A Saturday afternoon. • Copulation interrupted. • Retreat cut off. • Under the bed. • Enter sister. • The new dress. • Heat and sweat. • Undressing. • Jenny’s anxiety. • Sweating much, and stripping. • Nature in its simplicity. • Nature in its vulgarity. • Delicious peeps. • A cunt near my nose. • Erotic recklessness. •Fist-fucking.

And now I was to become acquainted with her sister, the married one. Jenny had no brother, had none of that knowledge about boy’s cocks which girls of the humbler classes have when they have brothers. I some- times think that boys in the humbler classes show their cocks to their sisters; I don’t recollect a girl I have fucked who did not say she had seen her brother’s cock.

My knowledge of her sister’s dissatisfaction with the small amount of fucking she got, her disappointment at having her husband’s sperm on her thighs in-stead of up her cunt, and her very reasonable fears that at times it went into other receptacles besides her own, came forcibly to my mind. It would have been odd if it had not, for every time I poked Jenny we talked about her sister, indeed all our talk, unless about her sweetheart, and her fears was about fucking. I don’t recollect any woman I have had who was so anxious to know all, and delighted to hear of my amours, and the descriptions I gave of my various women. If I described their cunts she was amused beyond measure; and to tell all this suited me exactly. For all that she thought it wicked, and that they and I, and she, would be punished by the Almighty (her ideas about the action of Providence were peculiar).

It was the good fortune of her married sister to give me one of the most laughable, but yet natural, salacious, voluptuous treats I ever had, without her knowing she had done so,—and from that came con- sequences which affected that lady herself.

I have always been highly delighted to see modest women naked or undress, or doing their toilet and little affairs, when they had no idea that any one saw them. I have looked through dozens of key-holes, bored holes in doors, waited breathless and half-naked for hours at night, have risen by day-light to enable me to get these treats. I had seen as already said, the cunts of my aunt and cousins, young ladies and others bathing, etc. (and as I shall tell of, have since seen a noble lady frig herself.) I have seen in fact modest ladies at their most decent, as well as the most indelicate of their toilet performances, and think I prefer looking at them under such circumstances, rather than at the beautiful voluptuous creatures who undress willingly in my presence, for those are so intent on displaying their charms to the best advantage, to get a male erection and its crisis, as soon as possible, make much too evident what they do it for.

Jenny’s sister gave me one of those natural displays. Had the lady been drilled in the art of unfolding her charms for the excitement of a male, and driving him into erotic fury, she could not have more effectually done so. Of the many displays of female charms (of modest females) I have seen, I never had one so gradual, natural, voluptuous, and cock- stiffening, as she unconsciously gave me.

I called on Jenny one Saturday afternoon, she had said I had better go quite early, but I did not. It was another sultry day, thunder had been heard, the atmosphere was heavy, but no rain had fallen; and the sun was bright and blazing hot. Said Jenny, “I’m frightened to let you stop, my sister is going to leave off work early, and she will be here about five o’clock, —don’t come in.” I would. “We shan’t be half-an-hour, — it’s not half-past three.” A kiss, and a twiddle on her cunt settled the matter, and we went to her bed-room. She was on the bed, I between her thighs, ready to drop into her, indeed I’m not sure that my prick had not touched her cunt, when a knock and a ring came at the street-door.

To fully understand what follows it should be known that the old lady my friend, for fear that the rooms should be used; had locked up all the rooms but the parlours and a little closet overlooking the street, and the servants’ bed-room, and had taken away the keys. I did not know that then, I knew it that day.

“Oh! my God it’s my sister, — what shall I do? — I shall be ruined.” Pale as death, I thought she was going to faint again.

“Don’t be nervous, I’ll go and hide in the room below, and when she is downstairs or up here, go out quietly, and leave the street-door ajar.”

“Oh ! all the rooms are locked up.” “I’ll go into the parlours then, —you get her downstairs.” “Oh ! she always goes into the parlour first, and sits down a minute, and talks.” There was no time for us to talk, more, for the woman knocked again. “Fetch my hat and stick (it was in the parlour), — you get her into the kitchen, then I’ll slip out leaving the street-door ajar.” Down we both went, three stairs at a time, up I went again with hat and umbrella, and had only got to the top when I heard poor trembling Jenny opening the street-door. I leant over the banisters, and listened.

“I’ve knocked twice Jenny.” “Did you? — I was dozing, — the thundery weather makes me so queer. — “Have a cup of tea, and take a table out into the garden, — it will be fresher there to have tea.”

“No I’ve got my new dress, it will rumple it if it’s long in the bundle, I must open it. Such a pretty one, —you will like it I think. — Tom did when I showed him the pattern, — I’ll take it up to the bed-room, and hang it up.”

Jenny’s voice rose almost to a shriek. “Oh ! no, no, don’t, — come and have tea first, — I’m so thirsty, so tired, — come downstairs.” “Well you go and make it, I’ll only just hang it up in the bed-room, and come down directly”, said her sister.

