Volume 6 CHAPTER 13

London again. • Reckless whoring. • Cheap but wholesome. • At the back of the turnpike. • Against area railings. • Near the docks. • A sailor’s taproom. • A sailor’s woman. • A Ratcliffe high-way whore. • The landlady’s little child. • What gin and ten shillings will do. • An infants pudenda. • At H**b**g. • Love by the hour. • The sailor’s doxies. • An unlooked for exhibition of penis. • A rapid poke.

On my return as already said I saw Amelia German at times, but towards the winter got quite reckless in gratifying my lusts. I took letches for quite poor and common women, on the spur of the moment, and had often tremendous stiffstanders when in the public streets. If I saw a handsome pair of legs, or a good waggle of the bum in a woman in a low neighbourhood, I went with her however poor she seemed, either to her home or to a brothel. It amused me that I could have a woman for five shillings or less. Half a dozen times at least, I also had women in the streets, up against the walls of houses, or railings, or fences, quite as in the days of my youth and the novelty seemed to increase my lust and my pleasure.

Going one night about eleven o’clock, along the road (tho I no longer lived in that neighbourhood) by the turnpike, where I first felt Victoria’s quim on a foggy night some years before, I wanted to piddle, and did so thro the open palings or fence, of a bit of grass land which was close to, and in the rear of the turnpike house. It was a quite dark, and rather misty night, there was scarcely any one on the road, and on the foot path on the side where I was, no one was passing at all. — Whilst piddling, I thought I saw the form of a man and woman standing at the back of the turnpike house, and always on the lookout for anything amorous, moved gradually nearer to watch, piddling all the time as I moved along, and saw a man and woman close to-gether. I then stood still, thinking he was having an uprighter, and the idea set me in a flame immediately.

All at once off he went quickly. I approached the woman. — “You’ve just been fucked.” — “No I have not.” — “I saw you.” — “Yes, and I saw you looking, but I was frigging him, he was frightened to fuck, feel my cunt, it’s dry.” I did feel it and then she felt me, whilst I asked if he had spent much, and what manner of man he was and so on. Quite a young man she told me he was, and didn’t want much frigging. She sup-posed he was pretty full, but she couldn’t see, and his cock was a good big one.

By that time I was very stiff. “Frig me,” not that I meant her to finish, but I love the gentle titillation of a woman’s hand on my prick when it’s stiff. She began the work. “Why don’t you put it up me?” “I’m, like the young man, frightened.” — “Lor, you needn’t be.” — Then I agreed the price. “Pay me first.” I paid her and she pulled up her petticoats. — I felt her thighs and backside, but again refused. — “No, keep the money, I’m frightened, give me a toss off.” “You’d as well have me, I’m quite clean, and I want a bit tonight, don’t fear.” — In a minute or two I was fucking her. — “Did you spend?” — “Aye and you may do me again.” “The turnpike man may come around and see us.” — “He won’t take no notice if he do, he knows me, he and his brothers have many a time had me, they know I’m respectable, I don’t live far off.” —”Had you here?” — “Yes, just where we are standing.” — I didn’t poke her again, not fancying to poke after turnpike men, which seems very stupid now I come to write about it, for a turnpike man’s prick is as good as anther’s, and what thousands of pricks I must have fucked after.

Perhaps it was a month after this, that I came down P***I**d P***e one night at about half past eleven. It had been raining hard, tho not at that moment, and it was a pitch dark black night, tho there was no fog. There were a good many women about, and I had one of my finger-stinking fits come on, and walked up and down, saying a kind word to women whose appearance I liked under the street lamps, and then felt their quims. This excited me, and at length one woman’s cunt felt so nice, and clean, and smooth to me, tho perhaps it was my excited state which made me think hers better than the others. — But she was well dressed, that I said, “I’ve a good mind to fuck you but there is no quiet place about here.” — “They won’t see us in one of the door ways.” (All the doors in that street lay back about eight feet between area railings.) She told me she often had gents there who were in a hurry, and at length I consented, gave her a small fee, saying that I hoped she wouldn’t let me poke her if she was not quite well, nor if she had the least stain of poorliness in her. — No she was quite right. — “Walk with me till we’ve passed the Bobby and we’ll go to a house on the right. The hall lamp is always out there about eleven, they are all going to bed.” — Yes, she had had gentle-men there before. — I did as she advised, let the policeman pass well down the street, then close to the dark coloured street door, and of a house midway between gas lamps, and up against the railings, she held her petticoats up, until my prick was well up in her, and we fucked quite as pleasantly as an upstanding poke can be.

