Louisa Fisher. • Chaffing. • Her form and fucking. • A supper in bed. • A lascivious night • Meetings a fterwards. • Hannah’s legs. • Intruders in the bed-room. • Louisa’s voluptuousness. • Enceinte. • Her husband. • Her gentleman friend. • About herself. • Illness. • Mrs. A…y.

I began to meet a Mrs. Fisher at the house very frequently; why she was more frequently there I did not know, and knew it was but of little use asking questions why.

I rather liked this lady. She came usually at one o’clock, and had dinner with Hannah. At three o’clock she went upstairs, was there about two hours, then came down and went away. At times she waited, had tea, and sometimes early supper; this was when she was expecting some one who did not come. I was told confidentially by Hannah it was a rich middle- aged clergyman. The ladies name was Mrs. Louisa Fisher, —her christian name I have written truly, the surname is not. I do this lest she be alive still, and should read somehow this result of my doings with her at J…s Street; she can’t mistake if she reads these pages who it was.

After what Hannah had told me I could not help taking a great deal of notice of this lady, and began to lust for her, and of course took to talking to her about Sarah. She was nothing loth, and asked me curious, and at last down right indecent questions about her, but not in smutty language. Hannah when there used to laugh at the questions and my replies; they made my cock stand, which perhaps was what Louisa intended, or it may only have been curiosity without any hidden intention.

I imagine that the erotic incident in the parlour had been told to a good many gay ladies; it certainly had to Louisa Fisher, for one night after that I had been to enquire if Hannah had heard again from Sarah, and Hannah had mentioned Louisa, the following occurred. I had dined early, it was about half-past six, Louisa Fisher was there. “Stand us a glass of wine”, said she. “Do”, said Hannah. “Do”, said another lady. “Have you had dinner Mrs. Fisher?” said I. “No, my friend’s not been, — I’m hungry, and Hannah is just going to cook me a chop.” I myself fetched a bottle of sherry, the chop came, Louisa ate it, and drank sherry; then I sent for brandy, we drank it mixed with water, and Hannah took some neat. I had began about Sarah as I always did. “Well she was a beautiful model”, said Hannah, but Mrs. X..A’s leg was better to my mind.” “Look how he’s blushing”, said Louisa. “Why should I blush?” They both laughed. “Oh! oh ! oh ! don’t I know what you did when you saw her legs.” I was then that odd mixture of baudiness and modesty, that I was just as likely to be bold as to be shame-faced, when a woman spoke to me about anything carnal; and now was confused and half- ashamed. “Lord how he’s blushing”, said Hannah, and she left the room to look after business, she usually put her head out when the street-door opened, if a servant was not in the way on the ground-floor.

Louisa laughed. “I know all bout it”, said she, “she was a fine woman.” After I had got over the stupid bashfulness which I had for the moment, I went (as usual with me) to the extreme of baudy boldness. “Yes”, said I laughing, “I wish it had been spilt in her cunt, instead of on the carpet.” “Oh ! for shame”, said Louisa, “well it was waste, was it not, — it might have made two people happy, — did you really spend without frigging it?” “Yes I did.”

I got close to Louisa on the sofa to speak with her about the event, to hear from her lips what had been told her. She said not a word, but my face was close to hers, we looked into each other’s eyes for a minute, lust was on both. I put my arm round her, pulled her towards me, and kissed her. She returned it, our lips were glued together. “You’ve got a fine leg Hannah says.” “Does she?” “Yes,-let me see it.” “No.” “Yes.” “You only care about Sarah.” I made no reply, but went on kissing lecherously, put one hand down, and going on kissing pulled her clothes up to her knees. She stopped me there. “Oh ! how round, how nice, how lovely your leg is.” “Now be quiet, Hannah will be in.” I ceased looking, but my hand slipped higher up, my fingers were inside the satiny wet lips, and my mouth was glued to hers, as Hannah came back.