Jenny objecting, the sister answered angrily, “What are you in such a hurry for tea for? — it’s not time, — well have it by yourself, I can’t drink it, — I had a lot of beer at dinner, and Tom gave me nearly a pint before I left him, — it was so hot, I was so thirsty, — it’s on my chest now, — I can’t put tea on the top of it yet.” “Well if you won’t, I may as well go up with you”, said Jenny. Footsteps came nearer, and hat, stick, and self, I threw under the bed. Jenny came in looking like death. “She won’t find me here, — get her down soon”, was all I had time to say in a whisper before the sister following Jenny entered the room. I had quite hidden myself. The bed had been a good one, the old gentleman and lady had slept on it for years; it was large and handsome, but being shabby and worn out, had that very month only been put to servants’ use. Round it were old red valances hanging to the floor, things not given to servants. No sooner was I under the bed, than I saw there were little openings at the seams, and some moth-holes, which permitted me to see through them. At one spot near to my shoulder as I lay crouching and doubled up, was a long slit where the valance had been torn down. By raising myself on my elbow, and squeezing my head against the mattress I could see perfectly, but no person in the room would have noticed me, even though the room was as bright as day, for the thick red hangings hid me in darkness under the bed, and I was on the side away from the window. I gazed earnestly at Jenny’s sister through this opening and others.

She was a well-grown, strong woman, with a hand-some round face, and dark hair and eyes; she had shortish petticoats, and thickish ankles in good lace-up boots which, made much noise as she walked about. She had a huge paper parcel in her hands, which she placed on the bed; then for a moment she rested her bum on the bed-side, and Jenny did the same by the side of her. The parcel was between them, her ankles were within a few inches of my nose; I gently lifted the valance, and saw up the calf of her legs, her petticoats cut as they were in those days, being drawn up by sitting down. I remember almost every word, every action which took place on that memorable afternoon, and not a movement escaped me.

“I can’t untie it, — cut it.” “The scissors are downstairs.” “I’ll go and fetch them.” “Oh! no,-where is the knife that I cut my corns with?” “Oh! never mind, —there, I’ve done it, — I’ve broken it”, — and she rose up as did Jenny from the bed, and both now stood standing facing the side of the bed where I lay.

I heard the rustling of paper, the rustling of a dress, the noose of feet paddling about. “Oh! it is nice, — what did it cost? — who made it?” “I made the skirt, and Miss Skinner the body, — she charged me seven and six, — it’s not dear, is it?” — I’ll hang it up, then the creases will come out.” “Let’s hang it up first.” And then on a peg at the back of the door the dress was hung up, and for a moment, both women stood admiring it, their backs towards me and the bed.

“Look”, said the sister, “it just wants a little some-thing done to the sleeves, — she said it was not finished there, — oh! yes here it is, — I would not wait for her, I can easily do it myself, — I was glad to get it, and half feared I should not get it for Sunday, — the old beast never keeps her promise, but she has this time, —I gave her sixpence extra. Oh! my gracious how hot it is, — I’m sweating all over, — it’s awful, — I’ll pull off my frock, then I’ll finish the sleeves as it hangs up, — get us the needle and thread Jenny, — just thread a needle dear, while I pull off my frock.”

“Don’t”, said Jenny in an agitated manner, “let’s have tea first.” “No I must finish it”, and as she spoke she undid her dress, and slipped it off. A beautiful handsome pair of breasts came in view. “Oh! Lord look at my chemise, — look how I’ve sweated—see how the stain from the dress has gone through under my arms, — I stink of sweat, — how glad I shall be when the weather is cooler.” As she said that with a slight effort she drew her arms through the sleeves of her chemise, and lifting her freed arms showed a pair of black hairy armpits. I began to thrill and cock-stiffen. She lifted her fine arms up, and looked at the stained chemise as it hung over her stays, then with a heave and a push she freed her breasts, so that they were right over the top of her stays showing the nipples; then with naked arms, she began to work at the sleeves of the dress hanging up behind the door.

Jenny was all this time moving about in a restless manner, taking every now and then a hurried glance at the valance of the bed which concealed me; and as it seemed to me placing herself in such a position, as to prevent my seeing her sister’s upper nakedness; but it was quite useless, I could see all she had exposed.

She worked a few minutes talking to Jenny, who was making as much noise with her feet as she could. Then the sister looked up, and leaving off her needle-work said, “This will make Tom want to do it to me, —a new dress always does, when he sees me in it, — he ain’t done it lately, he will to-morrow.” They both laughed, and she went to work again.

