Jemima’s first pleasure. • “Get me a young virgin.” • Eva Kelly. • A cunt with five black hairs. • Jemima fucked. • Eva a witness. • She refuses me. • Departs a virgin. • Polly Carter again. • Re-view of my year’s amours. • My taste for women piddling gratified.

Thinking I might possibly get into some trap thro this little bit of juvenile fornication, I waited in a cab on the Monday at the end of the square. The same three girls came along together. My cab followed up, and Jemima Smith, after bidding good bye to her companions, turned down her street and dawdled, evidently waiting for me. The street being clear, I alighted and she followed me to the house.

I had called at the house, and told the woman to let me have a clean counterpane and two candles. After pausing for a minute and looking at me, she said, “We have another house next door, but they don’t let young girls go in, but if you don’t mind paying, and as you’re a customer I’ll tell ’em — and you go in first and let the girl follow.” I went with her to the house and saw the room. Jemima Smith came to me there. She looked very dirty by contrast, in a handsome clean room.

She was full of talk now. No, she hadn’t told any one — not she. She made me tell her all over again about Polly Carter, and then let out more about Polly and some other girls. My fucking had loosened her tongue, she willingly took her clothes off, her arm was better, she examined my prick curiously, and was thoroughly complaisant, I fingered her little cunt till I heated it, and then put my prick in her face. I love, when cool enough, to do that with women, to watch for their signs of pleasure, till my own pleasure destroys all power of observation. I had frigged her about till she must have been nearly spending, and now was delighted to see her eyes close, and mouth open with pleasure. Then I dropped full on to her and when fucking, stopped suddenly. — “Does it give you pleasure?” — She never answered, and at the next plunge or two, my spunk was flooding her. I could not feel any gripping of her cunt, but heard her sighs and pleasure in her breathing in my ear, as my head lay by her side. She had spent.

“Did you have pleasure?” “Yes.” “Do you like fucking?” “Yes.” “Shall I fuck you again?” “Yes.” Does your cunt feel nice?” “Yes.” “Is it wet?” “Yes.” “Shall I pull my prick out.” — “No.” — “Did it hurt you?” “No.” “Have you fucked since I did it the other day?” ‘Why no — course not,” said Jemmy surprised, and roused at last out of monosyllabic and voluptuous taciturnity.

Then I fucked again and she spent with me. Then she told me about herself. She was turned fifteen, other gals at the factory she thought had had it done to them quite as young. — She feared her sister, not her mother, for she slept in the same bed as her sister who was eighteen, not married, and who had had a child, since dead. Her sister had felt her cunt not long since and knew that recently she was a virgin. — She didn’t want her to find out that she had had a man, for she might tell her mother, tho she thought not, but she had some fear of her sister. Then we parted.

Three nights after, she had made herself smarter and cleaner, for she was dirty enough the first night. We both stripped, and I set her on the top of me fucking, to her great amusement, but she could not manage it all to my satisfaction, and I had to mount her: and having frigged her and fucked her three or four times, looked at her little cunt, and felt and fingered it inside and out, and in every way for three hours; we parted, and I began to have had enough of her, and to be satisfied with youthful cunts.

Yet I met her again. She had told her sister who only hoped she would not get in the family way, and advised her to wash it out directly I had finished up her. Then saying I was going out of town, I did not see her for a fortnight, during which time I had a letch for another little virgin. Then I met and asked if she could not bring me one, offering her gold if she would. Her own compliment was now half a crown. She would try she said, but there was only one gal she knew of, and she didn’t work with her, but they often talked together about men and women doing it, and she’d like it done to her she’ knew. Giving her a few days, again I met her. The girl would come, and Jemima said she was sure she hadn’t had it done to her, for she had seen her cunt. But before Jemima, tempted by the gold, consented to bring her, she remarked, “What do yer want another gal for.”

One night soon after, she came with a girl of about her own size and age — her name was Eva Kelly, and she was I think Irish. — I didn’t like her, for she looked half starved, bony, and dirty, besides she seemed cunning, and much too knowing. Her first want was to know what I had done with her friend Jemmy, who at my request, shewed her cunt to me and to Eva, who also saw my prick go up it for a second or so, and seemed gratified by the sight. Then yielding to my solicitations, and the sight of the gold, I got Eva on the bed side with petticoats up, and I examined her orifice.