We resumed a decent posture. Hannah laughed, “Lord why don’t you two go upstairs?” said she, “you want each other, — why don’t you go? — the first-floor front’s empty.” “Come”, said I to Louisa pulling her. She rose instantly. Hannah was a really good soul, she liked to make people happy, and to set them fucking; I have seen it in a dozen instances.

Without another word we went upstairs, I threw her on the bedside, pulled up her clothes, and opened a magnificent pair of thighs. “Let’s go to bed”, said she. “Very well.” We both undressed like lightning without a word passing, and stood, she in chemise, I in shirt in a trice. “Let’s get in naked.” Without reply she drew off her chemise as I pulled off my shirt, and the next minute naked in each other’s arms we were fucking in a warm bed, not a word of conversation passing till we had spent, those moments are so soul-absorbing in their lasciviousness.

“Oh! how quick we’ve been, — lay still.” With mutual consent we kept together in fleshy conjunction, I nestled my balls up her, she tightened her cunt to stimulate my shrinking organ. But little stimulus was needed, our spend had only made us want it again, we had scarcely rested ere we recommenced fucking, and again we spent before my prick had uncunted. How lovely, how exquisite is the reminiscence! What equals the pleasure of a man and woman pleased with each other, thrilling with lust, when prick and cunt are joined, and they spend in each other’s arms!

Still she would not let me out of her, crossing her limbs over my thighs, drawing me closer to her by her hands, grasping my arse-cheeks, pulling the cheeks almost open, squeezing her cunt up to me, she kept me up her, kissing me, shoving her tongue towards mine, and saying I was a lovely poke, the first baudy words that dropped from her, I rubbing my belly up against hers till my balls almost lay between her fat cunt-lips, swabbing up the oozings of the sperm which ran out from her. And so we lay, kissing, tongue-sucking, and talking the stinging words of love and lust.

Then as repose became a pleasure, and nature served us. “Oh I my God how wet you have made me”, she said, “it’s all on the sheet.” “Let me feel.” I fell on my side, she turned on hers towards me, and threw one leg over my haunch, I placed my hand on her cunt, and felt the sperm, wetting my hand, whilst she grasped my slippery prick. “Feel how wet your prick is”, I put my hand there, and every hair on my prick was plastered against my belly; then hand on cunt, and hand on prick we both dozed off.

When I awakened we were still face to face, Louisa asleep with a hand under my balls. I pulled down the clothes to look at her naked body: the gas was burning brightly, I saw splendid breasts; down went my hand to her cunt, I groped it, she awoke, and without a word turned on to her back, and I on to her belly. Whilst couched easily on to that broad belly, and lying between her ample breasts, and steadied by her large thighs, my prick lying down against her gap, kissing and sucking each other’s mouths, she glided her hand down, and introduced my pendulous doodle to her randy cunt, and again we fucked. We were mad for it, neither of us uttered a word, till she cried out, “Oh ! I’m coming, — my God, — ah !” And then we spent, and went fast asleep again, exhausted with the pleasure.

We were awakened by a knock. “Who’s there?” “Hannah.” “What do you want?” “Are you going to stop all night?” “No”, said I jumping out of bed, “what o’clock is it?” “It’s half-past twelve.” “Come to bed”, said Louisa. In I jumped. “Oh ! I’m so hungry”, said she, “how I should like some oysters.” “So should I, — get up, and we’ll go and have some before the shop closes.” “No, stop here, Hannah will get them.” I agreed, ordered them, and we went on twiddling each other’s privates, I recollect the feel of hers at this very moment, it was like a paste-pot.

I had never seen her person yet. The throwing her on to the bed, and lifting her clothes, her stripping, and jumping into bed had–been so rapid, and so randy had both of us been, so anxious to copulate, that I had had no time to look, to contemplate, to enjoy her with my eyesight. Now off went the bed clothes. “Let’s look at your cunt.” “I won’t till I’ve washed.” “No now.” I pulled one thigh. “No you dirty dog, — it’s not nice.” She jumped out of bed, and washed her quim, I my prick, we pissed, and then she threw herself on the bed, and delivered her body up to me. When I had had a quarter of an hour’s investigation, she amused herself with looking and pulling my prick about, waiting for our supper.

