Volume Chapter 8

A fair haired giantess. • Face, form, and cunt. • Two big ones together. • Sarah upon Eliza. • Who was Eliza? • Sarah’s agile tongue. • Listening at a brothel. • A hole bored uselessly. • The donkey-hung one. • His letches. • A brothel with a spy-hole. • A hundred couples fucking. • A young couple. • Involuntary onanism. • Five shillings extra. • Sarah’s curiosity. • A lady and gentle-man. • The lady’s fears. • The rickety sofa. • The scare. • The baud’s cautions. • Common coitions.

Things had gone on so nearly a year, when I saw in P***l**d Place a woman as tall as Sarah, who had fairish hair. I thought I should like to see them both together naked, and proposed this. Sarah supposed I was tired of her, said she would find the woman and bring her to me, but she delayed until I got annoyed. Then she said, “It is not that I mind your having an-other woman — but if I bring her she is sure to do me harm, for all women try to get each other’s men. — Why do you want that woman?” — I did not care, I said so that it was a very big woman, the bigger the better, and with light hair.

If I would not mind five pounds she’d get me a taller woman than herself — such as some men would give any money to get — and she so described her, that I agreed to give it. — “But,” said Sarah, “I must be in the room with her, and you must promise not ask her name, or anything about her.” I agreed to all that tho it seemed singular — thinking to myself that if I liked her, I would find means to get her again.

Sarah said the lady must name the night, and on that night Sarah told me — and not before. “She is not young, she is thirty-five.” — I shied at that, not liking a woman of such age and thought I was going to be humbugged. — However I let the affair go on, went to the Ama full of lascivious anticipation, but vowing to myself if the woman did not please me, that I would pay and go off — and if she did — how I would place her and Sarah together, making them stand up belly to belly — bum to bum — lay on the top of each other, and so on.

I went to the house first. Sarah entered followed by a very tall woman with her veil down, who stood and looked through it at me. Sarah having locked the door said, “Take off your bonnet, Eliza.” — The woman only looked curiously round the room. — “Take off your bonnet.” — Then she took the bonnet off, and stood looking at me. — “Sit down,” said Sarah — and down she sat.

She was full thirty-five years old, but what a lovely creature. — I think I see her now, altho I never saw her but that once. — She had beautiful blue eyes, the lightest auburn hair crimped over her forehead, a beautiful pink bloom on her cheeks, and flesh quite white. — She was dressed in black silk, which contrasted well with her pink and white face. — She was big all over. — Big breasts jutted out in front — the tight sleeve shewed a big round arm — her ample bum filled the chair. — She was exactly what I wanted. — I never could wait long to talk with a woman whom I liked the look of, without proceeding to see, if not to feel, some of her hidden charms. — A burning desire to see what she had hidden seized me. I don’t know if I spoke or not, but filled with desire, dropped on my knees and put my hands up her clothes, one round her thighs towards her bum, one towards her cunt.

As I touched her thighs, she put both hands down to stop me with a suppressed “oh” — neither action or word, those of a woman who was shamming. — It wasn’t the fierceness of a girl who first feels a man’s hand about her privates, nor the sham modesty of a half-gay woman. It was the exclamation and manner of a woman not accustomed to strange hands about her privates. The next instant, I had reached both haunch and cunt. — She gave another start, my arms had lifted her petticoats, and I saw a big pair of legs in white stockings, and the slightest flesh above the knee nearly as white. — I placed my lips on it and kissed it — my hand slipped from her cunt round to her bum, and both hands now clasped one of the largest, and smoothest, and whitest backsides I ever felt. Then burrowing with my head under her petticoats, I kissed my way up her thighs till my nose touched her motte, and there I kept on kissing.

The warm close smell of her sweet flesh, mingled just with the faintest odour of cunt, rendered it impossible to keep my lips there long. The desire to enjoy her fully was unbearable — I withdrew my head and hands, and got up saying. “Oh! — undress dear, I long to fuck you.” — They were the first words I had spoken to her, and she had not spoken at all. — She then rose up, and slowly began unbuttoning looking at Sarah. — “Lord, what a hurry you are in,” said Sarah to me.

