Fornication on a prospect tower. • At a Restaurant. • Two sisters, shop-women. • The drive to the tower. • A randy quartette. • On the tower stairs. • Legs felt and prick produced. • Fucking near the sky. • The second ascent. • The half-way landing. • Adultery at night. • A woman’s intentions. • At Paris. • A creole for variety. • Tobacco versus fucking. • A negress for a change. • Amusements with a comb. • A recusant prick. • A determined entry. • Black on white, and white on black. • Fucked at last. • A sudden summons. • Free! Hurrah!

This tour gave me one novel but short adventure, which I find narrated at length, and is worth pre-serving.

At the not very large town of * * * *, I called on a friend, who had resided there some years. He was married, and indeed went there for economy, and largely to bring up a family which was not a small one, among a good circle, and to learn continental languages. His means would not let him do that in England. — He was a very loose fish however, as I speedily found out, indeed knew him always to have been so, yet he was on the whole a good husband and father.

It was an exceedingly hilly, almost mountainous country. There were rides and walks to the summits of the hills, and on one of them they had erected a big tower of rough stone about ninety feet high, from the top of which was a superb view. — We were going to see this, and take an early meal in the open air at mid-day, at a restaurant, before driving there.

Whilst doing so, I noticed a tallish, dark-eyed, hand-some woman, looking about twenty-eight years old, with a shorter one looking about eighteen. They were plainly and modestly, tho well dressed, as small trades women, as I found they were. They were sisters, my friend told me, adding that he should like to have the younger, and had tried without success. The elder he said was, or had been, married he had heard, and he guessed liked the feel of a doodle, as well as most women. Looking round to see if there was any one there whom he knew, he suggested talking to them. I was nothing loathe of course, being quite a stranger there, and it ended in our going into a corner of the garden, and all feasting together, and then in driving the two women (who it turned out were going there) to the tower at ****.

The country and place must remain unnamed, for to name it would disclose too much. I spoke tho but in-differently the language. — There was something about the elder female which made my cock tingle, and I came to the opinion (how I form such opinions I know not) that she was hot-cunted. We had at the meal, (for which we paid) wine, after beer — (beer was their usual drink) and after the wine something a little stronger. Getting up to leave, the two went off to an angle dedicated to female necessities. We did the same. There was a mere wooden division separating the male place from the females. The rattle of each sex could be heard by the other. The customs of the country wisely made no secret of such matters as pissing. The women came out smiling with empty bladders, and we all got into the vehicle. I began our fun by telling the elder, that I had heard her through the enclosure, which for the moment seemed to shock her.

Then there was a little anxiety on their part. — They were of the town, and so were known, and didn’t know what might be said if with us seen. They could easily walk there. It was compromised by closing up the carriage, and setting them down at about five minutes walk from the tower.

At the base of that structure we all met. They got lively, seeing none but a few peasants there. No one knew any of us. We gave the women more to drink, for the benefit of the tower guardian, who sold liquors — and milk and cakes — and then we all went up the tower together, laughing and talking loudly, being all, and especially the women, much elevated by good food, and rather too much liquor. The elder sister I had by this time found had been married, had only quite recently come to * * * * * where her father and sister lived, had never visited the tower, and hence her visit to it now. It so happened, that we had by chance chosen a day and hour, when there were usually but very few visitors to the tower, which was fortunate for all of us.

In the carriage, I sat opposite to my fancy, pressed her knees with mine, and joked her about her thighs and legs making me hot. — “Let me take them away then.” — “No, I like them there.” — “You’re making me hot,” — said she. “But Fraulein, you’re making me hot everywhere.” — She looked with eyes filled with lust, and my prick stiffened as I sat. My friend was chaffing his girl, we took no notice of each other, but as the conversation got warmer, the women giggled, and spoke to each other in whispers. As we got out of the carriage, “Damned if I wouldn’t give ten pounds to fuck that girl,” said he in a low tone to me.

The stone stairs of the tower were only wide enough for one to go up, and one to pass. — They were steep, and wound round, so that you could only see four or six steps ahead of you, further on they were lost in the curve. The girl went first, my friend followed, and I let them go well ahead. My woman and I came last, she in front of me. When she had gone up a few steps, I peeped up her clothes, but could only see a pair of fat calves in dingy stockings. She turned her head and saw me, for I made no secret of my action. “What are you doing?” — “Looking at those thighs of yours.” — “Oh,” said she, “you can’t see them, I know,” and stopping. “You go first.” — “No, you go on.” — “I won’t.” — “You must.” — I had then got on to the same step and kissed her. She didn’t resist it a bit, but remarked that her sister would hear. Then she went a few steps further up, then stopped again. “Oh, I want you so” and I pushed my belly as well as I could against hers, and again kissed her on the stairs. “What will they think of our stopping so.” — “Look what a state you’ve made me in,” — and I pulled out my pego. She looked at it. — “Oho — o — oo” she laughed, “for shame, I’ll tell your friend, and we’ll leave you,” and turning, she ran as far as she could up some stairs, I following her quite closely and pinching her legs. She stopped, and then ran up to a landing, half way up the tower stairs, where the other couple we found resting. They didn’t seem to notice our having been long in coming up. My friend winked at me in a satisfied manner, as if he had taken some liberties. Just then a man and woman came down from the top of the tower, and said no one was up there when I asked him, so now, thought I, the coast is clear.