She was a very fine tall woman, stout and well-built. She said she was twenty-four, but I believe she was thirty. She looked less stout with her clothes on than when she was undressed, for I was much surprised to see how very big she was when naked. She had a very big arm, her thighs and legs were very big as well. Hannah was right about it, the entire legs were grand, but had not the exquisite curves of Sarah Mavis’. Her bum was proportionate to her thighs, her waist was not nearly small enough, her breasts were very large, and beautifully placed, and beautifully solid; her face was large and common-place, she had grey eyes, and lightest auburn hair, immense in quantity, which was pleasing, though not handsome; it was not a face which in the streets would have attracted me. Her teeth were good. The hair on her cunt, which was thick-lipped and pouting, was also of a lightish auburn, not by any means a colour to my taste when between the thighs, —so many women’s cunts are furnished with that col-Our. It was thick, longish, soft in feel, large in quantity, an’ spread half-way up to her navel, and square across her belly to the line of her thighs. I guessed it a thirty year old cunt from that. She was a lovely fucker, and though her cunt was a large one inside and out; the prick was well clipped by it, and kept in when its business was done. There was such room to lie on her between her thighs, and all seemed so well placed to hold a man, that I often thought of her in after time when fucking Sarah, who was the very reverse; who always made me bend my back when fucking, and from whose quim my prick would always slip, unless we both made some effort to retain it after I had spent. Sarah rarely did that, hating the muck. Indeed when Sarah was randy, and wagged her arse as she did violently, all of a sudden just before she spent, she often threw my stiff prick out, which set me off damning and cursing till it was up her again.

The oysters came, and champagne with them, we went to bed again, and sat in chemise and shirt to eat them, said I, “let’s have another fuck naked again”, for the touch of her large fleshy body to mine had entranced me, and thus we fucked. Another doze. “Ulloh ! why it’s three o’clock, — I must be off.” “Don’t go deal, — stop all night.” “I can’t, — they will think I am ill.” “So they will me, but I can’t go home, I live too far off, — do stop all night with me, there’s a darling”, said she.

Instead of a doze we had slept two hours. I at times stopped out all night, and never without saying I in-tended to do so, but I was tired and sleepy. “Oh! don’t go.” I put on my shirt. “Well let’s have another poke before you go, — the champagne has made me so randy.” It had also operated on me. I looked, there were her breasts naked just peeping above the bed-clothes, one arm out, the hand under her head, the big white fleshy arm, and the thick sandy brown hair in the armpits. “Come”, said she uncovering to her knees. Off went my shirt, and jumping into bed the thighs received me, the voluptuous tongue and round, soft, wet lips glued themselves on to mine again, and heaving gently we were already on the way to another spend. My God what work, what prolonged pleasure ! —I forgot Sarah Mavis, and every other woman that night in the arms of Louisa. In baudy amusement we passed the whole night together, and I awakened at ten the next morning with the need of going as fast as I could to shit.

I came back, washed, and we fucked again; .then she went as she said to speak to Hannah, whom I knew was a bed at that time; she went I knew to empty her-self, but I asked no questions. We had ham and coffee in bed, and more fucking, and about one o’clock we rose and left. My finger must have smelt of cunt I should think for twenty-four hours afterwards, for I had scarcely left Louisa’s cunt for eighteen hours; if my prick was not up her my fingers were, when not asleep. Whether spunk was in it or not was all the same, there was no objecting, she gave way to my insistence, and we lay at intervals, she feeling my prick, one of her legs placed over mine, and my hand between her thighs, both of us kissing, tongue-sucking, and scarcely talking. I barely recollect our talk at all, —it was one long baudy night; how many times we fucked I can’t say, but it was one of my great exercises. She was tired, and so was I, yet at the last moment, “Let’s try it again”, I said “No, I’m sore, and in pain”, said she. I sometimes think my prick must have been nearly a dozen times up her, and when ramming stiff for a long time without spending she murmured, “Oh ! pray dear leave off.”