Off went the black silk dress, out flashed two great but beautiful breasts over the top of the stays — and a pair of large, beautifully white arms shewed. — Then I saw the size of the big bum plainly under the petticoats. Off went stays and petticoats all but one. — Then she, “There, will that do?”

I wanted all off. — “Oh — I cannot take off any more.” I appealed to Sarah, who said. “Now don’t be a fool, Eliza” — Eliza then undressed to her chemise, and positively declared she would keep that on — I had taken off my trousers and was standing cock in hand. — My impatience to discharge my seed into the splendid creature before me, made me careless whether she stripped or not. — I had drawn near to her — was feeling all round her bum with one hand, and wetting the fingers of the other in her cunt. I placed my prick so that it rubbed against her thigh, and feeling her, was at the same time pushing her towards the bed.

When we touched the bed — “I can’t with Sarah there,” said the woman. — “Go out,” said I to Sarah. She looked savagely and replied, “Nonsense.” Then I had a moment’s dalliance and no more, forget what more was said or what took place, but saw Eliza on the bed, threw up her chemise, saw a mass of white flesh and a thicket of light hair between a pair of thighs, the instant was between them, and my prick was up her cunt. It was an affair of half a dozen shoves, a wriggle, a gush, and I had enjoyed her. Then I became tranquil enough to think of the woman, in whose vagina I had taken my pleasure. Resting on one arm and feeling her all over with one hand, I looked at her and she at me. I said a few endearing words, as she lay tranquilly with my cock still stiff and up her.

I could have done it again right off, but had not yet looked at her hidden charms, and desire to inspect her quim made me draw out my cock and rise on my knees between her legs. Few strange women like their cunt looked at, when sperm is running out of it. She pushed down her chemise, I got off her, and then without saying a word she washed. When I had washed my cock it was as stiff as ever. I went to the side of the bed where she had just begun piddling, and held my stiff one in front of her eyes. For the first time she smiled.

She began to dress, but I told her I had only begun my amusement. I had brought bottles of champagne, for I knew how that liquor opens the hearts and the legs of women. — We got glasses and began drinking. — She drank it well and soon began to talk and laugh. When I again brought her to the bed she was an altered woman, but still did not seem to like fucking before Sarah. “Why I have seen all you have got to show often enough,” said Sarah angrily. — On the bed now for a good look at the cunt. — It was a big one. — An inch of fat at least covered the split, stoutish middle-aged women get I think fat cunt lips, and hers were very large. — She had a very strongly developed clitoris, and such a lot of light hair. Large and fat as the cunt was, I do not recollect if the prick hole was large or little but know that I enjoyed her as much as a man possibly could. I delighted in laying my hand between two, long, fat cunt lips — I rolled over her, played with and kissed her from her thighs to her eyes, frigged her clitoris till she wriggled, and as at length my prick slipped up her cunt again, she whispered, “What a devil you are.” She pushed her tongue out, mine met it, and then all was over. — She wagged her big arse vigorously when spending.

Ballocks and cunt again cleared of sperm, to the champagne we again went. — Sarah had not yet undressed, I had almost forgotten her. Now I made her strip, and my two big women were nearly naked together. — A little more fizz and we were all on the spree. — Eliza still had the manner of a woman not accustomed to expose her charms, but insisted on by me and Sarah who seemed to have control over her, off went her chemise at last. — Off went my shirt — and there we stood naked.

I never before had two such big women together and did with them all that my baudy fancy prompted. — I put them belly to belly, then bum to bum. — Then standing up before the glass. I put my prick between their two bums, making them squeeze it between their buttocks whilst I groped both cunts, and frigged at once both of them. Then putting Emma at the side of the bed with open thighs, I put Sarah between them as if she were a man — and pushing my prick between her thighs just touched her split. — She laid hold of my prick and slipped it up her own cunt. — But I did not mean that, and pulled it out. — Then I had them both side by side on the bed, and scarcely knew which of the gaping cunts to put into, but the fair haired one again had my attention. Then I put Sarah upside down on the bed so that her arse and cunt were near the pillow, one leg partly doubled up, and one cocked up against the back of the bed, and looking at her thus I fucked Eliza by her side. Sarah said she must frig herself and set to work doing it, whilst with the one hand stretched back she played round my prick stem in Eliza’s cunt which was tightening under the pleasure of my shoving and probing. Eliza’s amativeness had been awakened, she clasped me tightly with her large white arms, kissed and thrust her tongue into my mouth, in a state of the fullest voluptuous enjoyment.

