A friend’s maid-servant. • Jenny. • Initial familiarity. • A bum pinched. • Jenny communicative. • Her young man. • An attempt, a failure, a faint, a look, and a sniff. • Restoratives.

I knew an elderly couple who were childless, and lived in a nice little house in the suburbs with, a long garden in front, and one at the back as well; they were in comfortable but moderate circumstances, and kept two servants only. Every year they went to the seaside, taking one servant with them, and leaving the other at home to look after the house; and usually some one to take charge of it with her. This year they asked if I would when I passed the house (as I frequently did) call in, and see if all was going properly, for the housemaid left in charge was young, and her sister, a married woman, usually only stopped the night with her, leaving early each morning for work in which she was daily engaged. She was an upholsteress.

I knew the servant whose name was Jane. She had been with the family some months. I often dined at the house; and once or twice when she had opened the garden-gate (always locked at nightfall), to let me out, I had kissed her, and tipped her shillings. She was a shortish, fat-bummed wench. Not long before this time I gave her bum such a hard pinch one night, that she cried out. A day or two afterwards I said, “Was it not black and blue ?” “I don’t know.” “Let me see.” “It’s like your impertinence”, she replied.

After that I used to ask her when I got the chance, to let me see if the finger-marks were there, at which she would blush a little, and turn away her head, but nothing further had come of the liberty.

When I called at the house I had no intention about the girl, as far as I can recollect. She opened the door, and heard my errand and questions. Yes all was right. Did her sister come and sleep there? Yes. Was she there now? No, she would not be there till nearly dark. I stepped inside, for then I thought of larking with her. “I am tired, and will rest a little”, and stepped into the parlour, sat down on a sofa, began questioning her about a lot of trifles, and in doing so thought of the pinch I had given her bum, and my cock began to tingle. Then I thought she was alone in the house. “Oh ! if she would let me fuck her!—has she been broached? — she is nice and plump.” Curiosity increased my lust, and unpremeditatingly I began the approaches for the attack, though I only meant a little amatory chaffing.

“Is it black and blue yet Jenny?” She did not for the instant seem to recollect, for she asked me innocently enough, “What sir?” “Your bum where I pinched it.” She laughed, checked herself, coloured up, and said, “Oh ! don’t begin that nonsense sir.” I went on chaffing. “How I should like to have pinched it under your clothes, — but no I would sooner kiss it than pinch it.” “Oh ! if you’re a going on like that I’ll go to the kitchen.” I stood before the door, and stopped her going out. “Now give me a kiss.” I caught and kissed her, then gave a lot, and got a return from her. “I won’t—Lor there then, — what a one you are”, —and so on. “Well Jenny one kiss, and you may after-wards kiss whenever you want you know.” And so she seemed to think, for I got her to sit down on the sofa, and we gossiped and kissed at intervals, till my cock got unruly. “What a fat burn you have”, said I. Then she attempted to rise, I pulled her back, we went on gossiping, and kissing at intervals. She got quite interested in my talk as I sat with one arm round her waist, and another on her thigh, outside her clothes of course.

So for a while; but I was approaching another stage, was getting randy, and reckless. “Lord how I’d like to be in bed with you, to feel that fat bum of yours, to feel your c—u—n—t”, spelling it, “to f—u—c—k it I’d give a five-pound note”, said I all in a burst, and stooping, got my hand up her clothes on to her thigh. She gave a howl. “Oh! I say now, — what a shame !—oh ! you beast.” I shoved her back on the sofa upsetting her, got my lips on her thighs, and kissed them. Then she escaped me, and breathing hard, stood up looking at me after her struggle. “Oh! I wouldn’t have believed it”, said she panting with the exertion. What a lot of women I have heard say, they would not have believed it, when I first made a snatch at their privates. I suppose they say what they mean.

Begging her pardon, “I could not help it”, I said, “you are so pretty and nice, — I’d give ten pounds to be in bed with you an hour.” “Well I’m sure.” “Think what it is not to have a woman you like.” “Well I’m sure sir, you are a married man, — you’ve got a partner, and ought to know better, — Missus would not have asked you to call if she’d a know’d you, — she thinks there’s no gent like you, — what would she say if I tell her?” “But you won’t my dear.” “She thinks you a perfect gentleman, and most unlucky”, the girl went on to say, “and she is sorry for you too.”

“Oh I she does not know all, but you’ve heard, have you Jenny?” I tried to make her sit on the sofa again, and promising that I would not forget myself any more she did so. We kissed and made it up, and talking I soon relapsed into baudiness.

The quarrelsome life I led with the oldish woman at home was I knew well understood by the old couple. “I lead a miserable life”, said I. “Oh ! yes I know all about it”, said the girl “Master and Missus often talk about you, — but you’re very gay, ain’t you?” Then I told this girl a lot. “Think my dear what it is not even to sleep with a woman for two months, — for two months we have never slept together, — I’ve never seen her undressed, — never touched her flesh, — you know what people marry for,–I want a woman, you know what I mean don’t you, — every night what am I to do? — I love laying belly to belly naked with a nice woman, and taking my pleasure with her, — so of course I can’t keep from having other women at times, — you don’t know what an awful thing it is to have a stiff prick, and not a nice woman to relieve it.” She gave me a push, got up, and made for the door at the word prick. Again I stopped her. She had sat staring at me with her mouth wide open, without saying a word, all the time I had been telling the baudy narrative of domestic trouble, as if she were quite stupefied by my plain language until she suddenly jumped up, and made for the door without saving a word.