We fucked in no other fashion than belly to belly, we were naked the whole night, and did nothing out-side the bed. When I had paid for the room, supper and breakfast, I only had a few shillings left. I told her. “Never mind”, said she, “you shall give me some money some day when I am hard up;” so I paid her nothing then.

I recollect all this distinctly, I always do the incidents of a first night with a female. When I am accustomed to them, the more striking circumstances of our acquaintance remain in my memory. It seems to me that first night’s incidents will always remain fresh in my recollection, excepting the number of fucks; I recollect up to about half-a-dozen, then I lose count, there my memory of a first night alone fails me.

I took a liking for Louisa. For nearly a year I had borne with the frigidity of Sarah and her tyranny, “You shall only do it once, — I won’t, — I can’t wait, —well go”, were commands I had got accustomed to obey, had bowed to refusals to allow her secret charms to be looked at time after time, to have my prick ejected before the last injecting throb had been given. I liked the woman, doted on her exquisite form, liked the domesticity of sitting and reading to her, and at the same time just feeling her cunt whilst she laid on the sofa, because I liked her conversation, and because I was at times rewarded by rapturous delight when she abandoned herself body and soul to me, I submitted to all this. But I often rebelled, wished it was otherwise, and made up my mind to leave her for other women, yet did not. I have said all this before.

Now to have a splendidly made woman, who had as much pleasure with me as I had with her, was overwhelming. I forgot Sarah for a time, and longed for the repetition of the baudy, voluptuous hours I had had with the big armed, big-thighed Louisa, and counted the days till we met again. The instant I set eyes upon her we went upstairs. “Let’s get into bed.” Then it was a race who undressed the first. “Naked?” “Yes naked.” She laughed. “Look at your thing”, said she as sitting down she pissed. It was stiff as a poker; the next minute I was laying bedded on that soft fleshy form, and we were spending. What a fat, luscious, and grand cunt she had, though three fingers went up it easily.

Then to my delight she threw up her limbs a little, and crossing them over me pressed her cunt close up to my willing cock-roots; and there we lay, my prick in her, my balls covering her arse-hole; whilst now and then she gripped my prick by muscular cuntal action. When her tongue touched mine, she sometimes ran her lithesome tongue over my teeth, or under my lips, and along my gums, — it was a peculiarity of hers. Then she would glue her wet lips to my wet lips, till our salivas mingled, and ran profusely, stimulating our lusts. Thus we enjoyed each other’s bodies, till another fuck dissolved us, and separated our spunk soaked genitals; and she got up, washed, and went away sometimes in a great hurry.

Soon I grumbled at her going so, and she promised to stop a longer time. “Have a shoulder of mutton”, said she, “and onion sauce, — I love it, — Hannah will cook it beautifully, — we will dine at two o’clock, Hannah with us.” So it came about; we three sat down to a shoulder. Louisa liked sherry, Hannah brandy; I brought both of fine quality, we gorged, Hannah got slightly tight, observing Louisa and I caressing. “Ah !” said she, “I envy you, you two going to bed.” “Why where is Jack?” “Oh ! at Windsor, and I shan’t have a bit for a month at least.” “You’ll have to frig yourself”, said I joking. “That’s better than nothing, but I like the wetting best.” Louisa laughed, and used afterwards to say to Hannah, “Has Jack given you a wetting?” Later on some other free ladies took up the joke, and Hannah’s “wetting” became a bye-word among the circle of free, mercenary lovers.

Dinner over we hurried upstairs, and we went naked to bed. This was about half-past three; there we lay till eleven o’clock at night, and had an oyster supper in bed. Hannah came up, and ate oysters with us whilst we were in bed together. We ate them out of the shells, and drank champagne, heard happy couples over head, and joked about it, talked about fine limbs, about Sarah’s fine legs. “Show us yours Hannah”, said Louisa. Hannah without a word cocked one leg up against the bed, and drew up her petticoats to the top of one thigh. “There”, said she, “I am not ashamed of it.” She had a fine leg, but was a very plain woman. She had shown her leg to me on the day of the leg-show, when I had spent involuntarily, as I have already told. We laughed and praised her leg. “Oh ! I’m ashamed of you both”, said Hannah dropping her petticoats, laughing, and hurrying out of the room. “I know where his fingers are.” She was right, Louisa was sitting up in bed, her legs half up, but covered, I half reclining by the side of her, had thrust my hand under the thighs, and was feeling her cunt.