On went the other couple, and directly I lost sight of them, I kissed my woman and showed my prick again. — “Oh, take care of my sister,” — said she. That was encouraging. I tried to get my hand up her clothes, but didn’t succeed. — “No, you shan’t,” and turning, she ran up fast, I after her, and just as we neared the other couple, I managed to put my hand up her clothes on to her naked bum. She gave a loud cry. — “What’s the matter,” I heard shouted out. — “Oh, I’ve stumbled up stairs,” she replied. She then turned round and shook her head at me. — She’s game for a feel if nothing else thought I, and I pulled out my prick, she ran up faster then, after giving a good look at it and laughing, and in a minute we were at the top together.

It was a fine view, but I thought of nothing but fucking. It had been fine when we started, but had become cloudy, and threatening rain. — “No one will come up the tower to day” said my friend, and not a person had been, or was visible on the road, which we could see for a long distance. — After stopping a quarter of an hour, my friend said it was cold, and he and the girl went down, refusing to stay. I said I should stay longer, to enjoy the view. In a minute my woman said she should go down. “What, leave me alone? That’s unkind.” She didn’t need much persuasion. All sound of the other two was lost. Then I assaulted my lady. — “Let’s do it, love — look” — “Oh, for heaven’s sake, don’t, they will see you from below.” — There was certainly some, tho but little chance of that, so I got her up against the enclosure which covered the top of the stairs, and hid us from one side. She resisted and made a noise, but the tree tops alone heard it. I got my fingers on her cunt, and frigged and felt. — “Oh, if any one should see — now don’t — leave off — pray do, if any one on the hills should have a telescope.” — “Non-sense, love, but come in here,” and I turned her inside the enclosure. She was yielding. At the top of the stairs was a covered landing about three feet wide only, for the enclosure was intended only to keep snow and rain from drifting down the stairs. Her back was against it in an instant — her hand was on my prick, my fingers again on her cunt. A grope up her, a tight grab of hers on my prick as our mouths joined, and then and there we fucked gloriously, for she was a good height for me. It was a short business, and what a trickling ran down my balls, whilst I still stood with my prober up her. She was a juicy cunted one, and wanted a prick badly.

“What will my sister think of our being so long up here?” — were the first words uttered. Down we went, I buttoning up as we descended. I don’t think that my friend, or her sister, had noticed the time, or had the slightest suspicion of our little game, they were too much engrossed with themselves. I never enjoyed a fuck more, for all the circumstances gave a spice to it. It dwells in my remembrance now, that fuck a hundred feet above the top of the mountain, and on the top of a flight of stairs, and it stimulated me to fuck on a church tower, which I since have done.

I wanted her again, and sat scheming how to get her. There was a short thunder shower, we waited till it was over, and then out came the sun. My friend said we would go home. “No, wait, I’ll not go till I have seen the landscape with the sun on it, I may never be here again.” He wouldn’t go up the stairs again, nor would the lass, she had seen it often. I saw that he wanted to get rid of me. I certainly wanted to get away from him. My woman said she shouldn’t fatigue herself, but pressed a little, consented. On the half-way landing, I pulled out my prick which was again stiff, for I talked baudy all the way up and occasionally felt her cunt. “Oh, don’t sir, you’ve made me in such a mess.” — Wet indeed her thighs were, from her cunt half way down to her garters, but her cunt felt lovely as my prick fucked in it again. We were in no anxiety about being caught, but we nevertheless hurried up to the top to show ourselves, and as quickly went down again. She agreed before we got to the bottom to meet me that night at a place I named.

We got back to the town and separated, before entering it, putting the women down. He showed me the shop as we passed, where the young one helped her father, and then without hesitation, showed me a baudy house when I asked him. The girl had promised to meet him some day, and he meant to take her there, for have her, he felt sure he should some day. I met the other woman and took her to that very house that night, and fucked her twice. She was a fine, strong woman, with an arse like marble, and a dark haired cunt. She had had one child which was dead. Her husband was a bad fellow and had run away from her. She suspected he had gone to America with a young friend of hers, so she had come to live with her father and sister, who had not been long in the town. Her husband had disappeared six months, and by all that was good, she had been a chaste wife, nor ever had been fucked since then until that day. This she said after gushing out her history, and crying a bit.