Again she stopped, Jenny then seated herself at the edge of the bed over me. “Oh ! how awfully hot I am, — what a bore petticoats are, — I declare I’ve a good mind to leave them off this weather.” She stepped forwards. “I’ll take them off, I can slammack about tonight, — no one will see me.” “Oh ! no don’t”, said Jenny in an excited way; but she quickly unlaced her stays, untied her petticoats, and slipped them down to her ankles. Her chemise which was no longer held up to her shoulders by the arms, slipped down with them, and she stood naked before me excepting her boots and stockings. She seemed to have forgotten that her chemise was no longer held up, for just as the petticoats fell below her cunt, she made a slight grasp as if to hold them up, then she gave a laugh, “That’s cool enough”, said she.

“Don’t, — what are you doing?” shrieked Jenny, “put on your chemise,- you’re naked, you’re naked”, —and she tried to pull up the chemise; but the woman stepped away from the clothes as they lay on the floor, caught up the chemise, threw it on the bed, and placed petticoats and stays on a chair by the washhand stand. I saw large hips, a mass of dark hair at her cunt, a large white backside, fine round thighs, and limbs; in brief a fine, plump, well-fed woman, a splendid sight. The innocence of the action was beautiful. “Oh ! isn’t it nice and cool”, she said, “I’ve got so hot walking.”

“Put on your things, — what are you doing?” said Jenny. “Oh ! isn’t it nice !—I wish one could go in one’s skin this weather”, she replied. She scratched her motte-hair, and felt her arse, and seemed so pleased with herself. Then she looked under each of her arm-pits. “Oh! Lord how hot I am, — where is a towel?” She took one, and began gently rubbing herself with it under her armpits, put it down, and again scratched the hair of her motte.

“I’m surprised at you”, said Jenny walking about, and I’m sure trying to prevent me from seeing her sister, though she always declared to me afterwards that she had no such intention. “Cover yourself, you’ll catch cold.” “Catch cold? — nonsense, — and you have the window shut also, — what do you shut it for?” “Oh ! I can’t bear it open in thundering weather.” The fact was we always shut it when we went to the bed to exclude noise, and left the door open, to hear if any one knocked at the street-door. “Put something on you at all events”, said jenny, “it’s not decent.” “Decent ? — you are modest all of a sudden.”

“It’s delicious !” She walked round the bed to the window, opened it, came back naked as she was, and went on working at her dress; and so for a quarter of an hour did I see this handsomely-made woman naked, first her side, then her belly, then her bum came in view, till I was driven mad by the state of my penis which was throbbing with excitement, and urging me to frig it.

“Well that will do”, she said as she finished, “the creases will never be noticed where they are”, — and she walked backwards to the bed, the short distance she was from it, and sat down at the edge just where the valance had dropped. With care I pulled the valance, and the seam opened more, but not much. I raised myself on my elbow, my eyes to the opening. There were the thighs and legs stretching out to the floor, her bum was at the mere edge of the bed, her cunt but about six inches above my nose. I had a wonderfully keen scent for the aroma of a woman, and swear I smelt her cunt distinctly, though I could not see it. She sat there for full five minutes, talking to Jenny about the dress, whilst I kept sniffing up the aroma from her flesh and her love-orifice, and feeling my quivering prick, whilst my greedy eyes gloated on the fat thighs, so far as I could see them.

At length she turned round. “I’ll put my slippers on”, — and sitting down opposite the bed on the chair on which she had placed her petticoats, she put one leg up, and began unlacing the boot, then between and under the thighs I saw the dark hairy notch. She had scarcely put herself in that attitude before putting her foot down, she came to the bed, put one foot up, and there continued unlacing it, — and there was her cunt just visible, and within a foot of my greedy eyes, whilst she leisurely unlaced the boot on the bed, the other foot on the floor. Had I placed her there for the purpose I could not have done it better.

“Oh! don’t”, said jenny, “take your foot off.” “What’s the matter?” replied she as if just noticing Jenny’s excitement, “you’ve got one of your foolish fits on I think.” “You will dirty the bed, — take your foot off.” “Nonsense it’s quite dry, besides it’s on my chemise, — I wish you’d go and make tea, if you are in such a hurry, — one would think you had got St. Vitus’ dance”, — for Jenny in her agitation, and also to make noise to prevent any indiscreet movement of mine being noticed, had kept moving about noisily and restlessly the whole time.

Silenced, she said no more, but still walked restlessly about, went at the back of her sister, and glared at the valance where she guessed my eyes were peeping. Her face was the picture of anxiety.

But I did not look at that long, I was riveted on her sister’s form and dark-haired cunt; that cunt was at times slightly opened by the attitude she was in, and altered its shape as she moved. I saw the thick dark hair curling away until I lost sight of it in the direction of her arse-hole, and I could smell her cunt again I swear, my excitement grew intense, I could not keep my hand from my prick, I knew the delicate position I was in, the injury I should do the poor girl if found out;—but a spend in sight of that cunt and splendid pair of thighs I must have. I just touched myself, holding my breath restraining all emotion, gave one or two frigs, and a shower of sperm fell over my trousers.

If any man might be pardoned for having a solitary pleasure, it was I, placed in such a lust stirring situation