We finished the champagne and sent out for sandwiches, stout, and brandy. — I had taken the room for the night. — Sarah never was, and her companion was not in a hurry now. We eat, drank, and got more erotic. — Eliza’s fat bum was on my naked thighs, she put her hand on my prick, and grasping it for a minute whispered, “Come and do it again.” — Sarah said, “What are you whispering about?” — She had been looking at times annoyed at my taking no notice of her. — Again I put Eliza on the bed. — Sarah who had alternately been quiet and then baudy, said, “It’s my turn, why don’t you poke me?” — “You will have it another night.” — She then got on to the bed, and on to the top of Eliza, kissed her rapturously, got between her thighs, and my two big beauties were like man and woman in each other’s arms. — Eliza threw up her legs until her heels were on Sarah’s back. Sarah nestling her belly close up to her, the hair of their two cunts intermingled. — Sarah’s arse wriggled in a quiet way. “Don’t now — don’t” — said the other — Sarah took no heed, wriggled on, then lay quiet, and after a time rolled gently off Eliza, left the bed, and sat down in the arm chair. — I looked at her very white face. “You’ve spent,” I said — she laughed.

I fucked Eliza then, and laying with prick in her asked her in a whisper to meet me again. “I cannot, I dare not,” said she. — I could not get out of her her name, or where to find her again.

Eliza was now half screwed. No sooner had I fucked her than she began squeezing my prick. — she opened her large thighs, placed my finger on her clitoris, kissed my prick, thrust her tongue in my mouth, and did every thing which a randy-arsed woman does to get more fucking. — I fucked her four or five times, perhaps more, and till neither she nor Sarah could make my cock stand. The house was closed, off I went, but not until Eliza had gone long. — Sarah insisted on that. — Then said Sarah, “I’m not going without a poke.” With infinite trouble she got a fuck out of me, and both of us groggy, we separated.

Some nights after talking of Eliza, whose legs in boots and silk stockings had charmed me, Sarah laughed. — “Why, they were mine, I lent them to her.” Then I recollected that Sarah had not had her usual boots on.

I wished her to get me Eliza again. She refused. I said I would find her out. — She was sure I should not! — I went to one or two places on the chance of finding her, and Sarah laughed when I told her. — I used to get awfully randy when I thought of the two big women naked together. “She is not gay, altho you may think so, it was only because she was so dread- fully hard up that she came,” Sarah averred.

“If she wasn’t gay, she did all I asked her.” “As she was getting screwed, and I had told her what you expected her to do.” “And she spent like fun after the first time.” “Oh yes I saw, and I told her about it afterwards.” “Where did she go that night?” “To my lodgings and slept with me.” “If you don’t bring her, I won’t see you any more,” — and for a fort-night I did not — I used to go up to her in the street and ask her. She said she couldn’t even if she would. — “You are lucky to have had her at all.” “I paid handsomely.” “If you hadn’t you would never have had her.” — I expect that now and then married women make a bit of money by their cunts.

Then things went on as before, but as I pulled Sarah’s cunt about, I used to compare it with Eliza’s. — Sarah seemed to me to know Eliza’s cunt as well as if it had been her own.

One night Sarah was in a strong fucking mood and put her tongue into my mouth, and I said something which made her remark, “You did it with my friend Eliza, and I have as good teeth as she has.” — Altho I had known Sarah so long, I had never put my tongue to hers. Then it was that I found out that she could put out her tongue further than any one I ever knew. She could reach half through my mouth with it. — When she was being fucked, she used after that to glue my mouth to hers, and I gave way to her. But altho she had a nice mouthful of teeth, I never cared about mixing our spittles — which is curious.