I had intended leaving but now stopped. My friend was surprised at that, and at my disappearance of an evening, but said nothing further. For three nights I had her and what delight it was to poke her, for she was hot-cunted, and no mistake. How she admired my prick and played with it, as if she’d never felt one before, and how she spent. What would she do I asked if her husband didn’t return, nor let her know anything about him. That made her cry. She didn’t know, she said, but certainly she wouldn’t pass her life without love, if any man whom she liked would keep her, she would go and live with him. She had a strong clitoris, and longish nymphae. I am sure she was hot-cunted, she shewed it in her eyes, but she was not a whore. I saw her serve in the shop afterwards.

I bought her a pair of gold earrings at a shop she told me of. The day after I gave them to her I left the town, for my onward travel. My friend at parting told me he had felt the younger woman’s cunt on the tower landing, and was sure she would let him fuck her some day. [I never heard whether he did or not.]

On my way back I stopped at Paris. At a brothel I had a lovely creole, such a tall, handsome creature, but who annoyed me with her smoking. She was naked, all but stockings and slippers, when she came in. After washing her cunt, or as they call it there, making her toilet, she was smoking then. She laid down for my inspection of her cunt and backside, which took me a long time, I was so pleased with her, she smoking all the time, and contemplating me and her self, in the looking-glass which formed the top of the bed. I stripped myself naked, so that I might lay all over her, and enjoy the contact of her lovely flesh with mine, a thing I am fond of doing with women before I fuck them, and there she laid smoking, seemingly quite unconcerned, and I believe was thinking of something else than what was taking place between us. “Put out your cigarette, you don’t fuck with that in your mouth, do you?” “I’ve done so before now,” she replied placidly, but she put it down. Then at once she laid hold of my prick, to insert it in her cunt. It was stiff against her thigh touching her cunt, and I was enjoying its stiffness without immediate intention of putting it into her, so I took it away from her cunt, as she put to that orifice “You’re in a hurry, ma chere.” — “Not at all,” said she, stretching out her hand for the cigarette, which was still alight and within her reach. But I knocked it out of her hand. “Let’s think of fucking, ma chere.” “Volontiers.” Being deprived of her cigarette, she began the proper preliminaries, most voluptuously, and was soon rewarded with a gluey injection.

That over, I questioned her about her parentage, feeling desirous of knowing the breed, for the tone of her flesh was most delicate, and made me curious. Then seeing my curiosity about parentage, “Did you ever have a black woman?” she asked. I never had. She told me then that there was a fine Negress in the house. At once I sent for her, but she had just been engaged by a man, so I fucked my creole again and de-parted.

A day or two after, I had the black woman, who was, I should say, about twenty or twenty-two years old, and 11 woman. She came in dressed, or half dressed in :)w satin, and with a silk handkerchief of the bright- possible colours, wrapped round her head. She {e French well, and said she was born at Guadeloupe. Whether that is a place inhabited by a Negro or not, I don’t know. was impatient to examine her, and my hand sought cunt under her single garment without delay. I there hair, short and crisp, and close, which re-minded me of the vegetable called a loofah, with which orientals rub themselves at the baths, and one of which friend gave me recently to use, for the first time. He travelled much in the east and had brought home many things novel to me, loofahs among them. stripped her forthwith. She had on white silk stock-s, and bright coloured slippers, which made a funny contrast with her flesh, for she was very dark. She was exceedingly well made from her knees upwards, a handsome round backside, and lovely breasts, the calves of her legs were miserably thin, and she had very large ugly feet, and her hands were also large. Her face really did not strike me as ugly, and had splendid white teeth, shewing through very thick. Her face seemed in one perpetual grin, and her shewed incessantly, perhaps purposely.

But her cunt was the most important part to me, and the split very much like that of any other female¬, it had smaller inner lips, with a clitoris which stuck out like a very little prick, and seemed to have little connection with the inner lips, which however, commenced by a junction with it, and enlarged lower down. All this was almost a black red, the vagina looked pink. The outer lips were quite round, and of moderate fullness. The hair every where about her cunt, was quite black, and like horsehair with intense curliness, and laid flat on her motte. There was only a moderate quantity of hair about her cunt and belly al-together. The effect of the deep coloured split, with the pink interior, cutting as it were through the surrounding blackness, interested me but did not stir my lust at all, which surprised me, so I sat to look more closely at her cunt.

The hair interested me. Not only was it crisp, but each hair curled right round, and as it was short and not in large quantity, I could easily trace the curls. I have never seen cunt hair exactly like it before.

[In one or two Negresses since had, I have seen some resemblance, but they had longer and much more hair on their cunts, than this woman.]

I asked her for a comb, and when she had fetched one, I combed, with the finely toothed part, the hair on her mons. Immediately it had passed through the comb, it curled up and laid flat as before. The Negress laughed her funny laugh, loud and long — never had a man combed it before, she said. When she fetched the comb she thought I wanted it for my own hair.