The impudence of this pleased me, for it was within three doors of a house at which I frequently visited. — “I’ve not been long about it,” said I. — She replied laughing, — “No. Gentlemen are pretty quick when they won’t come to my lodgings, — now I must go home and put a clean chemise on for you’ve spent such a lot, give me another half crown.” — I did and off she went. — I had given her five shillings, she asked me a sovereign, but accepted my offer, saying, “I’m not in luck tonight and it’s late, come along.”

Just then I went one afternoon with a friend to one of the London docks. As we walked about outside, I saw a number of stout, vulgar looking, flamingly dressed women without bonnets, some in twos — some alone — some with sailors — talking baudily and openly in the public streets. It was to me quite a new phase of London life, for I had never seen it before — nor had I been at the docks for many many years.

My friend knew sailors’ necessities, and their habits, and those of their female acquaintances ashore, for he was a large ship owner. He had been to the dancing places and taprooms, which sailors frequented, and knew the quarters where the women were to be found. To amuse me and satisfy my curiosity, we dined together a few days afterwards, and after our dinner, visited several of the public houses. To avoid remark and possibly offensive behaviour towards us, we dressed in the shabbiest possible manner, and with caps bought just opposite the docks, and such as were worn largely by the working people in the neighbourhood, we flattered ourselves that we looked as common a couple of men, as ever rolled barrows along the street.

Thus costumed, we spent the evening at public houses, among sailors, whores, and working men — in an atmosphere thick and foul with tobacco smoke, sweat, and gas. We ordered liquors which we threw under the table or spilt when not observed, we treated some gay women, but in very modest way, and al-together had a very entertaining evening.

It was difficult to act up to our disguise. At one time I had a whore on my knee, and my friend another. We asked the woman to bet which of us had the biggest prick, and the girls felt us outside quite openly. There was however nothing likely to shock people there. Of lewed talk there was plenty, tho no gross indecency was practised. — The barman, or potboys, or the master, were always there and checked it. — “Now you Sally, none of that; or out you go.” — “Now hook it smart you bitch,” were phrases we heard with others, used by the master or servants, when things got too hot. — At one house, they turned a woman and sailor out by force, who were too noisy and rather drunk. — “Let’s go and fuck, Tom,” — said the woman, who was readier to leave than the man.

Coarse as they were, there was something about one or two of the women which gave me a letch. They reminded me of some years back, when I had common women, and oftentimes only paid five shillings for their pleasures. — The next day I determined to have one, and to have a look at the quarters in which sailors’ women lived. They are pretty numerous, and are distributed along the line of the docks from Tower Hill eastwards. I took a ramble in the day-time. I put on the same shabby things I had used when out with my friend, and took a cab to the locality, feeling much ashamed at my costume, and sorry that my servant should see me, but there was no help for that.

I walked thro several streets of small houses for some time, without finding the class I wanted, and up one or two courts with too many of the class. At length, in a quiet place I saw one or two stout women (they mostly seem to me to run stout) sitting at open windows, or standing at doors. Knowing their style, and that plain speaking was what they are accustomed to, I stopped at one, and asked her how she was. — “Why don’t you come in?” — “I’ll give you half a crown for a fuck.” — “All right, come in.” — In I went. — Then at once she began to ask me to double it, and if I’d been long ashore. — I refused but sprung to three and six- pence. — “Give us a glass then.” That I was quite ready to do, and produced the money.