It was just before I had the big Eliza that the man with the big prick watched me into the house, and now [ go back to him.

I still went at times to the baudy house in L**t*e P***l**d St. It was dilapidated, the paper partly torn from the walls, and in the upper rooms (it was a two-storey house) the division between them seemed to have been temporarily put up, making one room into two, and was papered and canvassed over; it was so thin, that you could hear distinctly what was said in the adjacent room. They had been afraid for a long time of the house being indicted, so did nothing to repair it. But it was convenient, and why I went there was that I could hear the bed creak when the couples were at their pleasures, and also what they said. On the first floors you could hear, but not so well. The baud some-how found out my taste and told Sarah of the top room. — But altho I could hear, I could not see. The partition was canvassed on both sides, if one side was torn and there partly opened, there was the canvas on the other side.

I bored through it, and tried to make holes as others evidently had tried — and saw, but could not get a good glimpse. The keeper to whom Sarah spoke, refused to allow holes to be made, so I had to content myself with laying on the bed with Sarah, and feeling her cunt, until a couple came in. — Then we listened and it seemed to amuse her as much as me. — When we heard the bed creak, on to Sarah I got, and the delight of my fucking was increased by thinking that close to me was another couple fucking.

The man and woman wrangled about money at times, and I heard many funny things. But one night I slipped outside our door and bored, with a gimlet, a small hole in the door of the back room, and there would stand until Sarah beckoned me to come in. I was not likely to be surprised by the baud, for I could perfectly hear if any one came into the house, and there were no rooms over head.

I could however see but little, could not see the bed, but saw the women washing their cunts, and the men washing with their backs turned to me. Occasionally a woman undressed on that side of the room, then disappeared on to the bed side. I began to crave to watch a couple go through the amatory preliminaries, and to see the man’s prick — But, I was always in fear that some one might come to the door, open it, and catch me.

Just then Sarah met the man with the donkey prick, whom she told me did then exactly what he had done before with her. This recital made me wild with desire. — I told her I would give her something hand-some, if she could find a house, where I could see couples fucking. She had heard there was one, but those who knew would not tell, and some time slipped away. — With a smiling face one night she said, “If you don’t mind a sovereign for the room, and five shillings afterwards for each couple you see, I know now where you can get what you want. — Off we went the following night to the house, and through a carefully prepared hole beneath a picture frame, I had a complete view of a nice room. — The washing place, bed (no sofa), looking-glass, fire place, were all in sight. In fact only that side of the room in which the eye hole was made in the partition, was not perfectly visible.

I recollect that first night well. — The woman of the house said to me, “You won’t tell people will you?” — then — “Put out your light when you are looking.” — There was gas in the room. — “Don’t make a noise — and don’t look till you hear, or think they are on the bed.” — Then she lifted a picture up on to a higher nail in the partition, which disclosed a small hole. — Then she went into the other room, and did the same to a picture there. It was in a huge, old fashioned, projecting gilt frame, which when hung higher up, just cleared the hole but well shadowed it. — There was one good, strong, gas burner in the room, but no candle to enable people to pry about with.

The hole was so high up, that it was necessary to stand on a sofa placed just against the partition. There was no fire in our room when first I went there, and it was dark at about seven o’clock, Sarah had gone in first. — The woman when she had got my sovereign said, “I don’t suppose any one will be there till about eight o’clock.”

I undressed Sarah, and sat in excitement feeling her about, and looking at her legs, and talking. — I heard couples going into lower rooms, and the woman saying, “This way, sir” — a gruff voice reply, — “I won’t go so high.” — At length a couple entered. Sarah turned down the gas in our room, and up I got on the sofa. Oh my delight, — how I wish it were to come over again. There was a fine young man and a niceish young woman — I watched them with an intensity of lust indescribable. — I saw him first pay her, she take off her things, piss, and then stand naked expectantly. He took off his trousers, she took hold of his prick, and he felt her cunt. — Then it was kiss, feel, and frig on both sides. I could hear him ask questions, and she reply. Then he put her down on a chair, and pushed his noble prick up against her but not up her. Then he brought her to the side of the bed. I saw her thighs distended, a dark haired cunt opened and looked at. He pushed his prick up it and had a plunge or two. (His back was towards me then.) Apparently not satisfied, he then pushed her straight on the bed — got on himself, laid by the side of her, and then I saw his prick in all its glory. — She wanted to handle it, he would not let her, but fingered her cunt with his hand nearest to her.