It was a funny looking little cunt, wonderfully small it seemed for her age, and with four or five straggling short dark hairs about it. — She let me pull open the lips, which were scarcely lips, — and certainly she was virgin. But when I tried to put my finger up the interior, she closed her thighs sharply and got up, and tho at last I promised her two sovereigns, she would not let me have her. She felt my prick, and looked at it with seeming pleasure, let me pull up her clothes and feel about her, but lay down on the bed with me she wouldn’t. — In vain Jemmy said “I’ll let him do it if you will, you said you wanted it didn’t yer now?” Perhaps I did and perhaps I didn’t,” she replied to every remark, adding at times, “but I shan’t tho, I’m afraid.”

Jemmy laid down and I fucked her, Eva witnessing the operations, feeling my prick before it went in, whilst in, and also when it came out reeking from the cunt. — All was of no use. I put my sovereigns into my pocket angrily, saying I’d give her nothing for coming. — She looked I thought disappointed but said nothing. “Come Jemmy let’s fuck again,” said I after a time — and laid her at the side of the bed. “I’ll give you half a crown to let me see your little cunt whilst I fuck Jemmy.” — “Do,” said Jemmy. — Eva consented, and I shagged Jemmy, looking at the other one’s beggarly cunt. She held it open without any hesitation like any harlot. — Again I begged and took out the gold, and fingered her little quim as well, but “No — shan’t — I’m afeared,” — quite settled the matter, and I neither had her nor saw her after that night.

Jemmy said she could get me no other girl, for she wasn’t friendly with many girls — but didn’t she get quickly on to the bed when I said, “Let’s do it.” — After one or two more meetings I got tired of her, and just at that time she said they were short of work, and she had nothing to do, her mother would keep her tight till she had work again, and she couldn’t be out after dark.

My desire for Polly came back, and I waited for her one or two evenings without seeing her, which in-creased my desire. At length I got her, and we had one or two glorious hard fucking evenings. Then I tired of short girls — little cunts, ragged stockings, and dirty linen. I avoided the lot, and never saw more of Polly Carter, but met Jemima about a year or two after-wards. — She was then gay — tho she said she still worked a little at the box business. I asked after Polly having a desire for her again. — She and her parents had gone to America. I fucked Jemima.

This bout was a pleasant variation, and helped to fill my imagination with a variety of lewed images. It was pleasant to think at the moment of voluptuous enjoyment, of the naked, tight little cunts, when my belly was closed on the thick haired motte of a full grown woman, and the curly hairs of her cunt were twining and twisting into the hairs on the root of my prick stem. (The past year as I look thro my manuscript, seems to have been one of the most fortunate in my career. The year before was nice and varied, tho spoiled perhaps on reflection by adultery with my cousin — but in its frequent change and variety of women, it cannot compare with this. Nice servants (for I had one or two about whom I have told nothing). A lady unmarried. A lady married — a lady kept — an amorous harlot — shop girls, three girls all under sixteen, and a little virgin, — so the sex from forty to sixteen years of age, I tailed — and what is to me more pleasurable than ever now, — with delight to all the recipients of my prick, as well as to myself. I scarcely touched gay ladies (and only saw Camille for a week or so), excepting when abroad and scarcely then. — I had a frenzied orgy in a park, and a libidinous curiosity about male sperm, which surprises me, tho I cannot say why, — for all curiosity about the smallest detail of sexual intercourse is legitimate. — It is fitting that man and woman should know all and every thing about copulation, if they desire to do so.)

But I have omitted many short amusements which I noted at the time at great a length, and abbreviate now, by saying that I often times when out late, gave women a trifle to feel their cunts, and then if they were able to accomplish it, a further gift if they would piddle over my fingers. It always delighted me to feel the sherry tinted jet strike on my fingers, fresh and warm as it issued from the cunt, and many a few minutes’ gratification I had in fingering first, and taking the wash afterwards, and many a lady (and many well dressed enough) have I given a glass of wine to, and a cab fare, which she otherwise might not have got, excepting for this letch of mine. — Yet I went home with none of these piddlers of whom I find record, nor did more than what is now described.

At the beginning of this year in the cold weather, this delight in seeing women piddle was strong on me. — I saw a couple of dozen do it in one week, and so much did the letch increase on me, that I longed to see women whom I had fucked do it, and went to see Camille for that purpose alone, tho many a time I had seen her evacuate it and had held the basin under her, and a candle near it, whilst she opened the flood gates of her bladder for my libidinousity. She upbraided me for not going to see her, and wondered what woman had supplanted her.