At the door was a woman seemingly about thirty years old, with a little girl about three years old. — She was the landlady, decently clothed as was the child. She fetched the gin, and the woman asked her to have a glass which she had. Then I began to want fucking, and being alone, had the woman stripped to her chemise, paid her more than the agreed fee, and then felt her cunt. She was about twenty years old, tallish and quite stout. I had thought she was bloated, but found her flesh was quite firm. A spanking large, and handsome backside enclosed her cunt, which had darkish brown hair in moderate quantity. — She was in fact as good in all particulars of thigh, belly, bum, and cunt, as any woman of a better class. Her linen was clean tho coarse, so was her bed seemingly, and the room was full of feathers, and objects which seamen bring home. She said they were all given her by her man, who came to her whenever he was in England. She had a coarse voice and was as vulgar as may be imagined, and I should think drank hard.

“I’m frightened to fuck you,” I said — tho my prick was standing, and I had rubbed it up and down against her buttocks, as she knelt on the bed rump outwards for my gratification. — “What are you feared on,” and she turned round, and laying on the side of the bed opened her cunt lips. “Look for yourself, I’m all right” — but I resisted. “Sailors bring such diseases.” — “No more than other men,” — she replied sitting up. —
“Give us another glass, I’m a bit low to-ay.

I complied, gave more gin, and the landlady and child came in, and drank with her. — I of course did not. — She asked if I was a teetotaller. No, but I wasn’t well. — I’d been trying in conversation to assume a knowledge of ships, and shipping, but had failed, for bluntly she said. — “You don’t come often to the docks. Were you ever in this street before?” — I was clearly found out, for then she called me a gent. — “This gent’s frightened to fuck me,” said she to the landlady and laughing. — “Lord you needn’t, there’s not a cleaner woman about here,” the landlady re- marked.

Then the conversation took the subject of fucking generally, the landlady joined in congenially and got familiar. I encouraged it. “Perhaps he ain’t got one to do it with, Polly.” — “Oh yes he has, and a good un and a hard un.” — After a little more talk, the landlady left, and again I looked at Polly’s charms and still timid said, “That will do, I’m going.” — She was again kneeling on the bed with bum outwards as I spoke. Turning her head round without moving her backside. “What are you feared on? — Don’t be a bloody fool! Fuck me, I’m as clean as a new pin.” — Then able to resist no longer, I put Polly on her back, mounted, and fucked her. —

“Don’t you be afeared,” said she as she got up and washed her cunt. — “Did you spend?” — “No. You’ve left it hot.”

I was still more amused now, for she laid hold of the tail of my shirt and examined the quality of the linen, whilst I washed my doodle. She had now I suppose thought I was not of the class she usually had. — “Give us another glass, I was drunk last night, and I’m low today.” — More gin was sent for. Whilst it was fetching, she told me the landlady had once been gay, but was now married, and that the girl was her child. — Suddenly the letch coming into my head, — “I’d like to see her little cunt, I never saw one so young, I’d give half a sovereign to see it.” — “Why, Mrs. Black will shew it you I dare say, if you mean it.” Just then the landlady entering with the gin. — “The gent says he’d like to look at Lizzie’s cunt, and will give yer ten shillings.” — “Lord God! What next?” — said the landlady laughing. — Then — “Do yer mean it?” — “Yes.” — “Then I shan’t.”

I was rebuffed, but the woman stayed and played with the little girl, looking hard at me. Said I after a time again, “Is a young girl’s cunt much different from one who’s older?” — “Lord! It’s the same sort of article, aren’t yer seen em? — There’s lots of em younger and older playing about — it arn’t very difficult to see what they are like,” — said Mrs. Black. (It was true enough. In those days, children quite young, both boys and girls played about the streets, and squatted on the pavements, showing cocks and cunts plainly enough, but I wanted one close, to examine at my leisure). “Show us your young one’s.” — “Not I.” — “Here’s half a sovereign, let me just feel and have a good look at it.” — Mrs. Black shook her head.

The gay woman began. “Lord! Mrs. Black, don’t be a fool, ten shillings arn’t got often as easily as that in five minutes. — She’ll be showing her cunt soon enough, and a squint at it won’t hurt her, nor no one else.” — Mrs. Black again shook her head. The child began just then to cry, so she took it up, shook it, and as that made it worse, laid it across her lap, and slapped its naked little bum hard.