Hannah left the room. We began fucking, I was on the top operating when the door opened, and a couple showed themselves. We heard a voice crying out, “Not there Maam, it’s occupied”, and Hannah’s sister rushing in ejected a man and woman who had entered before they saw a couple were in the bed. We were too far advanced to mind, I uncunted with the object of closing the door, but the servants having done so, we consummated and dozed off; nor was it till the servant came to say we ought to be careful, that I got up and bolted the door.

Then began a regular meeting once a week, and sometimes twice. Money seemed no object to Louisa, she took what I gave, and never asked for more; once or twice she said, “I want a bonnet dear, — give me one”, — or a new pair of boots, or was hard up for a trifle, and then I gave her all I could; but she had not in a couple of months as much as at the last period of my acquaintance with her, Sarah had from me in three days. But she let me spend money in oysters and champagne suppers, and early dinners, Guardsman Jack who had come back from Windsor, used often to get his fill. I once saw Jack in bed with Hannah, and his scarlet uniform on the chair; he turned himself round with his face to the wall when I entered. He had a thick head of black hair, which is all I saw. Louisa was a voluptuous poke, and enjoyed the fun as much as a woman could. I think, (but recollection on that point is not clear, when I come to comparison), that she was the nicest woman to lay on I ever had. I was slim, though far from a skeleton, and as I laid naked on her between her large breasts, and between her thighs slightly elevated (for she usually raised her legs, after we had fucked and she had recovered from her pleasure, or when I mounted her for preliminary dalliance), I could scarcely roll off of her with-out an effort. She had also when her pleasure was in-creasing, a movement of her whole body, and not of her cunt and backside alone; her breasts quivered with a gentle, perfectly natural motion, and I could feel her flesh moving and rubbing against mine from belly to neck in a way which stirred lust in me from the hair of my head to the soles of my feet; I seemed to feel all over her body at once, and it was most delicious. She had a lovely lasciviousness with her tongue. If my tongue was in her mouth when she spent, she al-most sucked it out of me, and the clipping of her cunt after my prick had been relieved from its stiffness I have already mentioned. Her length of arm enabled her to squeeze my balls when in various positions, and no woman ever let me pull her about and look at her cunt, whether it was clean or spunky, more freely than she did. With many it is evidently business, with her it seemed pleasure. She took a delight in all I did, even when I washed her cunt.

(My pleasures however with her were of a simple kind. I had none of the varied erotic pleasures that I now know, the bum-hole and mouth were reserved for the enjoyment of my more matured years.) I should have seen her more frequently, but she would only come at the outside twice a week. No it was impossible, — she lived too far off. I tried to get out of Hannah some knowledge about her, but could not. One day only when fuddled she asked if I had heard she was married. “You mean”, said I, “living with a man.” “No really married, and been so for years, — oh I don’t you tell her, — she’ll cut the house if you do.”

At the end of perhaps three months I was in bed with her; we had poked, reposed, and were in amorous dalliance, lying face to face, she with one limb over my haunch, so that I could feel her cunt well, she twiddling my somewhat exhausted prick. “I have a surprise for you”, she said. “For me, — what?” “I’m in the family way.” “The devil, — whose fault is that?” “No one’s fault, and perhaps no misfortune, — would you like a child?” “I? — why?” (I had a presentiment of what was coming.) “Because it is yours.” “Nonsense.” “It is my dear, — I have felt certain of it for some time past, but waited to be quite sure before telling you.” “Are you quite sure?” “As certain as I am that I shall die.”

