to be married. I heard of them fur many years after-wards, they opened a shop, then a larger one, and so on, till at length he became (I found this quite recently) the mayor of the town, — if not it was some one of the same name, and in the same line of business. He was much respected, and Jenny his wife was equally so. They had no children up to the time when the old lady her former Mistress, died; and for aught I know they may still be living in the town of

One night some time before she left her situation, we spoke of her sister. “She is in the family way again”, said she, “and in such a way about it, and so is he, — the night she left me to sleep by myself, she went home to her husband, because she suspected there was another woman there;— well that night she declared he did not let his stuff go outside, — he says he did, — they quarrel, he says it’s her fault, and she says it’s his.”

Then it seemed evident to me that after the heavy fucking I gave her that day, that she feared being in the family way; so went home, and incited her man to fuck her, and enable her to say that the child was his, and of course it might have been, though it might have been mine.