“A little more and I should have seen it for nothing,” — I remarked. — The woman laughed, and set the child on her lap, shewing its legs. — “Here,” said I, shewing the money. — “Honour bright,” — said she. — “Of course.” — “Shut the door, Polly.” — The gay woman did so — the mother reversed the child on her lap, and pulled up its clothes, the gay woman pulled one leg a little apart, I the other, and then I opened the little split with my fingers, and had a good long gaze. “To think that that will take a big prick up it some day,” I remarked. — “Aye, and before she’s much hair on it too,” said the gay woman.

The mother took my half sovereign remarking that it was a bit of luck. — By that time Polly was no longer low, but rather in high spirits, not that she was at all screwed. I expect it would have taken a lot of gin to have screwed her, but she was talkative and communicative. Often a friend of hers when he came back from sea, gave her ten pounds, and lived with her as long as it lasted, she said. — After a while, the spirit moved me, and the spirit moving her, I turned her fat backside towards me, fucked her again, gave her a double fee, and departed. — I had been there two hours, and was much amused with the variety.

A friend then asked me to go to H**b**g with him, and we went — I had never seen that great shipping town before. There for the first time in my life, I paid for a gay lady by the hour, a thing which I had only heard of being done. In T**r strasse, I found it to be the custom, and there a splendid big woman I had. She was one of the biggest, was perhaps five feet eleven inches high, but certainly was not more than twenty-three or- five years old. She was beautifully shaped, plump all over, and must have weighed fifteen stone. Her hair was a dark auburn, that on her cunt the same color, and small in quantity. — She had a small clitoris and it was a lovely cunt to look at. She had a tight prick-hole and I enjoyed her immensely, so much so, that I stripped to my skin, and laying upon her, delighted in seeing the reflexion of our bodies when fucking, in ample looking glasses, for it was a house which had those luxurious fittings. I stopped two hours with her, and until I had her three times. — Then to my amusement she computed the time I had been with her, and I paid accordingly. — I had her the next night, and got as much fucking as I could in less time than the day before.

Then I walked with my friend down a long narrow lane, which at one end abutted on the quay, and was al-most entirely filled with houses for gay women of an inferior class, and frequented by sailors. — There were a few grog shops, and others only in the street, which I should say had quite thirty, filled with gay women. There they sat, some in the full costumes of different parts of the country, or in evening dress, shewing al-most their entire breasts, and naked arms. In some cases their petticoats only reached to their knees, and they wore showy boots. I walked up and down with my friend several times, resisting their solicitations, tho my prick stood stiff, till one very big, handsome woman so attracted us, that we both went in together to see her naked.

She stripped, and posed herself as directed before our admiring eyes, and tho we had said we only wished to see her naked, evidently was under the impression that we were both going to have her. For when she thought she had exhibited herself enough, she laid her-self on the edge of the bed, and to our astonishment in broken English said, “Come on one, Goddam.” — We shook our heads. — “I’ve a deuced good mind to have her,” — I said. — “You’d better not.” — Just then the naked beauty sat herself on my friend’s knees, and in the twinkling of an eye undid his trousers, and out came his prick like a red hot poker. He rose, buttoning up himself in a rage, threw down a thaler, and saying you give her the rest, left the room.

I put down a thaler, but being alone lust now over-came me. Without a word I pushed her to the side of the bed, inserted my prick, and in half a dozen thrusts spent in her. I was going, when she exclaimed. “Ein thaler vor der yuck.” — I gave it her rapidly, joined my friend, and to his question, told him I had only looked at her quim more closely, and that she had to get me change. Five minutes had not elapsed, between the time he left the room and my joining him. I had fucked and paid her in that short time.

He said when I joined him, that he wouldn’t touch any woman in that street with a pitchfork, but I have had dozens of women not so fine, at ten times the price. He suggested going to T**r strasse which we did, and both of us had women there. I had two; so if I get the clap, it will be difficult to fix it on any one of the three women I had last night [I got no ailment from any of my loose female acquaintances that time]. I have heard more than one foreign harlot call me a Goddam.