I was flabbergasted, felt distressed, as if I had done her some harm that I could not repair, that I had injured her, and should cause her pain and annoyance. It was succeeded by a fear that I should have trouble through it, and expense that I could not afford. Then came the idea that she was selling me, putting a plant on me; that if she were with child it was another man’s, not mine. Then came a belief over me that what she said was true, that her pleasure in my embraces was so real, so unlike that of the ordinary gay women, that the result might be due to me. Overwhelmed I lay quiet, confused with the tumultuous thoughts and feelings which rushed through my brain.

At length I said, “Are you sure?” “Yes.” “It may be your husband’s” (for Hannah’s hints came to my mind). “He !—he !—the miserable, contemptible little wretch !—he?” She left off feeling my cock, raised her- self on her elbow, and looking at me said, “Who told you I was married?” “No one.” “Some one has.” “No one, — but I have more than once fancied you were married by the difficulty I have in getting you to come to meet me when I want.” “Some one has told you.” “No one has.” “I’m a damned fool”, said she, “I dare say you know more than you say, — what do you know?” “Nothing.” “It’s your child, and no one else’s, —I’m sorry I have told you, — say nothing more about it”, — and she turned on her back. “Are you married?” “Of course not, or I should not be in bed with you.” “Some man is keeping you perhaps.” “No one is keeping me either”, said she.

I could not keep quiet, so much was I excited, and thought of the man she met at J. . .s Street still, although she tried to hide that. I did not like to suggest it, for I had found out that any reference to him annoyed her, and I always avoided giving pain to any woman I had connection with; but the matter seemed so grave that I could not keep what was on my mind to myself, and as delicately as I could suggested him.

“It’s not”, said she fiercely, “it can’t be.” “Why?” “You are the only man who has spent in me for years.” “What”, said I incredulously, “no one had you?” “No one has spent in me but you for years, — no one.” I was staggered, but returned to the subject. “Nonsense Louisa, — how can you tell?” “I’ve told you why.” “Why if you’ve a husband, and if you have a friend who meets you, how can you be sure it’s me?”

“I have no husband, and it’s no friend, — if you don’t believe it, I tell you on my oath, on my body and soul, and may I go to hell when I die, if it be not true, that no man has spent in me for years but you.” “No man has fucked you !—what do they do then?” “That’s no concern of yours, — but no man’s stuff has ever been up me for quite two years but yours, — I’m not going to say any more about it, — my business is not yours, — nobody has asked you to keep the child, —you need not trouble yourself, — I’m sorry I told you.” She turned her bum to me, and began to cry; I tried to comfort her.

“That will do”, said she, “give me some oysters and champagne.” I ordered them, then wanted another fuck. “No you shan’t have it”, — nor would she let me. The oysters and champagne made her more complaisant, but she was angry and snappish. After an-other fuck she got up and left me before her usual time, and I went away wondering at this, and at the number of women who had been, or who said they had been with child by me.

Soon after she was loving, sad, and serious, was sorry I would not have liked the child, for it was certainly mine, but she would get rid of it. Then in the familiarity of a lewd man and woman naked in bed together, she told me a lot about herself.

She was married, she lived with him and her mother, but loathed her husband. “He, — he the miserable wretch, — he touch me, the dirty beast I—I’d sooner die than let him”, she cried, “if he wanted even, — but he does not want me, — what he wants he gets else-where, not with me”, said she with strong emphasis. If she left him, she would have to support her mother alone, — perhaps it would come to that some day, — she was quite prepared for it. They ate and drank together when he was at home, but had not slept together for years. He kept the house comfortably enough, — perhaps he would so long as she took trouble about it, for he did not care so long as he got his food good. Yes she did meet a friend. It got her luxuries she could not get any other way; her husband knew she got money elsewhere, for she dressed in a way he must know his money would not enable her to do. He asked no questions, and did not care nor heed, nor seem to notice. That was pretty well all I ever got out of her. Hannah drunk, and talking to me one day said he was a very little man, and a brewer’s clerk, “a hop o’ my thumb”, she called him.