Then I put her on the side of the bed, and stood holding her thighs. My prick was not stiff, but with some difficulty I made it so. — She wanted to suck it up, but I would not let her. At length it was up her, and I began the to and fro movement, looking at her handsome breasts as she lay now naked. — But not much fancying her, my prick began shrinking. To stimulate it I relinquished holding one of her legs, which she herself then kept well up in the air without my assistance, and with my free fingers distended her cunt lips at the top, and watched my prick moving in and out of her dark orifice. All was useless, a nervous feeling that I could not fuck her came over me and out my prick came as big only as a walnut. It is always so directly I have such a fear.

It was useless rubbing it against her curly wigged slit. Nothing stiffened it. Saying I was fatigued, I laid on the bed by the side of her. She, cleverer, and I imagine in thinking over the affair, not unaccustomed to such masculine failures, said I had over excited my-self, should be all right soon, and so on, and fondling my cock, and lending herself to all my fanciful investigations with my fingers and eyes. In about ten minutes (I suppose) I was stiff again — “Now,” said she gaily, and anticipating what I would do, put herself quickly in the same position as before, on the bed side.

Up went my prick again, stiffer now. Shove, shove, shove. A slight thrill of pleasure beginning at my prick tip, running to my bum hole, and from those two centres of lust, right thro my body, passed through me — “A — her — ha — ha — ha,” — sighed she, jerking her buttocks, as if about to die with sexual delight, and sob out her life under my thrusts.

But as she sighed, her eye balls turned up, the pupils were nearly hidden by the lids, and I saw that the balls looked quite yellow, instead of white. At once all lust left me, the nascent pleasure in my prick stopped short,

‘ quickly as the blood could leave the veins, my prick shrunk, and shrunk, till out of her cunt it came. I had not the power, or the wish, to move or thrust, or to try to keep it up her. Her yellow eye balls had annihilated desire in me, lust had fled — “I can’t kiss you,” I said, and sat down on a chair feeling my prick, and looking at her naked body with her legs dangling down.

Jumping up “Mais oui, you can, you must — lay down, I will make it stiff again,” yielding I laid on the bed, wishing to have a black woman much, and ashamed of my impotency, feeling for the minute that fucking a black was almost as unnatural as fucking a monkey, yet with a strong will to do it, tho without the sexual desire to do it — What was the cause of my prick slinking so I wondered.

Without a word, without a request from me, for I had never thought about it, she pulled off her white stockings, mounted the bed, and naked, laid herself on the top of me. Then as if thinking of it, got up and pulled off my socks (I had only my shirt and socks on) and replaced herself on the top of me — “Regardez — look up,” said she.

I did, saw in the top glass my white flesh legs between hers, my prick just showing beneath her black buttocks. “Put your legs outside mine,” obeying her as mistress in the craft of salacity, I did. Then I went back to the former position, then I mounted her. Then she laid by the side of me, pulled up my shirt to my neck almost, and placed her body and legs on mine in various ways. At each change of pose she said, “Look at the dark and white, together, oh, the white men are nice.” — “Do you like white men!” — “Yes, I love the white man,” she cried, and so we moved about. I got excited by the contrast of the colours, and my lust came on.

But my prick didn’t stiffen, spite of the sight, and her fondling it. Off the bed she got, with a wet towel wiped my prick top, carefully wiped her own cunt, threw the towel on the floor, and mounting, straddled across me, and bending down, took my prick in her mouth. Her buttocks and cunt being within a few inches of my face. The play of her tongue on the gland, the feel of her smooth black bum, the sight of the cunt (tho I did not admire it, still it was a cunt), stiffened me. Impatient to consummate, and fearing limpness again, I turned her on to her back, laid on her, and fucked. I did not look at her face for fear of seeing the yellow eye balls, and after a while, fucking far longer than usual, my pleasure came on and I spent on her.

She retired and came back with purified genitals. Curiously and dispassionately, I looked her over from head to foot, from bum hole to navel, bestowing most of my attention on her cunt, its intensely curly hair, and the funny little clitoris like a nut. The inspection gave me no desire to have her again, and after a conversation about black men’s cocks, which I had heard were very long and big, and which interested me immensely, I left.

Tho I thought over her much, and was interested in what she told me about Negresses and Negroes it left me with no desire to have her again, nor did I. Since then I have had desire for another black woman, but have not gratified it. [I since have.]

Then I sped towards the centre of the continent, till a special messenger overtook me and brought me news. — I had missed letters at the poste restante. — Death had done its work. Hurrah! I was free at last. I travelled home night and day, hurriedly arranged affairs, gave carte blanche to solicitors, and agents, and with lighter heart than I had had for years, went abroad again.