At length kneeling between her thighs I saw it again in all its prominence, stiff and nodding — until drop-ping on to her belly, it was hidden from my sight. — I watched the heavings and thrustings — the saucers which came in his arse cheeks, and disappeared as he thrust up and withdrew his penis, her thighs move up, and then her legs cross his, as she heaved to meet his strokes. — Then the shoves became mere wriggles, then were loud exclamations of pleasure, then all was still. His limbs stretched out, her legs came tranquilly down to the side of his, a long kiss or two was heard, then absolute silence. — It was a delicious sight.

Almost before he had finished, I had put the cork in the hole in the partition, pulled Sarah to the side of the bed, felt her cunt, and was about to put up it, when alas I spent all over her outside, on thighs and cunt, then with my cock still dripping I got on the sofa again. — Sarah with me, for she seemed to enjoy looking as much as I did.

He had risen on to his knees between her thighs, and held his prick in his right hand, I could just see its red tip. — “Don’t move, I’ll fuck you again.” “Well, you must give me some more.” “I will give you five shillings.” “Very well, shall I wash?” “No stay as you are.” — Slowly his bum sunk on to his heels — his head peered forward — his left hand went to her cunt. — “My spunk’s running out,” he said. “Oh you beast.” He flopped down on her without another word

— and I saw by the action of his buttocks that he was driving his pego up her. — His hands clasped her again, I saw the saucers in his arse — his short shoves

— her wriggle and jerks — and heard his sighs and “oha’s.” Then soon his silence shewed that his pleasure was complete.

During all this I kept telling Sarah in a whisper what I saw — she got as impatient as me and wanted to see as much. — It often was, “Let me have a look.” “I shan’t.” “What is she doing?” “She is doing so and so,” — then I let her peep and she would tell me. — I sat on the sofa whilst she was standing and looking, grasped her arse, put my lips on her cunt, and pulled her towards me, giving utterance to all sorts of baudy extravagances in whispers. — It is odd it occurs to me, that all she wanted to see was what the woman was doing — what I principally wanted to see was what the man was doing. — At all times that I was at the peep hole, the same feelings were predominant in both of us.

The man was pleased, gave the extra money, told her he would meet her again, washed his prick and went off — she leisurely washed her cunt, and off she went — then lighting the gas, I ballocked Sarah — not letting my sperm be wasted outside this time. — “It’s exciting,” said she, “I have not seen such a thing since the night you had the fine, tall, fair woman — and it makes me as randy as be damned” (her favourite expression). We finished fucking just in time for another couple. We saw three couples the first night.

I am not going to tell all I saw — much of it was commonplace fucking enough — yet some had the charm of novelty, and although I was there perhaps in the course of a year or two, in all fifty or sixty times, and saw nearly a hundred and fifty couples fucking, never grew tired of seeing.

The most amusing thing to me was that Sarah wanted to see so much. — After a time I put her occasionally with her back against the partition, and my prick up her — and then applying my eye to the hole over her shoulder, fucked her, and looked at the fucking couple in the room, until I lost sight of them, in the excitement of my own physical pleasure.

That was a risky thing to do for they could have heard us, as well as we did them. But usually the couples were so absorbed by lewedness, so preoccupied by fucking or anticipation of it, that they rarely seemed to notice anything.