“Never mind what my friend does”, said Louisa, I’ve known him some years, — he does something of course, he does not meet me for nothing, but I tell you he has never spent in me, — no man has spent in me for years but you.” “Do you frig your friend?” “If you like, anything else you like, it’s all the same, —I’m not going to say; but neither he nor any one else has spent in me, — no man’s seed has been up me for two years or more. The first night you had me I spent first, you spent after; the next time as your seed touched me, I felt a shiver run right through me, and I got in the family way at that very instant, I’m sure.” Louisa was particular in her language, she never said “spunk”, — thought it a nasty word, — she always said “seed”, or “stuff” when she spoke of my sperm, — Sarah called it “muck”.

Though I had had such lots of women, and had heard of most things, yet simple, straightforward fucking had engrossed me, I rarely had out-of- the-way lusts and letches, and I never thought to ask if her friend buggered or sucked her, or if she sucked him, or what little amusements they were up to. At all events she must have satisfied him some way, for he had known her she said some years. A man was likely to stick to Louisa, for she was a magnificent piece of flesh, from her neck to her ankles.

So I believed Louisa, and felt interested in her belly beginning to swell, but did not want the young one, or the troubles of paternity, or to get her into trouble; besides I had no affection for her, though I liked fucking her better and better.

Louisa then was away ill; I saw her again when her womb was cleared out, and we took to fucking as usual. One day in baudy vagaries we had been posturing, and she straddled across my face, bringing her cunt right on to my mouth, and my nose to her bum, she had been asking me if I ever kissed Sarah in any way but the straight one. She began kissing my pego as she lay on the top of me, I kissed her buttocks, but took no hint, if any were intended. She was very heavy, and I noticed for the first time a strongish odour from her cunt which annoyed me; afterwards I used often to fancy she had a strong smell about her quim, and was fool enough to tell her so, which offended her; but we made it up.

After a little time she began asking me if I had not forgotten Sarah, — did I love her as much? — did I long to have her again? — did she (Louisa) not give me as much pleasure as Sarah? I had then got over my desolation a little, and only thought of Sarah and her exquisite form with a sigh, was annoyed that she had not written to me, and I began to confess to my-self, that for fucking, Sarah was not to be compared with Louisa. Then I began to wonder at my having been so infatuated, and let it out to Louisa one night. She said she wished I would keep her, three pounds a week, and she would make it do, and so on; and I began to think seriously about the matter, for the expenses at the baudy house were nearly that amount; and although my delicate senses had began to revolt at the strong smell of Louisa, yet her voluptuousness was enticing, and was making me actually constant to her. I had quite left off my Mulatto, Brighton Bessie, and one or two others of my queens.

Louisa was again taken ill, — the consequence of her miscarriage, and of the measures taken to bring that on I was told. She got worse and worse, and was in great danger; she never wrote to me, but often to Hannah, and her letters which I saw always referred to me affectionately; above all she wanted to know what ladies I had at J… s Street. Hannah winking at me used to say, “I’d like to know where you put it away now, — it’s put somewhere.” I had taken no women to that house; but laughing said I was chaste. Hannah did not believe that, so I said I frigged my-self. “You don’t spill it about in that way”, said she, “let me feel it”, — and she put her hand outside my clothes on to my tool. “Oho !—oho !—oho !” said she, for I stiffened. Then she brought me her accounts to cast up, and when it was done, “I shall take a nap”, said she, “you go now, for I expect Mrs and a strange lady” (I had looked in casually that morning), —and getting on to the bed she laid down showing her legs liberally, and looking at me all the time. “Good bye”, I said, and left; but have thought since that Hannah wanted me to have her. She never before or since looked at me in that way, nor behaved with such freedom when we were alone.

Her bed was as I have I think already told, in the front-parlour in J… s Street, and in an alcove, as many beds are in French hotels and houses; and when the curtains were drawn across it, the bed was entirely hidden.

And then when without a woman at my command, and with a frequent need for one, another piece of luck befell me. The way had been paved for it before Louisa was so ill.