I was as quick as she, caught her, put my back against the door, and would not let her go, but could not get her to look me in the face, I had so upset her. There we stood, I begging her to sit down, and promising not to talk so again, she saying, “Now let me go, — let me out.” “No, — sit down.” “No.” But in about a quarter of an hour she did, and then again I told her of my trouble, avoided all straightforward allusion to my wanting other women, but hinted it enough. She got interested, and asked me no end of questions. “Lord why don’t you separate, if I quarrel with my husband so, I’m sure I will, — I tell my young man so.” “Oh ! you have a sweetheart.” Yes she had, —a grocer’s shopman, — he lived at Brighton, came up third class to see her every fortnight, starting early, and going back late. She was flattered by my enquiries, told me all about him and herself, their intention to get married in a year; and I sat and listened with one hand outside her clothes on her thigh, and thinking how I could best manage to get into her.

“He goes with women”, said I to make her jealous. “He don’t I’m sure, — if he did, and I found it out, I’d tear his eyes out, and break off with him, though he says Brighton is a dreadful place for them hussies.” She got quite excited at the idea. “When he comes up, you and he enjoy yourselves, — his hands have been where mine have to-night.” “No he hasn’t, — if he dared I’d—now I don’t like this talk, — you said you wouldn’t, — leave me alone, — you keep breaking your word.” Another little scuffle, a kiss, and a promise. “Why should you not enjoy yourselves? — who would know anything about it but yourselves, — it’s so delicious to feel yourselves naked in each other’s arms, your bellies close together.” “Get away now”, — and she tried to get up. I got my hand up her clothes, pulled her on to the sofa, and holding her down with one hand, pressed myself sideways on her, and kissed her, pulling out my prick with the other.

Then she cried out so loudly that I was alarmed, for the window at the back was open. “Hush, — be quiet, — there, — I’ve touched your cunt.” I pulled one of her hands on to my prick. “Oh! for shame Jenny you touched my prick.” Again she got up, and made for the door; so did I, and stood there with my back to it, and my poker out in front of me. “Come and open the door my dear, and you will run against this.” She turned her head away, and would not look. “Why don’t you come on? — if you run up against it, it won’t hurt you, — it’s soft though it’s stiff.” “I’ll write to my Mistress to-night”, said she, and turned away. “Do my pet, — tell her how stiff it was, and the old lady will want to see it when she comes back.” “It’s disgraceful.” “No my dear, it’s to be proud of, — why you’re looking at it I can see.”

Then she turned quite away. “That’s right dear, — now I can see where I pinched your bum, — it was not far from your little quim, — oh ! if that could talk, it would ask to be introduced to this, it’s hot, isn’t it Jenny?” I said, this and a lot more. She had walked to the back-window, and stood looking into the gar-den whilst I rattled on. “You’re laughing Jenny.” “It’s a story”, said she, “I’m insulted”,-and turned round with a stern face. I shook my tooleywagger. “How ill-tempered you look, — come and feel this, and you’ll be sweet-tempered at once.” She turned round to the window again.

“I will write my Missus, — that I will.” “Do dear.” “My sister will be here directly.” “You said she comes at dusk, — it won’t be dark for three hours.” “I wish you would go, — what will people say if they know you’re here?” “Don’t be uneasy, — they will know no more than they know of your doings with your young man.” “There is nothing to know about, but what is quite proper.”

So we stood. She looking out of the window, and turning round from time to time. I standing by the door with my prick out; then I approached her quietly. “Feel it Jenny, — take pity on it.” “Oh ! for God’s sake sir, what are you doing?” She turned and pushed me back, then retreated herself, keeping her face to the window as she stepped backwards. “Oh! there is Miss and Mrs. Brown walking in the next garden.” Sure enough there were two ladies there; they could have seen everything close to the window over the low wall which separated the gardens ; and had they been looking, must have seen Jenny, me, and my prick. “Oh! if they have seen, they will tell my Missus, and she’ll tell my young man, and I shall be ruined, — oh! —oh !—oh !” said she sinking back into an arm-chair with a flood of tears, — half funk and shock, and perhaps randiness, causing it.

I was alarmed. “Oh!” she sobbed, if they saw you, —hoh !—ho !—and it was no fault of mine, — you’re a bad man, — oho ! oho !” She sat with her hands to her face, her elbows on her knees. I dropped on my knees imploring her to be quiet, was sure no one had seen me, and tried to kiss her. The position was inviting, I slid my hands up her clothes between her thighs, she took no notice, was evidently in distress, not even conscious of the invasion. A bold push, and my fingers touched her cunt. I forgot all in the intensity of my enjoyment, at feeling my fingers on the edge of the soft, warm nick. No repulse’ I looked up, she sank back in the chair, seemingly unconscious and deadly white.