One night a couple came in, she about thirty, he about thirty-five years old. She was not gay, was deeply veiled, and shabbily dressed. — At his request she undressed to her petticoat and I saw she was beautifully white in her linen. She was a fine tall Woman. — “We have never been here before,” said she, “why did you not go to the old place.” “It’s not safe to go always to the same place.” — They spoke in a very low tone. — Sarah looked, and said she was a modest woman, indeed it was quite evident that she was not gay. She unlaced her stays, and whilst doing so, he knelt and putting his head under her petticoats, kept his head up against her cunt or her thighs. With-drawing it he said, “Oh! I love you so, I love the smell of your cunt.” “Oh darling for shame, how can you?” He took off his coat and trousers, they kissed and toyed, he got her on to the bed, threw up her clothes, and disclosed as fine a pair of thighs as I have ever seen. — He kissed her all over and buried his head between her thighs, then rising I saw his prick. He took her hand and placed it round it. — “Feel how stiff it is before I put it up you.” — Then he threw himself on her and began his poke.

Their loving voluptuous manner so stimulated me, that making some remark to Sarah, I clutched her round her rump, and pressed my stiff cock up against her thighs. — At that instant a leg of the sofa on which we were standing gave way. — It had, as we after-wards found, only broken off just above one of the castors. — It threw us both violently up against the partition with a bang, or indeed two, for my head went with a second bang against it. — We kept silent instinctively, after we had recovered ourselves.

“Oh my God,” said the female voice quite loudly. “What is that.” “It’s some one under the bed — get up — get off, — I will get up.” said she almost with a screech. — After a pause we heard them both walking about for some minutes. — We feared to look. — “Non-sense — under the bed.” “Oh look there,” I peeped, Sarah holding me for fear the sofa should go worse. — He lifted the bed valance. — “It’s in the next room then, I am sure some one sees us.” “What nonsense, is it likely, it was over head I am sure.” “Well I am frightened,” and she got off the bed, and sat on a chair.

They dropped their voices again, but I heard that they settled that it was something over head, and with a little loving enticement, on to the bed they again got, and soon were in each other’s embraces. — How they enjoyed it, their kisses and murmurs were quite loud. — They lay when finished such a time with limbs interlaced before he got off. — “Don’t she like it?” said Sarah who was much interested in this couple. — I was I suppose unusually randy that night — for I brought Sarah to the edge of our bed — fucked her — and directly afterwards going up to the sofa, which was not now easy to stand on, and which wobbled so that it was not safe for both of us, found him just getting off.

Without washing, they both went and stood in front of the fire, talking about the noise. — “It frightened me,” said the woman. “I’m always frightened at these places. — I felt frightened as I came in — as if I should be found out, as if some one would see me. — I know it’s stupid — but I never felt like it before — or not so much so as I do to-night.” It was said in a low clear voice and I heard it distinctly. — “Who can see you, it’s nonsense.” “Yes, but I feel as if we were found out, as if some one knows what we are doing in this room.” — It was really wonderful (and I’ve often thought so since) to hear this. What would she have said, had she found out that two eyes had seen a man between her thighs?

“I must get back,” she said. “Wait a little.” — He took a chair to the fire, and sat down — sat her on his knee, and his hand went up under her chemise. They faced our partition then. — “Oh don’t dear — don’t now — I am not washed, it is so dirty of you.” “Never mind,” he replied and kept her there feeling her, until up came his cock quite stiff. He pulled it from under his shirt and shewed it to her laughingly. Then she felt it, and they sat kissing and toying, and saying how they loved each other, putting their tongues together almost without speaking for twenty minutes, until her thighs moved restlessly under his titillation, and gently he again led her to the bed.

She got on to it cheerfully enough, forgetting her scare. They laid two or three minutes kissing and toying, they scarcely ceased tonguing, they moved in various attitudes, she threw her leg high up over him, he put his prick into her, and then they rolled on to one side clinging to each other, her bum then was towards our partition. “Put your leg up again dear,” he said. She obeyed. He thrust for a minute, then pulled his prick out, and pushed his fingers up her cunt. Then in again pushing his pego, they at last consummated their enjoyment, with the utmost love and voluptuous energy. — They spoke so low on the bed that I could not hear much, I only heard murmurs until he got fierce in his lust and spoke louder, but their kisses were loud enough to be heard on the staircase. — They were both as fond and as randy as a man and woman could be. — It was one of the most voluptuous sights I have ever witnessed. They now dozed, he nestling his balls between her thighs, and keeping one of her thighs up under his arm. Her chemise was just sufficiently up to show where the arse cheeks began to divide at the backbone. — I let Sarah get up and look, then I put her on the bed, fucked her, and went back.