I withdrew my hand, then came a mental struggle; my first impulse was to get cold water, the next to look at her cunt. I went towards the door, turned round to look at her. Her calves were visible, I ran back, and lifted her clothes, so that I could just see her cunt-hair, gave her thighs a kiss, and then rushed downstairs, got water, and as I entered the room she was recovering. She knew nothing or next to nothing of what had occurred, nor that my fingers had touched her clitoris, though she had not actually fainted.

“I wish I had some brandy”, she said, “I feel so weak.” “Is there any in the side-board?” “No.” “I’ll go and get a little.” A few hundred feet from the house down a side-door, was a public-house. As I was going, “You will let me in again?” I said. “If you promise not to touch me.” She looked so pale that I fetched brandy, but put the street-door key in my pocket as I went. “If she don’t let me in”, I thought, “she shan’t have the key, — and what will she tell her sister about that?” It was a key almost as big as a shovel; she never noticed that I had taken it away. She thought by her dodge that she had got rid of me, and told me so afterwards.

I brought back the brandy and knocked. “Let me in.” “I won’t.” “Then you shan’t have the street-door key.” This was spoken to each other through the closed door. A pause, then the door opened. “You are coming Jenny.” We went downstairs into the kitchen, she had brandy and water, and so had I. It was a hot day, the pump-water was deliciously cool, I made hers as strong as she would take it, — it was an instinct of mine. She got her colour back, and became talkative, we talked about her fainting, but she tried to avoid talking about it, and did not want me to refer to what had led to it. I did, and was delighted to think that it was owing to what is called “exposing my person.”

“I don’t think the ladies saw it, so you need not have been so frightened Jenny, — but you saw it, did you not?” No reply. “I saw you looking at it.” “It’s a story.” “Why did you faint?” “I always feel faint if I am startled.” “What startled you?” “Nothing.” “You saw it, and you put your hand over it to hide it, and you touched it.” “It’s a story, — I wish you’d go.” “You ungrateful little devil, when I’ve just fetched you brandy.” “It’s through you that I felt ill.” “Why?” No reply. “Don’t be foolish, — it was for fear that the ladies should have seen my prick so near you, — now look at it”, — and I pulled it out, it was not stiff. “It was twice the size when you saw it, — feel it, and it will soon be bigger.”

The girl rose saying she would go and remain in the forecourt till her sister came, if I did not leave, but I prevented her going out of the kitchen. She began to cry again, and had a little more brandy and water. My talk took its old channel.

“Do you know how long you were fainting?” “I didn’t faint, but only a minute or so.” “Do you know what I did?” She was sitting down, then got upright, looked at me full in the face, her eyes almost starting out of her head. “What did you do !—what? — what? —what?” She spoke hurriedly, anxiously, in an agitated manner. “I threw up your clothes, kissed your cunt, and felt it.”

“It’s a lie, — it’s a lie.” “It’s true, — and the hair is short, and darker than the hair of your head, — and your thighs are so white, — and your garters are made of blue cloth, — and I felt it, the dear little split, — how I wish my belly had been up against it—what a lovely smell it has!” (putting my fingers to my nose).

“Oho I—oho !-oho !” said she bursting into tears, “what a shame to take liberties with a poor girl when she can’t help herself, — oho !—oho !—you must be a bad man, — Missus had no business to send you to look after me, as if she could not trust me, — she don’t know what sort of man you are, — and a gentleman too, — oho !—and married too, — it’s a shame, — oho ! —oho ! I don’t believe you though, — oho—o–o.” And when I told her again the colour and the make of her garters, she nearly howled. “You mean man to do such a thing when I was ill.”

I kissed her, she let me, but went on blubbering. “I’ve a good mind to tell my young man.” “That will be foolish, because you and I mean to have more pleasure than we have had, — and he’ll never be any the wiser but if you tell him, he’ll think it’s your fault.”

This had occupied some hours, it was getting dark, but it seemed only as if I had been there some minutes, so deliciously exciting are lascivious acts and words. The charm of talking baudily to a woman for the first time, is such, that hours fly away just like minutes.

I got her on to my lap and kissed her. She was so feeble that I put my hands up her clothes nearly to her knees before she repulsed them. Then I feared her sister coming home; she promised to hide the brandy, and we parted. She kissed me, and let me feel to her knees to induce me to go. “Oh ! for God’s sake sir, do go before my sister comes.” My last words were. “Mind you’ve felt my cock, and I’ve felt your cunt.” “Pray go” — and I departed, leaving her tearful, excited, and in a state of exhaustion which seemed to me unaccountable.

Probably had I persisted a little longer I should have had her, such was the lassitude into which she had fallen; but I felt that I had made progress, and went home rejoicing, and forming plans for the future. When I had had some food, and thought over the matter, I came to the conclusion that I had been a fool in leaving her, and that had l pushed matters more determinately at the last moment, I should have certainly fucked her before I had left. I was mad with myself when I reflected on that, and the opportunity lost, which might not occur again.

Jenny had not fainted quite, but though unable to speak, resist, or indeed move, she must have been partially conscious. I think this from what I know of her nature afterwards.