He was putting on his trousers, she washing her cunt, I could see her head just over the bed and hear the slopping. — Again they stood near the fire whilst she put on her petticoats. They now talked in so low a tone that I could hear nothing. — He put his arm round her waist, and leant his other arm on the mantel piece. — I could see their two faces in the glass, and they were both very plain — but she was a beautiful shape, that is, what I had seen of her. — “Oh, I must go, what will they think?” said she as she broke away from him. “What can I tell them?” — Then they went on dressing and when all but finished, “Let me give it an-other kiss,” said he as she put her bonnet on. — Down he knelt and put his head up her clothes, kept it there a minute or two, she standing quite still just facing me. I could see the bunch his head made under her petticoats, and kept telling Sarah in a whisper what I saw, and was watching the woman, when suddenly she closed her eyes. “Oh don’t dear,” and she drew her bum back. He got up with his hair in disorder. — “I think he’s been licking her cunt,” said I to Sarah. “Ah,” said Sarah, “she is just as bad as a gay woman.”

“I will go out first, you turn to the left when you get into O*f**d St. and get into the cab standing by the kerb. — I will put my stick outside the window, so you will know its me. — Wait about five minutes after I have gone in case I can’t get one directly.” He went to the window and looked out (the room is at the back of the house), and said it didn’t rain. They kissed and murmured to each other — their faces close together, his arm round her. — Then, “Oh! let’s do it again before we go,” he said quite vivaciously. “Oh, I can’t — I can’t — look at the time,” said she taking out a watch. “Oh William, I must go, what can I tell them. — Oh, don’t now, pray don’t,” said she, for he had pushed his hand up her clothes again. — “Oh pray don’t.”

He threw off his hat and pulled off his coat like lightning. “I will — I must. — We won’t be five minutes.” By the time he had said that, his prick was jutting out in front of his trousers. — His impetuosity, the sight of his prick (that wonderful persuader) conquered. She pulled off her bonnet, he tilted her back-side on to the edge of the bed, threw up her clothes, her belly and thighs came for an instant, and for an instant only into view, and received him; the next instant he was ramming into her, holding her thighs under his arms, and in five minutes was quiet, leaning over her belly. They had taken the foot of the bed and I saw them sideways.

He wasted no time, “mind my chemise” said she as he pulled out his prick, and he did it with care — buttoned up, and without washing went out. — She washed, threw off her cloak, pulled up her chemise, and looked at it in all directions, as if to see whether there was any spunk on it; then dressed, put on a thick veil, and out she went. — “Modest women are worse than gay women, for there is no excuse for them,” said Sarah. The baud begged we would not make a noise again for she had heard it, but how could we help the sofa breaking down? We promised and begged her to get in couples, when she thought the woman was not gay. — “I know them,” said she, “cause of their veils are down, and they never looks at me; but then your will have to wait, and of course I wants my rooms let.” But afterwards we certainly saw many couples, of whom the women were what is called modest, tho necessarily the bulk of the fucking was with strumpets.

I may tell of one or two odd occurrences, but for the most part the couples went through the fucking business much in the same way. If the man was quite young he felt the woman’s cunt directly he was in the room, then made her partly or quite undress, and if he did not pull off his trousers, he pulled out his cock, which was usually stiff by that time (if she undressed). Then she gave his cock a squeeze, or a shake or a frig or two, he groped her cunt, and had a hurried look at it, they got on to the bed, fucked quickly, and then off they went. The middle-aged went to work more lei-surely; and carefully looked at the ladies’ cunts.

[It is well to mention here that but few vehicles passed through the street, but when they did, their noise prevented me hearing what the couples in the back room said.]